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Traveler´s Reviews Date Subject
Love Harrison’s on Friday nights May 18 Harrison's
Best club I’ve ever been to May 14 Cameo
Racist at the door May 07 Mynt
Great food, AWESOME atmosphere May 03 Harrison's
Friendly and helpful service Apr 29 Finnegan's Way
Big disappointment Apr 23 Mansion
Jazz at Van Dyke Apr 14 Van Dyke
Better than I expected Mar 27 Club Deep
If you like to keep it real, go some place else Feb 27 Opium
Gorillas without a brain for door staff Feb 06 Playwright Pub
Great atmosphere Feb 04 Glass
Love Prive Feb 01 Prive
My favorite hideaway Jan 21 X-treme Cafe
All good except at the door Jan 18 Automatic Slims
B.E.D SUX Dec 19 B.E.D
Great Expectations, Great Disappointment Dec 19 B.E.D
tired of security staff in a bad mood Nov 20 The Fifth
Best Playground I ever visited Nov 16 Trapeze
Don’t go to the Fifth Nightclub Nov 11 The Fifth
Very dissapointed with Opium Nov 11 Opium Garden
Bad service Nov 03 Santo
We spent every night there Nov 01 Mango's
Extremely hot, literally Oct 11 Macarena
The hottest place I’ve been all year! Oct 04 Prive and Opium Garden
This place is the bomb Sep 20 B.E.D.
Masquerading as an Irish Pub Sep 19 Playwright Pub
Great food, great environment! Sep 12 Funkshion Lounge and Restaurant
A social event with a high hormone level Aug 01 Mansion
Blown away at Santo Jul 21 Santo
Funkshion rocks Jul 17 Funkshion
Funkshion is an incredible time Jul 17 Funkshion
As small as a fish tank Jul 12 Club Deep
Love VINO! Jul 06 VINO
Awesome time at Funkshion Jul 03 Funkshion
Fat Tuesdays is a great hangout Jun 30 Fat Tuesdays
I’m surely not privy to Prive Jun 19 Prive
Super fun and friendly Jun 19 Onda
Wonderful lounge, if you can find it Jun 19 Purdy Lounge
Great place to watch the World Cup Jun 19 Playwright Pub
Fun Bar in a Horrid Area Jun 19 Churchill's
Don’t go VIP at Amika Jun 17 Amika
What a shame in 2006 Jun 13 Mansion
Ladies drink free on Wednesdays May 29 Blue
Forgot I Was At The Beach May 22 Mango's
Must attend Mansion May 06 Mansion
Not as clean as Philadelphia May 04 Trapeze Club
Opium Garden is not all that May 02 Opium Garden
Night to remember at Mansion Apr 27 Mansion
Awesome time at Mansion Apr 22 Mansion
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