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Traveler´s Reviews Date Subject
Worst Service Ever Experienced Mar 13 Nexxt Cafe
First Night at a Swing Club Mar 11 Plato's Repeat
To Tip or not to Tip Mar 09 Cafeteria
Gold’s Gym is the Worst Mar 09 Gold's Gym
Service at Cafeteria is horrible Mar 08 Cafeteria
Do not stay at the Tudor Mar 08 The Tudor
Worst restaurant experience at Nobu Mar 05 Nobu
Charged for room we did not get Mar 05 Chesterfield Hotel
Gold’s Gym is a Ripoff Mar 04 Golds Gym
Bad Experience Mar 02 Boulevard Hotel
Disappointed with Deauville Beach Resort Mar 02 Deauville Beach Resort
vastly overrated Feb 28 News Cafe
what a dump Feb 28 Mynt
Very Overpriced Feb 28 Grillfish
Bad Hostess Feb 25 Finnegan's
Never Again Feb 25 Cardozo Cafe
What a horrible hotel Feb 25 Days Inn Oceanside
if you like rude people, stay here Feb 24 Haddon Hall Hotel
Unhappy at Chelsea Hotel Feb 24 Chelsea Hotel
Not impressed at Larios Feb 21 Larios
Opium Garden is Nasty Feb 21 Opium Garden
Horrible Haddon Hall Hotel Feb 15 Haddon Hall
Valentine’s Day at Grillfish Feb 14 Grillfish
Mansion Sucked Feb 14 Mansion
Worst food ever at Emeril’s Feb 13 Emeril's
My opinion of the Catalina Hotel Feb 11 Catalina Hotel
The worst service at Cafeteria Feb 07 Cafeteria
Disappointed by Tuscan Feb 06 Tuscan Steak
Terrible service at Jerry’s Deli Feb 06 Jerry's Deli
Nice atmosphere, bad service at Cafe Nuvo Feb 06 Cafe Nuvo
A tad off at Touch restaurant Feb 05 Touch Restaurant
Do Nexxt Cafe Chef’s like food Feb 05 Nexxt Cafe
Don’t stay at Edison Hotel Feb 04 Edison Hotel
You forgot my guacamole Feb 04 Jerry's Deli
Riande Continental Never Again Feb 03 Riande Continental
Ooverrated restaurant on Ocean Drive Feb 01 Quinn's Restaurant
Big Mistake - Terrible Hotel Jan 23 Boulevard Hotel
Overpriced mediocrity Jan 13 Emeril's
WORST sushi in my life Jan 12 Sushi Express
Worst Hotel I have Ever Stayed In Jan 11 Cavalier Hotel
Good and Bad Jan 09 Clevelander
New Years 2006 Jan 03 Hotel Ocean
Horrible Service Nov 23 Escopazzo