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Miami Beach 411
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Miami Beach Patrol Ocean Rescue

1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 673-7714

Miami Beach Patrol currently stations 29 lifeguard stands from South Point Park up to 85th Street. These stations are supported by lifeguard personnel in four-wheel drive vehicles. Additional support is provided by all-terrain cycles, a twenty-seven foot rescue vessel, and other smaller jet-driven watercraft. All personnel are in contact with each other by radio transmitters which have the capability of communicating with the City's Police and Fire/Rescue departments.

Statewide beach warning flag system

The following flags are posted on all lifeguard towers:

Green Flag: Calm surf conditions, peligro bajo, condiciones calmas

Yellow Flag: Moderate surf conditions, exercise caution, peligro medio resaca moderada corrientes fuertes, tenga cuidado

Yellow Flag with black jellyfish: Portuguese man-of-war warning

Purple Flag: Dangerous marine life , vida marina peligrosa

Red Flag: Strong surf, strong currents, peligro alto, resaca alta corrientes fuertes Read about rip currents.

Red Flag: with line crossing out swimmer: Water closed to public, agua cerrada al publico

At certain times of the year, you'll see Miami Beach lifeguards warning swimmers that the ocean is yielding a crop of Portuguese man-of-war; a pesky jellyfish that floats above the water and can cause painful stings if touched. Lifeguards will try to warn swimmers by flying a yellow flag with a black jellyfish in front of the lifeguard stands, but it's up to YOU to stay alert when you're in the water.

If you happen to get stung, here's some advice on what to do. If the victim has a large area involved, is very young, very old, or shows any signs of illness or loss of breath, seek help from a doctor. Read about getting stung

The best place to surf in South Beach is at 1st Street, next to the jetty. When South Beach works, you'll find powerful, pitching A-Frame waves. Miami surf characteristics.

South Beach is gay-friendly. You can find many gay and lesbian people enjoying the sun in between 11th and 12th Street.

Driving directions to the Beach

From Eastbound on 395 to Miami Beach Patrol Headquarters:
  • At the end of 395 (A1A Causeway) becomes 5th Street.
  • Continue East on 5th Street 8 blocks to Ocean Drive.
  • Turn Left (North) on Ocean Drive. Continue north 6 blocks.
  • Beach Patrol Headquarters is located at 1001 Ocean Drive

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