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Miami Hurricane Shelters & Emergency Numbers

North Miami Beach Senior High School, 1247 NE 167th St., North Miami
Booker T Washington,1200 NW 6th Avenue, Miami
South Miami High School, 6856 SW 53rd Street, Miami
Robert Morgan,18180 SW 122nd Avenue, Miami
Charles Drew Middle, 1801 NW 60th Street, Miami


Inspect your roof for proper overflow drainage, especially on flat roofs.
Make sure that all drains are clear of debris.
Check for loose rain gutters and drain spouts.
Trim tree limbs and dead wood. If trimming near power lines, call FPL to turn your power off first.
Check your shutters.
Test your generator and chainsaw for proper operation.
Do a dry run especially if you bought a new house or new shutters.

In the event of a disaster, you should plan in advance where you will stay, how you will get there, and what supplies you will take. Consider the needs of elderly and infant family members and pets.

Make prior arrangements with friends or relatives living in a non-evacuation area; or, as a last resort, use a public shelter. Make sure that you take proper Miami Beach identification with you. You will need it to re-enter the City.

Send a list of friend's and neighbor's telephone numbers and copies of important papers to family members in another City.

Tell family, neighbors, and service agencies where you would go to stay in an emergency.

As part of your disaster plan, you should also have an emergency supply kit ready before an emergency strikes. When you return to the City, you may not have electricity or water for up to two weeks. The kit should include the following: battery-operated radio, flashlights, extra batteries, manual can opener, matches or lighter, a two-week, non-perishable food supply, extra prescription medicines, baby diapers, first-aid kit, toiletries, plastic garbage bags, paper plates and napkins, disposable eating utensils, emergency cooking facilities, a fire extinguisher, bleach (without lemon or any other additives), water purification tablets, and mosquito/insect repellant. Two-week Emergency Supply of Food and Drink


If Miami-Dade County is placed under a Hurricane Watch, a hurricane may strike within 24 - 48 hours. You should take appropriate precautions immediately:

Listen to local news reports.
Check medication supply.
Replenish batteries.
Fuel your vehicles.
Be ready to move car(s) to safe area.
If you don't drive, confirm your transportation.
Check your hurricane kit and emergency suitcase.
Cash a check, withdraw cash, or have traveler's check on hand.
Pack dentures, glasses, and hearing aid.
Pick up loose objects from outside your home (i.e. garbage cans, real estate signs) and bring them inside.
Move furniture away from windows and cover furniture with plastic.
Pull curtains, blinds and shutters.
Call family and friends and tell them your plans.
Prepare emergency water supply.
Turn your refrigerator to its coldest setting.
Place valuables in waterproof containers and store in high place.
Arrange for a shelter for your pet.
If you own a business, begin implementation of your hurricane plan.
If you have a boat, begin plans to secure.


When a Hurricane Warning is issued, a hurricane is expected to strike within 24 hours, and you must plan to leave.

Before Evacuating:

Fill prescriptions, propane gas, and car gas tank.
Secure boats and relocate according to predetermined boat plan.
Bring in lawn furniture, trashcans, plants and other unsecured items.
Unplug TV and take TV antenna and satellite dish down from the roof.
Drain swimming pool one foot and add extra chlorine.
Turn off electricity to pool equipment and cover pump.
Begin boarding windows, doors and garage doors.
Turn off gas appliances at shut-off valve inside the house as well as water and electricity.
Eat before leaving; shelters may not serve food in the first 24 hours.
Take proof of residency, driver's license, insurance policy, utility bill and other important papers with you.
Secure pets in a safe room or animal kennel.
Turn off your electricity at the fuse box/circuit breaker panel.
Turn off the gas to your home.
Turn off the water main (if possible).
Take emergency suitcase to the shelter.
Leave Miami Beach as Early as Possible

Pack an Emergency Suitcase to Take to a Shelter. The suitcase or bag should be light enough to carry to a shelter and it should include the following items:

Flashlight and fresh batteries (one per person)
Battery operated radio with extra batteries
Insect repellant and sunscreen
Personal hygiene items
Washcloth, hand towel, tissues, pre-moistened towelettes
Change of clothes and extra pair of shoes
Dentures, glasses, hearing aids
List of important papers (insurance policies, bank accounts, mortgages, list of phone numbers of family, friends, physician, pharmacy, caregiver and business contacts, and copies of prescriptions.
Plastic bag with water purification tablets
Matches and candles in plastic bag
Manual can opener
Plastic garbage bags
Map of area
Blankets or sleeping bags
Cards, games or books
Snacks (non-perishable)
Baby food (if applicable)

Miami Beach Municipal Parking Garages Will Open for Residential Parking The City will open all its municipal parking garages for residential parking free of charge, as available, during a state of emergency. However, the elevators will not be operational. For more information, call the Parking Department at 305-673-7505.

All Businesses Must Be Secure. This includes taking down and bringing in any loose signs, tables, chairs and other loose structures.

All Construction Sites Must Secure Sites and Loose Structures
Contractors that fail to comply can be fined of not less than $50 nor more than $500, or by imprisonment not exceeding 60 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. For more information, call the Building Department at 305-673-7610.

Evacuation Pick-up Sites to Red Cross Shelters for Miami Beach Residents
The City of Miami Beach will begin evacuation procedures as soon as there is an evacuation order from the state and county. If you have not made prior arrangements to stay somewhere off of the island, the City urges residents to go to one of the twenty-one (21) evacuation pick-up sites to Red Cross hurricane shelters. Miami-Dade Transit buses will provide free transportation to the mainland shelters. Remember that no pets will be allowed to go to the shelters. Take with you a blanket, pillow and an overnight bag with essential personal items such as prescription drugs.

These sites are NOT HURRICANE SHELTERS, only Miami Beach MTA bus pick-up locations to shelters.

South Beach
Rebecca Towers, 150 Alton Road
Alton Road & 2nd Street
Ocean Point Condominium, 345 Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive & 4th Street
Council Towers South, 533 Collins Avenue
South Shore Community Center, 833 – 6th Street
Federation Towers, 757 West Avenue
South Beach Alternative School, 920 Alton Road
Ocean Front Auditorium, 1001 Ocean Drive
Alton Towers Condominium, 14th Street & Alton Road
Ida Fisher Community School, 1424 Drexel Avenue
Euclid Gardens Condominium, 1575 Drexel Avenue
Miami Beach City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive
Mesivta High School, 1965 Alton Road

Middle Beach
Miami Beach Golf Club, 2301 Alton Road
Scott Rakow Youth Center, 2600 Sheridan Avenue
Collins Avenue & 29th Street
Crown Hotel, 4041 Collins Avenue
Temple Beth Shalom, 4144 Chase Avenue

North Beach
Sherry Frontenac Hotel, 6565 Collins Avenue
Collins Avenue & 65th Street
Collins Avenue & 76th Street
Collins Avenue & 81st Street
Normandy Pool, 7030 Trouville Esplanade
71st Street & Rue Versailles
North Shore Park, 72nd Street & Byron Avenue
79th Street & Hawthorne
Biscayne Elementary, 800- 77th Street
St Joseph’s School, 8625 Byron Avenue
North Bay Village Synagogue, N Treasure Drive & Hispanola


Response to Emergency Calls Cease at the arrival of Tropical Storm Force Winds. The City of Miami Beach’s Fire, Rescue and Police crews will cease emergency operations during an impending hurricane when the winds reach Tropical Storm force (i.e. 40 mph). Following a hurricane, emergency calls will be very limited due to flooding, power lines down, street access, and limited personnel.


Residents Re-Entering the City
After the order for reoccupation to the City has been given, you will have to provide proof of residency (driver's license and/or utility bill with current Miami Beach address) to roadblock officials to re-enter Miami Beach. Listen to the local media for possible road closures.

Free Stash Sites
There will be two stash sites opened to take hurricane debris: Dickens and 72nd Street across from North Shore Park and the Convention Center Parking Lot, located between 19th and 18th streets across from the Convention Center.


Miami Beach Answer Center


Miami-Dade County Answer Center
305-468-5900/305-468-5402 TDD

Miami Beach Fire Department Hurricane and Fire Safety Education

Miami Beach Police Department

Miami-Dade Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program
305-513-7700 /305-468-5402 TDD

National Weather Service

National Hurricane Center

Miami-Dade County Emergency Operations Center

American Red Cross

305-442-8770 (Miami-Dade County)


City Gas

Teco (People’s) Gas

In the event that all communications fail after a hurricane, the following location will be set up as a location to obtain information and resources in person, if available.

Miami Beach High School
2231 Prairie Avenue