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Traveler´s Reviews Date Subject
Exciting gym in Florida Apr 16 Gold's Gym
Excellent Food in North Miami Beach Apr 15 Louie's Brick Oven
Be patient at Taste Bakery Apr 15 Taste Bakery
Bachelorette party on a catamaran Apr 13 Tropical Boat
Real Irish Bar Apr 12 Playwright Pub
Delicious cuban cusine Apr 12 Puerta Saugua
Great service at Nemo Apr 12 Nemo
Recommended Hotel Apr 11 Nassau Suites
Great Food, Music, and Eye Candy Apr 09 Art Cafe
Hearty home cooked meal away from home Apr 09 Puerto Sagua
Tons of Fun Apr 08 Tudor Hotel
First time was a good time Apr 06 Plato's Retreat
Careful What you Order at Louie’s Apr 06 Louie's Brick Oven
Great Pizza Apr 05 Masters Pizza
It’s all about location baby Apr 04 Breakwater Hotel
Highly recommend Sterling Casino Cruise Apr 01 Sterling Casino Cruise
Great Sushi, Inexpensive Mar 31 Flirt Sushi
I recommend Purdy Lounge Mar 29 Purdy Lounge
My First Time at Joe’s Mar 29 Joe's Stone Crab
Awesome Atmosphere and Great Dining Mar 28 Nexxt Cafe
A nice place to party Mar 26 Clevelander Hotel
Miracle Workers at Some Like it Hot Mar 26 Some Like it Hot
Grill Med has delicious food Mar 25 Grill Med
Sum Yum Gai Rocks Mar 24 Sum Yum Gai
Good Food Great Service Good Value Mar 24 Emeril's
Best time at Mansion Mar 22 Mansion
Forget the clubs go to Mango’s Mar 22 Mango's
World Class Neighborhood Bar Mar 22 Mac's Club Deuce
Most Romantic Restaurant in Miami Mar 16 Baleen
“BAM"alicious Mar 15 Emeril's
Loved the South Beach Marriott Mar 15 South Beach Marriott
A LA Folie A little piece of Europe in Sobe Mar 15 A La Folie
Mangos is the spot Mar 14 Mangos
Mynt is not what you say it is Mar 14 Mynt
Norwegian Majesty Teen Club Mar 14 Norwegian Majesty
Good Stay at the Winterhaven Hotel Mar 13 Winterhaven
Bufala Steak, Breaking Through a Language Barrier Mar 12 FLB
Great spot to drink Mar 10 Fat Tuesday
Hosteria Romana is fresh and lively Mar 10 Hosteria Romana
Spring Break Party Scene Mar 09 Senor Frogs
hotel on a half shell Mar 09 Hotel Shelley
Cannot beat the Loft Hotel Mar 07 Loft Hotel
Oh My Gosh Mar 02 Tapas y Tintos
Sushi on Biscayne Blvd. Mar 01 Sushi Siam
Where are the Latin people Feb 28 Mango's
Unbelievable Pizza Rustica Feb 26 Pizza Rustica
Great Wines at VINO Miami Feb 25 VINO Miami
Creative genius with fun surprises Feb 24 Barton G.
Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner at Louie’s Feb 23 Louie's Brick Oven
I felt like I was in Italy Feb 21 Fratelli La Bufala
A good time at the Clay Hotel Feb 21 Clay Hotel
Uva’s Breakfast Sandwiches Feb 19 Uva
Expensive but worth it Feb 19 Touch Restaurant
Local Favorite Feb 19 Puerto Sagua
Costa Mediterranea was wonderful Feb 18 Costa Mediterranea
Luna Wear - a south beach gem Feb 17 Luna Wear
A Wish Come True on Valentines Day Feb 17 Wish Restaurant
Nice new addition Feb 16 Flirt Sushi
Great sushi at Flirt Feb 16 Flirt Sushi
Whitelaw is a nice hotel Feb 16 Whitelaw Hotel