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Traveler´s Reviews Date Subject
Good Food Great Service Good Value Mar 24 Emeril's
Horrible Food and Awful Service Mar 23 Jerry's Famous Deli
A LA Folie A little piece of Europe in Sobe Mar 15 A La Folie
Hosteria Romana is fresh and lively Mar 10 Hosteria Romana
Unbelievable Pizza Rustica Feb 26 Pizza Rustica
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Louie’s Feb 23 Louie's Brick Oven
I felt like I was in Italy Feb 21 Fratelli La Bufala
Uva’s Breakfast Sandwiches Feb 19 Uva
Local Favorite Feb 19 Puerto Sagua
A Wish Come True on Valentines Day Feb 17 Wish Restaurant
Worst food ever at Emeril’s Feb 13 Emeril's
Mangnifique A La Folie Feb 11 A La Folie
French onion soup at Outback Steakhouse Feb 10 Outback Steakhouse
We love Nexxt Cafe Feb 06 Nexxt Cafe
Disappointed by Tuscan Feb 06 Tuscan Steak
Best sushi in South Beach Feb 06 Flirt Sushi Lounge
Tapas y Tintos has the best Sangria Feb 06 Tapas y Tintos
Do Nexxt Cafe Chef’s like food Feb 05 Nexxt Cafe
You forgot my guacamole Feb 04 Jerry's Deli
Heavenly experience at Ola on Ocean Feb 04 Ola Restaurant
Ooverrated restaurant on Ocean Drive Feb 01 Quinn's Restaurant
WORST sushi in my life Jan 12 Sushi Express
Recommend Blue Door Jan 08 Recommend Blue Door