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Florida Homestead Exemption, Filing an Application in Miami-Dade

Some common questions home owners ask me are: what is “homestead” and what are “tax millages”.

When I first heard the word “homestead” it was probably in a cowboy movie, and I thought it had to do with cattle drives and rodeos and saddles. What a “homestead” really is, is just what it says. It’s the place you call “home”. It’s the house you occupy. 

A barn can’t be a homestead. Nor can a summer cottage, rental, or that vacant lot up the road.  A “homestead” is your primary

The homestead exemption is a reduced tax due to an “exemption” from the State.

In the State of Florida, there is a value established for each unit of real property by a county property appraiser. This is known as assessed value.  The State of Florida allows a homestead exemption in the amount of $25,000 to be deducted from the assessed value to arrive at a taxable value. 

Filing an application

Any person who has legal or equitable title to real property in Florida and resides at that property as their permanent legal residence is eligible for a homestead exemption. First time applicants for the exemption must apply in person at the county property appraisers office by March 1st of the year they are claiming the exemption. 

The property must have been owned by the applicant on or before January 1st of that year. Renewal requirements vary from county to county. Each dollar of the taxable value is multiplied by a millage rate to calculate the real estate taxes for the property.  How it works is, ten mills equals one penny (.01), twenty mills is two pennies (.02) and twenty five mills is two and a half cents (.025).

For example, a property with an assessed value of $1000,000 with a homestead exemption and a millage rate of 25 mills would result in a tax of $1,875 as follows: $100,000 - $25,000 = $75,000 X .025 = $1875.

There you have it…homestead exemptions and tax millages. What could be easier?

• Home Appraisal Tool
• Miami-Dade County Millage Chart
• Property Taxes in Miami-Dade

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10 Responses to "Florida Homestead Exemption, Filing an Application in Miami-Dade"

    hdiaz says:

    I will like an application to file homestead as a widow


    Posted on 07/20 at 9:51 AM
    Serre says:

    I wont apply for a extra $25000 homestead exemption in miami dade


    Posted on 10/20 at 12:13 PM
gutierrez ydania says:

i live in hialeah where will i have to go to file for home exemption


Posted on 11/15 at 2:23 AM
James Moore says:

Here is where you file your Miami Dade
County Homestead Exemption Application
(that includes Hialeah):


Posted on 11/15 at 6:22 AM



Posted on 02/26 at 4:13 PM
lionel barnet says:

where is the application form for filing for a senior citizen homestead exemption and what does it take to qualify for the senior citizen exemption.


Posted on 01/03 at 8:23 PM
James Moore says:

Mr Barnet:

Thanks for reading what I wrote.

I am in no way an authority on every
question that comes up on county homestead business.  Please visit the
country website and direct your questions to the proper country offices.

Thanks again for visiting here.


Posted on 01/05 at 6:24 AM
Rose says:

A friend applies for her SoBe homestead every year and every year, they tell her to pay the full tax and she will someday “get a refund”.  Is that normal?? She has owned on the Beach for years!


Posted on 01/10 at 3:54 PM
Gina says:

I just closed on a house. Do I qulify ho Homestead exemption this year?


Posted on 08/12 at 9:38 PM
ROsa says:

I never applird for Homestead exemption in 4 years that I live here. Is it possble they give me a refund for those past years?


Posted on 11/15 at 6:09 PM

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