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Miami Beach 411
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How do I make a reservation?
Click the link "Hey, get me a table" on the page of the restaurant that you'd like to make a reservation for. Please do not change the subject line or our reservationist will not know what restaurant you are inquiring about. Please fill out all the necessary information or your request will not be processed.

How soon in advance should I make the reservation?
Every restaurant is different. However, we recommend making a reservation at least one day in advance or at the latest, the morning of the reservation.
After that, please call the restaurant directly to make the reservation.

Who receives the email?
The person receiving the email will either be someone from the restaurant,
or a reservation agent at MiamiBeach411.

When should I receive a confirmation?
A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly after your request is received if the restaurant has availability. If not, you will be contacted and asked if you'd like a different time, day, etc.

How do I add a special request or note to my reservation?
There is a place for special requests on the reservation form.

How do I change or cancel a reservation?
In the confirmation email you receive, there will be specific instructions that will tell you to either contact the restaurant directly or contact a reservations agent from MiamiBeach411.

How far in advance should I cancel a reservation?
As soon as possible. Restaurants staff according to how many reservations they hAve. If there are too many no-shows, the restaurant, as well as the staff, loses money.

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Like what you see? Let's talk about
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