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Miami Beach 411
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Local advertising in MiamiBeach411

We help empower hundreds of local companies to sell products and services to their customers. Our clients' return has been nothing short of tremendous.

About our audience:

Depending on the season, we reach approximately 400,000 to 500,000 unique visitors per month.

Our readers are active buyers of products and services, and our content is targeted exclusively to readers who are interested in travel-planning, local businesses, events, and recreation.

MiamiBeach411 is recognized as the most important Miami-related website to advertise your business. We are heavily trafficked by a local, national, and international audience. Our readers aren't just lookers, they're also bookers (see: testimonials). When they've found you on our site, those readers are often at the moment of decision - that makes them valuable to you, the advertiser.

Advertising opportunities

Google text and image ads
Google AdWords come in two versions:

  • PPC (pay-per-click) "contextual" ads that are targeted to fit the content of each page. For example, you might find Google ads for airboat rides on our Florida Everglades articles, or ads for Miami hotels in our coverage of Miami Beach.

  • Site-targeted CPM text and image ads, which display only on the websites that you select, such as MiamiBeach411.
For more information about text ads, visit the MiamiBeach411.com "Advertise on this Site" page at Google AdWords.

Site Category Sponsorship
Our Site Categories give you direct access to people interested in a specific type of service or event. Your sponsorship gives you premier, above-the-fold placement on hundreds of pages throughout the Category. We currently have Site Categories dedicated to Nightlife, Hotels, Restaurants, Events, and Real Estate. You can login anytime to view live statistics.

Yellow Page ads

Is your business located in Miami-Dade County? Our site offers high impact, cost effective yellow page advertising. Yellow Page ads start at $149 per year.

Call us today or email us for a free consultation.

Miami Beach 411, Inc.
1521 Alton Rd # 233, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 754-2206
Email: support@miamibeach411.com

Note: We do not sell text links, and we do not participate in "reciprocal linking" or "link exchanges".

Our Services

MiamiBeach411 negotiates and executes customized travel programs for every type of group. Learn more

We make promoting your business online easy. Our services include web consulting, design, development, training, and optimization, as well as expertise with the Google Maps API, Google AdWords, and other local search engine marketing products.

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Advertising in Miami Beach 411.
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