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Miami Beach 411
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Cruise Lines Cruise Lines
This section contains a directory of 9 cruise line companies that operate in and around Florida.

Cruise Ships Cruise Ships
Here you will find a guide to over 50 cruise ships, with descriptions, reviews, and links to their official web sites.

Ports of Call Ports of Call
Browse a collection of 28 ports in the Caribbean, 13 ports in the Bahamas, and 5 ports in Florida.

Also see

Port of Miami - The Cruise & Cargo Gateway to the World
This “Gateway to the Americas” has held its own as the cruise industry port to the world. See Map

Cruising During Hurricane Season (Video)
Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th.

Spring Break Cruise Day 1: Pigs & Strawberries
Cruise lines forbid bringing alcohol on board. But anyone who likes to drink knows the best way around this...

Spring Break Cruise Day 2: Soldiers & Swingers
When you have 7 cruise ships anchored off your island, and only a handful of ferry boats for all of them, you have to bring people in waves.

Spring Break Cruise Day 3: Cabin Fever Makes Everyone HOT!
The spring break cruise is an experience everyone should try at least once. At the very least, you'll eat some good food.

Bahamas Day Trip from $99
Departing from Ft. Lauderdale, enjoy all the amenities of a traditional cruise during a five-hour voyage to and from Grand Bahama island.

Cruise Industry News
Daily travel-related updates and cruise industry news issues.

Florida Casino Cruises
Search for gambling cruises in Florida.

Cruise Industry Inspection Report
All cruise ships arriving at US ports are subject to unannounced inspection.

Search Google for "Florida Cruise Guide"
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