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Miami Beach 411
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Welcome to the Nightlife Section. If you are looking to party, search the top 20 clubs. At Miami Beach 411, you can also find a nightlife map as Tips on How To Get in Nightclubs.

Nightlife News and Discussion
Parties and Special Events Concerts and Live Music Events
Bottle Service Costs & Questions Miami Clubs and Lounges
Beware of Crime and Theft Dive bars in South Beach
Best place to go, what night? Is Clevelander Open?
How men dress at a nightclub Clothes people where to clubs

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More news and discussion on MiamiBeach411 Nightlife Forum.

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Sex on vacation
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Miami Wine Bars
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Nearby Gambling and Casinos
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Buying Drugs
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Happy Hour in Miami Beach Clubs and Lounges
Here's a list of popular Miami nightclubs and lounges to party, dance, and have a good time.

Happy Hour in Miami Beach Miami Bars
Here's a list of fun places to hang out with friends. See our Happy Hour list for drink specials in Miami Beach.

Nightlife and parties
Parties and Special Events
A list of parties, raves and hip, cultural events that are taking place in and around Miami.

Live music
Live Music Events
Here is a list of concerts and live music events happening in Miami Beach and nearby cities.

Live Music Venues
Here is a list of bars and clubs that offer live music.

The Music Scene
Here you can find information about music venues, rehearsal studios, radio stations, and record labels.

Nightlife in Miami Beach 411's Travel Planner.
Today's Miami Specials
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