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Traveler´s Reviews Date Subject
Bad food and service Dec 01 Sushi Samba
Great skirt steak Aug 04 Larios
Great food, AWESOME atmosphere May 03 Harrison's
Excellent food and service Apr 11 Rancho Argentino
The Best Restaurant in Town Mar 28 Barton G.
Best plantains and black beans and rice in the world Mar 02 Puerto Sagua
Yum! Feb 16 Touch
Pricey but worth it Jan 27 Sushi Siam
Good food, bad server Jan 27 Quinn's
Amazing food, great prices, nice people Jan 24 900 Novecento
This one is a keeper Jan 19 Fratelli La Bufala
Addicting Jan 18 Sushi Samba Dromo
This place is overrated Jan 07 Smith & Wollensky
Great food and atmosphere Jan 04 Santo
Delicious and interesting food Dec 23 Madiba
Yuca is Yuck Dec 19 Yuca
Unforgettable Dec 13 Smith & Wollensky
Food and service worth every cent Dec 08 China Grill
Can’t get enough of the food Dec 04 Fratelli La Bufala
Amazing Service and Food Nov 27 510 Ocean
Just like China Town Nov 26 Miss Yip
Amazing pizza Nov 21 Spris
Best Cuban Food I’ve Ever Eaten Nov 20 Puerto Sagua
Best “Mexican” on the Beach Nov 16 San Loco
Not Authentic but still Tasty Nov 16 Lime
What happened to Bam, Bam Oct 30 Emeril's
Too Big For My Mouth Oct 25 Cheeseburger Baby
An Exceptional culinary experience Oct 23 Barton G.
Prime Dining Experience Oct 04 Prime 112
Horrible food and service Sep 30 Yuca
This place is the bomb Sep 20 B.E.D.
Blows Pizza Rustica out of the water Sep 17 Spris
So much better than the roach coach Sep 12 Master's Pizza Miami Beach
Very modern, slightly loud, excellent food and service Aug 09 Nemo Restuarant
A vote for the best bakery in Miami Jul 17 The French Bakery
Great food but overcrowded Jul 17 Funkshion
Funkshion is an incredible time Jul 17 Funkshion
Top shelf sushi and service (and price) Jul 16 Nobu
Dreadful inferior dinner Jul 14 The Forge Restaurant
Amazing service for party of 100 Jun 29 510 Ocean
Best place in town for breakfast Jun 20 Front Porch Cafe
Best Mexican Food Ever Jun 05 Lime
A Great Experience May 27 Grillfish
Good Food at Nexxt May 22 Nexxt
Hosteria Romana - WOW May 22 Hosteria Romana
Pizza almost better than New York May 22 Pizza Rustica
Worst Chinese Food Ever May 18 Miss Yip
Tuscan Steak is Simply Amazing May 15 Tuscan Steak
Love the Lunch menu at Doraku May 10 Doraku
Terrible experience at Hosteria Romana May 06 Hosteria Romana
Nobu no thanks May 05 Nobu
Delicious food and drinks at China Grill Apr 27 China Grill
Best burgers in South Beach Apr 25 Cheeseburger Baby
Kim’s is the best Chinese on the beach Apr 24 Kim's
Authentic as can be Apr 24 Puerto Sagua
Salty and undercooked cakes Apr 19 Edda's Cake Designs
Vita restaurant reviewed Apr 15 Vita
Delicious cuban cusine Apr 12 Puerta Saugua
Grill Med has delicious food Mar 25 Grill Med
Sum Yum Gai Rocks Mar 24 Sum Yum Gai
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