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Soon We’ll Be Shopping at Midtown Miami Shops

Hooray! Midtown Miami has announced the main retail anchors that will service their Midtown Miami Shops. The big-box retailers that are slated to open include Target, Linens’N Things, Circuit City, PetSmart and West Elm store, an affordable home furnishings concept by Pottery Barn. 

Home Depot and Wall Mart were in negotiations to take up a main portion of the complex, but both projects have been canceled.

The Shops at Midtown Miami will also include a selection of specialty stores and restaurants when it opens in the fall.

The shopping center will be a 645,000-square-foot retail development, minutes from downtown Miami.

This will make life for people in Miami, Miami Beach, Brickell and Key Biscayne much easier. Currently, we have to go to Aventura or Kendall to shop. But after Midtown opens, a shopping mall will be just minutes away.

Gus Moore heads up Miami Beach 411 as site administrator. You can reach him at 1-305-754-2206.

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18 Responses to "Soon We’ll Be Shopping at Midtown Miami Shops"

    enh says:

    more malls just what miami needs. barf!


    Posted on 10/11 at 11:00 AM
    Melanie says:

    is there embriodery ( Stitch on the caps and the T Shirts ) business eplication on this shopping place in mid town please could you let me know


    Posted on 12/07 at 1:07 PM
Gus says:

Hi, Melanie. No, there are no embriodery stores at Midtown. The closets place that might offer the services you’re looking for would be in the Aventura Mall.


Posted on 12/07 at 1:19 PM
martha says:

do you know when Marshalls will open?


Posted on 01/08 at 2:38 PM
summer says:

will there be a gym at midtown mall?


Posted on 02/28 at 11:35 AM
Jose says:

Will there be a Movie complex


Posted on 07/15 at 3:32 PM
Gus says:

Martha, I think Marshalls is open.

Summer, there is no gym at the Shops. The closest place to work out is 15 blocks north next to Soyka restaurant.

Jose, there’s no movie theater either


Posted on 07/16 at 5:07 AM



Posted on 07/20 at 1:52 AM
Sylvia says:

I received a SportClips Haircut coupon at home for Shops at Midtown Miami. I can’t seem to find it on the web. I called the Pembroke branch and they mention other locations except Miami. Is there any SportClips Haircults in Miami?


Posted on 08/18 at 1:53 PM
Gus says:

Slvia, I got a my haircut at SportClips in Estero, FL…they did a good job.

I’m almost certain there’s a SportsClips at Midtown Miami


Posted on 08/18 at 8:16 PM
Lenor says:

Sylvia, you can easily find Sport Clips on Buena Vista Avenue just south of Marshalls.  This is a great place for sport fans to get their hair cut, I took my son and he loved it.


Posted on 08/21 at 7:40 AM
Jay says:

Can somebody provide me with a list of stores at Midtown Mall? Or where I can find a list of the stores there.
I know there’s Target, Marshall’s, Circuit City, Ross, Petsmart, Linen’s n’ Things… But it’s a pretty big mall. I know there’s definately more to it than that.


Posted on 09/18 at 1:28 PM
Edward says:

Will this shopping center be another failure like the Omni? Omni was the mall that served residents of midtown, miami beach, biscayne bay, etc. and it still became empty and eventually shut down. It was suppose to revive the downtown area but never did. The immediate area looks to be in better shape than it was when Omni was around; I give it that. But demographics in miami beach and the biscayne bay areas are still the same…are those people gonna really want to come to Midtown when they had Omni not that long ago and it died.


Posted on 10/19 at 8:30 AM
hero says:

theres no mall?! that crazy. what the point then. do you know how much more people will come if there was a movie complex. please talk to the developers cuz i pass there all the time and there still land left to build on.


Posted on 01/24 at 7:03 PM
hero says:

i ment to say: theres no movie complex?!
do you know how far people have to drive just to get to a movie complex…..far. c’mon


Posted on 01/24 at 7:11 PM
nick says:

i love midtown mall its the best place to shop


Posted on 05/17 at 12:19 PM
Erin says:

There is a gym at midtown miami shops! Really good gym! Shuichi Take Fitness!


Posted on 06/22 at 11:07 AM
Lisa Take says:

Can someone please tell Shuichi that his mother who was looking for the gym somehow ended up in Disney World instead!

Hi Mickey!


Posted on 11/23 at 7:48 PM

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