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Miami Beach 411
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Miami Job Listings

Are you the outgoing and creative type? Miami Beach 411 wants to work with you. If you have writing, photography, and video skills, or you speak Spanish and excel at customer service, join the Forum and introduce yourself.

Employment research articles:

Miami Job Market: The Largest Employers and Top Industries
Is finding a job somewhat confusing? We’re here to help. Here is a list of the largest employers and top industries in Miami-Dade County.

51 Places to Find Work in Online
One of the biggest challenges moving to a new city can be finding a place to work. Here is a list of Miami companies that hire online.

Now is Not the Time For You to Relocate to Miami
Despite boasting a serious unemployment rate , people still seem to think it’s a good idea to relocate to Miami. Without work.

How to Survive in the Spanish Workplace
When interviewing for a job, it's crucial to be aware of the surroundings. And your surroundings, for the most part, will be speaking Spanish.

Searching For Jobs in Miami-Dade FL
As I said before, when you first move here to South Florida you should find some sort of employment as soon as possible.

6 Good Tips For Working In Restaurants and Bars
I don’t want to crush anyone’s hopes of moving here and working in the service industry, but I do have a few words of advice.

How To Be A Good Waiter / Waitress
With so many restaurants nearby, someone is always hiring, but most places will want you to have some experience.

My First Big Bartending Gig
It only takes one thing to get these types of jobs: Luck.

Working For TIPS and the Downsides of The Miami Service Industry
The lure of easy money in waiting tables or bartending is attractive. But you have to know the downsides before you jump in head-first.

5 Ways You Can Make Money Being Creative
Are you the creative type? Tired of people asking you to work for free? Here is how you can make money at MiamiBeach411.

Local job listings

The City of Miami Beach and City of Miami both have sections on their websites that list updated job openings working for the City.

University of Miami is one of the largest private employers in Miami-Dade county. Call Human Resources at (305) 284-3798.

Baptist Hospitals have an extensive list of job opportunities at each of their South Florida locations.

Royal Caribbean and Carnival offer career opportunities in the cruise line industry in their land-based offices and onboard their cruise ships.

Craigslist was started in San Francisco and has spread around the world. It's the easiest way to find a job online.

Miami Jobs in Miami Beach 411
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