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10 Things I Hate About Miami

March 14, 2006 By Gus in Miami: Local NewsMiami: Travel News  | 180 Comments


Hate is a mighty strong word, but I thought jotting down the top 10 things I hate about Miami might help bring me out of this writing lull.

Originally, this was to be called “25 Things I Hate About Miami.” I suppose it’s good news that by the time I reached six, I started running out of steam. I’m sure I’ve missed some pet peeves that others have. Don’t worry. After you read through my list, you can contribute your own in the comments.

1. Streets, roads, traffic & parking - I thought it was best to lump all these together. Otherwise, we’d be here all day. It’s amazing that a city with such a construction boom is doing so little to upgrade the infrastructure. If you drive around Miami you know what I’m saying. It’s good to see that Biscayne Blvd. and Miami Ave. improvements are underway, but what about Downtown Miami, the roads near the Airport, and the Palmetto Expressway. The Palmetto gets so backed up, I think Rick named his site after it. Something needs to be done fast. What good is it to own a million dollar condo if it takes you 2 hours to get home everyday.

2. Poor customer service - It’s no secret the customer service in Miami sucks is below par. I am city officials are concerned, but in all honestly, producing a customer service video won’t fix the problem. Yes, there are some local merchants who know the importance of taking care of their guests. So, to help our visitors find customer friendly places to eat, we put together a list of restaurants with good customer service.

3. A lack of reasonably priced restaurants - Okay, I understand that rent in South Beach is expensive, but is it really fair to charge $14 for a martini. And when it becomes acceptable for restaurants in South Beach to charge $100 a person, the restaurants in Aventura and Coral Gables won’t be far behind. Why do restaurants do this? Most feel it’s okay to gouge tourists because they won’t see them again. This is a bad business practice, as well as it alienates their local clientele.

4. It’s so darn flat - What’s there to say. Just look around. It’s flat. It’s really, really flat. There are no mountains or hills. When I first moved here, I thought I saw a hill out near Homestead, but that turned out to be a landfill. Leave the skis and snowboard at home. The highest elevation in the state is only 345 feet.

5. People aren’t so friendly - I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s a cultural thing. But don’t be surprised if people don’t smile and say hello to you. Yesterday, I was standing in line at Walgreens. I said hello to the lady standing next to me, and she shot me a look like I was a deranged. Perhaps I’m being too sensitive. I’m from California where everyone is touchy feely.

6. All the world’s a stage, except here in Miami - Calling all thespians. Hey kids, let’s put on a show. I miss going to see live theatre, performed in a small space by a group of actors committed to the craft of acting. For some reason, I don’t think the new Performing Arts Center will fill this void.

7. The heat - Let me clarify, when I say the “the heat” I’m talking about the temperature, not the guys who play basketball. If you visit Miami between the months of June and September expect it to be hot. The average temperature during the summer is 89º and the humidity is 61%. So, if you are coming for a visit, make sure you pack the sunscreen and be prepared to sweat.

8. Dude, where are the waves? - It’s so depressing to go to the beach and for the ocean to be as flat as a lake. There is rarely any surf here, and when it does get knee-high, the lineup turns into a zoo. I saw it get good once.

9. There’s no good Mexican food - Yes, there are exceptions: Lime, San Loco, Paquitos, Baja Fresh, but what I long for is a carne asada burrito from Roberto’s. Hey, I just found out that there is a Roberto’s in Hialeah. I’m going there for lunch today.

10. The Homeless - Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate homeless people. But because Florida is the Sunshine State, many people who want to drop out of society come here. Why? Miami is the perfect place to lay on on the beach, drink beer all day, and panhandle from the tourists. Seeing this everyday can take its toll. You start to lose compassion.

Remember, just because there’s 10 things I hate doesn’t mean there’s a lot I love. So on the love side, stay tuned for my “10 Things I Love About Miami” post. Unless we’re struck by a hurricane, I should be posting that next week.

Wait a minute. How could I forget about hurricanes? I hate those too.

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Gus Moore heads up Miami Beach 411 as site administrator. You can reach him at 1-305-754-2206.

See more articles by Gus.

See more articles by Gus

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180 Comments on

"10 Things I Hate About Miami"

MiamiGirl says:

Agree, agree and agree.  The not nice thing really gets me going.

Posted on 04/11/2006 at 10:26 AM

Moody says:

There’s a Roberto’s not only in Hialeah but also in 3 other locations in Miami. One even in South Miami. Roberto’s is awesome!

Posted on 04/17/2006 at 1:05 PM

edgar says:

yeah I agree, people here are rude and uncivilized, it is a cultural thing, that is the way they were brought up, trashy people lack of civility.

Posted on 08/13/2006 at 6:09 PM

Cathy says:

“You got it. Rude, unfriendly people, total lack of customer service and an inexplicable lack of mexican food!  You forgot insane, belligerent drivers, mosquitos, 25 new murders on the news every night and the dirty politicians.  Miami gets my vote for worst city in the U.S.  I moved up to Broward!

Posted on 09/08/2006 at 11:27 AM

Anthony says:

Absolutely, bloody disgusting!!! I moved to Miami in 1989, thinking that I could leave the doldrums of the North behind. I did enter a new world, however, it was not long before I began to dislike, no really dislike, the lack of culture, lack of consideration,No speak English to me, “ME MACHO I KILL YOU IF YOU LOOK AT ME AGAIN” attitude, no descent parks to take walks through either alone or with a special someone. The scenery is, yes, FLAT, I expected this, either insufficient or lack of strategically paced foliage, therefore the intense heat and sweat we all must contend with during the summer months. There is zero Christmas spirit, no four seasons to really talk about, the Arts? The people are very unruly, uncivilized, poorly educated in general. I have been in many instances where I have extended my salutations to someone in the Publix line or any other place in Miami, and just like others in this area have stated,“courtesy is a no, no, in Miami” I have been cut off, oh not only in traffic, but in the lines at the theatre,(AMC, etc..) at the gas stations, at the Home Depot, at Piccadilly,..........Ther seems to be an excess of immigrants in Miami, whom were raised in far away places, where many of the social norms, ethics, mores, etc… are non-existent. I will not rag on immigrants in general now! I am referring to the one that arrive in Miami and become part of the high influx, overcrowded land also known as “Banana Republic”. Do I hate Miami? YES, after all these years, I have grown to detest it. I did move away to Fort Myers and it was spectacular!!! Had to return to Miami becasue of wife, what can I tell you. Nowadays, I am getting ready to move away from this ball of irrepairable confusion and for good. Things in Miami are never going to change for the better, the status quo will only increase to a more intolerable level to where those whom are savvy and can afford to pick up and get out of Miami, shall be spared from. Like this is not enough, think of this, Miami, overcrowded,Rude, unserviceable, EXPENSIVE to live, expensive condos and homes everywhere, roads are becoming virtually unpassable due to all the punishment they receive from influx of traffic and construction vehicle passing over, for which Miami streets were never designed for. Add to this whatever, things nag you about this place and, we have a paradise lost or a place we all belived was a paradise but never was, and now we are stuck. Oh, did I mention Miami is becoming dirty? Yeah, observe the streets everywhere, plastic bags, bottles, cans newspapers… you name it it is become a dirty place. I will not stay here any longer!!!!

Posted on 10/05/2006 at 12:55 PM

Lane Myer says:

Miami used to be a great city. There used to be alot of rock bands rolling through, alot of live music and other events. Now everything in Miami is dominated by cubans, latin music, ghetto rap music, spanish billboards, spanish adverts on buses, spanish everywhere!!!! not to mention brutally bad customer service virtually everywhere. They have even tried to make spanish the first language in Miami!!! Most of Miami are Cubans and other hispanics central/south americans. Even the ones that speak english choose to speak spanish or spenglish. The cubans have a blatant disrespect for the USA. This is especially disturbing considering that if it wasnt for the US, they would all be stuck living in a communist dump of a country.
The Cubans and other hispanics in Miami are extremely rude, obnoxious, loud, arrogant,fake, petty minded, greedy, unethical, ignorant and inconsiderate. Cubans pretty much run the city, and they show alot of favortism towards other cubans, so if you are a white american, good luck finding a good job.
The crime in Miami is horrific, and I`m not just talking about car theft and burgulary, I`m talking murder and rape crimes that are off the charts.
there are no safe havens for americans anymore as they have taken over the entire city. Miami has completely lost its american identity, and is now identified with latins and ghetto music. There are no signs of any improvements. I am not a racist, I`m a realist, this is the reality of Miami, ask any Miami native. Miami is living proof that melting pots are not necessarily a good idea.
Miami is the most depressing, frustrating and stressfull city in the country. I just recently moved to Boston, where everyone speaks english!!! Sure its much colder, but after living in Miami for 35 years, its a small price to pay.
And, those of you who judge me,
It`s real easy to site back and call me a racist living in your nice white suburbian american neighborhoods, but until you have lived in the trenches, you dont know what the hell you are talking about.

Posted on 10/15/2006 at 4:27 AM

Royal says:

Hey its simple:
if you want to have low pay, in a city where the cost of living goes up but salaries are stagnant, move to miami.  Check out the protests of teachers and police officers.

If you want to invest in a new car and have it damaged by all the darn bumps & pot holes in the road, move to miami.

If you want to see racism, not between the majority(whites) and blacks like in other states, come see it between the minorities in a developing city called Miami.  Even rednecks in redneck cities/states waiving their confedereate flags and stickers on their cars would treat “others” with more respect.People who have come from almost the same background in terms of coming from impoverished and crime polluted countries/dictatorships treat others who went through the same battle as “less than human.” They(WE) all have fought and ran from the same problems towards a country that is “free” only to ostracize ea. other.  This is called the CRAB in THE BUCKET SYNDROME…THE DIVIDE & CONQUER TACTIC WORKS. 

If you believe that every city or state has a ghetto, Miami as a whole is a ghetto. 

Almost every condo and town home community is backed by low-income programs.  This is because some miamians need the help of the government(sect. 8, etc) because the pay in miami is pathetic.  An efficiency or studio runs about $650-800, a one bedroom $800-$1100 and even those are backed by low income programs.

The majority of the daycares are backed by voucher programs and other programs.  The parents pay a small fee while the government pays a large portion of the daycare bill.  For example, a parent would pay $4 a week while the government would pay the remaining $95.  I am not belittling those who need it, by all means if you need help, get it.  My point is Miami was considered one of the poorest cities in the country back in 2003. Why?  Because Miami only has to offer pathetic paying jobs, and every interview you go on, there is always a negotiation.  One is forced to take what they might passover, and then try to apply for programs for help.

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of corruption welcome to Miami.  Recently a leader(and others) at a housing authority was found using funds to construct low income housing to repair his own home and purchase other homes etc.

If you enjoy eating rodent droppings and having a couple of roaches mixed into your dish…come and enjoy the delightful cuisine of Miami.  Restaurants are closed down and exposed.

Posted on 10/17/2006 at 11:36 AM

Royal says:

And I forgot to mention if you want to lose your identity just throw your trash in the gargabe…most likely someone would find the torn pieces of your social security number & put it back together to become you. Miami is the University of Fraud and Hard Knocks.

Also, if your want to catch the “bird flu” just go to a health clinic in Little Haiti that has chickens(yeah really, chickens, you know the bird) wandering around.

Also, if you want a career being an administative assistant you have the perfect start in miami-Miami firms would rather call you the administrative assistant for ten years
rather than the manager because they want to pay you 30k and under.  Your degree in Business Administration and/or management is useless in the MIA.  And most importatnly the “professional” people in “professional” positions can not
even tell you who handles what at their company, they would transfer you to another person who does not have a clue.

If you are looking for a handout come on over to Miami.  I recently read an article in the Miami Times about a businessman who just opened a gym in Miami.  They asked him “hat is his greatest obstacle?” he said the fact that the parent can’t afford to pay $25 a month for their child to be enrolled on a monthly basis. Wait, hello? Um isn’t 31 divided by 25 only a $1.24 a day.  A $1.24 a day to keep my child away from crime, guns, promiscuity and surround him with discipline, leadership skills, and health cnsciousness is worth thousands but they want the owner to forego the twenty five bucks-$1.24 a day.  While this mother says she can’t afford to pay the $1.24 per day or the $25 a month, she would immediately go to the hair salon down the block and pay $85 to get her hair done. Imagine if the owner says no free ride, that child would go commit crimes on the working class citizens in Miami.  As a working citizen in Miami you are pimped and preyed upon because you are doing the hard work while others sit and wait for the coins to drop in their hands.

If you want to become paranoid, go to a “doctor” here in Miami.  You can’t tell the real from the fake.  So many people in their people have false degrees, made by a home printer.
Also you may run into a doctor office in someone’s garage.  While you work paycheck to paycheck to gain a down payment on a home, others are gewtting their homes built from the ground up for free.  Only in Miami

Posted on 10/17/2006 at 1:10 PM

Anthony says:

KUDOS, to all especially Lane Myer and ROYAL!!! For having the galls to admit what they have had to contend with in this sorry facsimile of a city. I can already hear the Miami sympathizers say in their half-baked ghetto englispanilanguagsomething or another,“Yo dog, wazzup dog, if ya don lyke Majami, go to another place”. I know I am exaggerating here, however, I am furious with the situation in Miami and yes, I am planning my exit from this repulsive, want-to-be, so-called metropolitan whatever. Miami, has nothing more for me and it is sad, but, many more good citizens will follow suit.

Posted on 10/22/2006 at 1:02 PM

freddie kwok says:

You guys are right - I just moved here from Philadelphia, And I have to say that I am shocked that I feel like I am not in U.S. soil here in Miami. Spanish is the number one language here. Fine. They pretty much built this city anyway , I mean the Cubans. Yeah, and the music, personally I like salsa, but it is too much in Miami. But hey everyone, the beauty of living in Miami is - you actually get to know what it is like to live in South America without having to leave the country. But eventually Latin American will rule this country. Look at the birth rate of Latin-American. It is just a matter of time (could be in 30 years) that this country will be a Hispanic country. If you can’t stand it, maybe you can move to Canada or Australia.

Posted on 10/24/2006 at 10:13 PM

Gus says:

Freddie, thanks for the comment. I enjoyed your paper on the Semantic Internet. About your comment above, “the beauty of living in Miami is - you actually get to know what it is like to live in South America without having to leave the country.” I also look at it like a positive - living in Miami is the cheapest way to experience different cultures. Please register for Forum account, there is a link to join at the top of this page:

The invitation goes to everyone here. Thank you all for your comments. Your thoughtful remarks have given other people a better understanding of our city, and what to expect.

Althought this discussion has become very lively, I don’t think anything that’s been said has crossed the line.

MiamiGirl, sorry to see your site go.

Moody, thanks for the Roberto’s tips!

Don’t stop commenting. This is the one place on the Web where it’s okay to discuss what’s bad about Miami. Go on, let ‘em rip!

After everything is off your chest, join the Community Forum.

Communication and collective knowledge can make a difference in our quality of life.

Note: If you are posting a comment here, hit the “Submit” button once. Give it time. Something IS happening. Really. Trust me. The reason it may lag: with so many long comments above, it slows ths System down.

Mamma ain’t no speed reader. When adding comments to THIS post, she takes her sweet time to make sure everything is aok.

Posted on 10/28/2006 at 2:00 AM

lifelikeillusion says:

I just transfered to the University of Miami from Northeastern University in Boston. That was a huge mistake. I knew Miami was a little bit ghetto but I never realized it was this bad.

Miami should never be classified as a city. In my opinion, it lacks several important components any normal city consists of. In addition to not having a thriving center of anything, the quality of everything is poor such as the arts to education, from joblessness to high crime rates.

The biggest problem here are the people.  Clearly, image is this number one motivating factor behind anyones actions. The only thing that is exceptional is Miami’s drug import and nightlife. If you’re looking for anything other then those things, don’t come here.

However, I’m confused how such a stellar University survived in this depressing, poor place. Thank God I’m class of 2007 because I’ll be leaving as soon as I collect my diploma.

Posted on 10/29/2006 at 5:17 PM

Perrey says:

Attention! the 12:45 Boat for freshly wetback Cuban immigrants has just arrived.

Oh wait! that’s not what i was going to write… anyway it’s still the honest truth. I agree with your 10-things why this infernal city sucks. But not only that, it blows! You have to speak Spanish to communicate with the poorly trained animals that you encounter, oops! i meant poorly “educated citizens”, you find more people, languages, and culture down here than in the United Nations building. The rename of some of the streets with Cuban personalities names like no other people live here is what ticks me off and is totally a slap in the face to this country that has been gracious enough to open it’s border to them and the other communities that live here.

Posted on 11/27/2006 at 6:23 PM

Erika says:

I had a Roberto’s carne burrito just last Friday night/Saturday morning…mmm mmm good!!!  smile

Posted on 11/28/2006 at 10:31 PM

wowie says:

i hate all the stickers i see on people’s SUVs that say “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!”  My god, has miami morphed into Alabama?  There are graffiti stickers plastered all over stoplights and telephones also saying don’t vote for lawyers.  It is so freaking conservative here w/ way too many republicans.  Seems like they let the cubans come in and stay cuz they know they will soon vote republican while they turn away the haitians who vote democrat.  I hate that there are no large gourmet grocery stores.  In seattle or denver or la, there are some really great places to grocery shop.  i live in the grove and pretty much am stuck w/ driving either 15 min to south beach to shop at wild oats or driving to pinecrest.  i hate that there is no gay pride and no gay community center.  i also hate that there is no arts cinema in miami.  you have to drive to ft. lauderdale.  but what gets me the most is that it seems this whole freaking city still supports our idiot president.  they drive cars like they just came from the used car lot w/ flags attached to the outside window and have giant dubya stickers. overall though, i like miami.  i certainly like that people are more direct and less fake, unlike everyone who is polite out west but underneath may not be so nice.

Posted on 11/29/2006 at 9:19 PM

Travis Allred says:

Don’t Get me wrong, I’m not a racist. But The things about the cubans are right. They have no common sense, they are too lazy to learn english, and they are taking over s.fla. Also, there aren’t too much on the radio down there. Mostly salsa, rap, and talk stations on AM. only 2 country stations down around homestead. WCTH 100.3-HSTD, WKIS 99.9-Miami. And, a bunch of rotten landfills, like mount trashmore off the tpk in homestead. Wouldn’t mind living down in Redland, though. All there is are a bunch of blue collar rednecks like myself. nearly as many down in s.florida as there are here in N.Alabama.

Posted on 12/03/2006 at 2:17 AM

Gus says:

Travis, I must research this place Redland; it sounds reminiscent of the movie “Porky’s” or “Gator McClusky”. I’ve been looking for a weekend getaway like that.

Nick, Well said. Good luck on where you diploma may take you.

Erika, congrats on your burrito conquest. Save one for your bro.

wowie, I hate the lack of gourmet grocery stores in Miami too! That would drive me crazy to have to drive to South Beach.

You loose me when you say “people act more direct and less fake” here. I find the formality and machismo of some Latin people muy fake.

For the most part, in Miami there is not a lot of trust for people outside of your social circle. This can be a hard obstacle to overcome when meeting new people.

I’m from San Diego. I’d say people have more humanity and compassion out there. I’ve also lived in Chicago, and generally speaking, people are nicer there too.

Here’s a tip for the touchy feely people from the West Coast, and those wholesome folks from the Mid West: you need to have a thicker skin here. Some cultures view being nice as a sign of weakness. But don’t let that stop you! Who wants to walk around hating all day?

Speaking of Miami haters, did anyone hear what the Colorado congressman said about Miami being a ‘Third World Country’?

People are still fuming about what he said, but it made me laugh because to be honest, there are some areas here that look very ‘Third World’, especially to someone from Colorado.

I’m thinking about having a contest in the Forum where members submit their most ‘Third World’ picture of Miami.

Is anyone interested in playing? Our last contest made the front page of the Miami Herald Business section.

If not, please continue hating on Miami here with words…

Posted on 12/03/2006 at 8:18 AM

Missing CA says:

Sometimes you have to leave Miami to realize what it is and what it isn’t.  I recently began traveling to Northern California in the last four years.  I used to think Miami was a great place to live until I realized what I was missing.  I found people in California were a lot like me.  Not in some socio-economic way but in a more humanistic tone.  Complete strangers talk to each other in California, you have a sense of pride and community.  People say thank you and smile.  People help each other out.    People apologize for bad service.  Cultures in California are proud of their diversity and don’t take on a “like me or screw you” attitude. 

I’ve used to tell people “if you want people to smile at you, you have to smile first.  Just watch their face light up.  Sometimes you have to make the first step in being friendly.”  Although the concept was warm and fuzzy the actuall practice doesn’t work.  You can smile at someone here and they don’t smile back.  You’ll be lucky if they even look at you.  The population here has not even the slighest concept of what customer service is about.  You can wait in line at a drive through for 30 minutes with out an apology or get horrible service at an expensive eatery.  It’s across the board,

Miami’s infrastructure isn’t capable of sustaining the growth it’s experiencing.  Thousands of condos going up every day, most of them not even being purchased by locals.  Don’t look at your local City or County Officials for help on this because they’ve received massive kick backs to get those building code violating structures approved.  Corruption in government is the norm here, not the exception. 

And when you do have corruption or City Officials that are exposed, they continue to get re-elected by people who are satisfied simply by the fact they share their same ethnic background.  Recently a local commissioner was up for recall because of her horrible track record.  When it went up to the voters she had seniors bused in to vote for her and ordered lunch for the preceints.  Of course she’s still in office. 

And yes, Miami is becomming a dirty place.  My neighborhood is littered by bottles, rotting food, trash, diapers, broken glass on a constant basis and the home are selling for $500-$700K.  Why would anyone be satisfied to live like this?    The answer is simple.  The don’t know any better.  Many people come from third world countries with out services that we’ve come to take for granted.  Instead of city officials providing enforcement they let it slide.  Heaven forbid they would fine a fellow countrymen.  The result is a dirty filthy city that gets even more dirty by the day.

Before you could say that Miami’s cost of living wasn’t as high as California but it’s fastly approaching.    So why continue to live here?  Property taxes are through the roof and insurance companies are raping us.  There’s no real culture down here.  Yeah you have a large latin community but within that group they is much divide.  The Cubans hate anyone note from Cuba as does everyone else.  Are you from Argentinia?  You must be stuck up then.  Peru?  Forget about it. 

So there you have it.  I’ve lived here for 30 years, since I was six years old.  I used to love this place but it’s become a mess.  I miss northern CA more and more every day.  I miss the tress, the public transportation, the sense of environment and responsibility for your fellow neighbor.  Someone give me a job in CA!!

Posted on 12/29/2006 at 12:29 PM

mario says:

I just found this site and I feel so identified by all the comments I see here.I lived in miami for 10 years and I have recently moved to California. Been here for 6 months already and I love it. People are so friendly and have so much respect for each other. Missing CA, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Plenty of jobs here and opportunities, and as you know California is the eighth-largest economy in the world. The state, with about 37 million residents, ranks behind the United States, Japan, Germany, China, the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

Posted on 01/26/2007 at 2:57 PM

Ex-Miamite says:

This site is right on! I lived there for 4 years and I hated it. South Beach, the Grove and all those places get really old really quick. It is true that if you’re not of Cuban descent you can’t land a good job. It’s like a mafia down there. I also hate they’re cuban accent. They think they speak english so well when in fact they all sound like Tony Montana and Manny from Scarface. Oh and those are the ones who actually “speak” english. Miami is cool to visit, go clubbing and then head back home. Don’t ever live there, unless you like rude people, extreme heat and humidity, low wages and 24 hour traffic jams.

Posted on 01/31/2007 at 1:45 PM

Amar says:

I am reading this site at 4am in the morning, because I am searching for answers.  I think I have found them.  I am from New York, and I moved here about 3 years ago.  Last night I spoke with my partner, and finally realized how much I hate this state I live in. We bought a house which is beautiful, and is in Broward county.  North of Miami.

This might sound strange, but I miss the warmth of New Yorkers. Because in comparison to these people in South Florida, New Yorkers are wonderful, warm and sensitive people.

Everything mentioned on this site is true, all of it.  I am of Ni Racial African American background, and I feel like an outsider in my own country.  There is nothing cultural here, where I am which is considered the suburbs, I have fallen into a malaise.  My personality has adapted to become a superficial, aggressive driver and disconnected to what is important to me. I need to leave this town, otherwise I am going to go crazy.  This place might be right for some people.  But if you are educated, creative and compassionate, stay away.  If you are seeking to be connected with people, via community.  South Florida isn’t for you.

It’s beautiful on the outside, but the longer you stay, the illusion fades away.  I am convinced that builders’ are looking to capitalize on the influx of Cubans to Miami, once Castro dies.

Posted on 02/09/2007 at 6:12 AM

Medicated Insanity says:

Roberto’s is bomb!  But let me introduce you to Tex Mex Cafe.  The place in Coral Gables on US1 off Ponce De Leon is tiny but TRUST me it is the best.  There is another location in Kendall on 117 ave and another that just opened in Miami Beach on Alton.  I have been a fan of this place since they started a few years back and they have just gotten better over the years.

Posted on 02/20/2007 at 11:11 AM

E says:

i just discovered you guys,
and can i just honestly say..
I Love you guys!! Thank you SO much..
this site is so helpful.
as soon as i get down there,
i’m taking you all out for a drink smile
(i hope to be there by the end of the summer)

BIG hug to you all

Posted on 03/02/2007 at 3:38 PM

Miami Hater says:

I completey agree with every single negative comment made on this post. I attend the University of Miami and just moved off campus to Miami Beach this year. This was the WORST mistake I have ever made in my life, but it is bittersweet because I have now realized what a miserable city Miami really is and am currently divising my exit strategy to a happier life next year (transferring back up north to a real American city…bring on the cold!!!!). I would not have realized this if I had remained sheltered on the UM campus…I really don’t think many kids there really understand what Miami is all about. I could not imagine getting stuck with a job here after college. The traffic makes going anywhere further than 3 miles from where you live impossible and there is no way to predict when you will spend 2 hours sitting in your car.  It’s too damn hott and humid. Employess EVERYWHERE are lazy and inconsiderate. The airport is a dive. All in all, life in Miami is the most inconvenient and pain in the ass way to live that I could possibly imagine. Every day, I just want to crawl in a hole and go to sleep when I get home. I was lured to Miami by all of the romantic images that we all see on TV, but what they don’t tell you is that most of Miami (probably 80%) is a dirty, crime-ridden, poverty stricken, 3rd world country that is spilling over into the entire city. I am also amazed how UM has become such a great school during this time…I guess it’s no suprise that many graduates get the hell out of Miami after they graduate. Writing this really helped me vent off some steam, even if no one reads it. I just needed to get this all out somewhere. All I can say is NEVER EVER EVER EVER even THINK about moving here EVER!  I alsmot feel like it is my civic duty to start a non-profit group committed to warning people about what an armpit Miami is.I was in Boston last weekend and it was FREEZING, but I was loving every minute of it simply because the bitter cold was the antithesis of Miami. I literally could have run around naked outside it made me so happy! When I get the hell out of here to a real city, I will truly appreciate every waking minute of it.

Posted on 03/06/2007 at 11:46 PM

Steve says:

There are 2 versions of Miami: there’s the Miami you see on TV, which is mostly Miami Beach, then there’s the rest of Miami – a bland, urban landscape littered with apartment buildings that look like cheap motels, gas stations, tacky strip malls, Publix supermarkets (Publix are the only real chain here), endless fast food restaurants, warehouses and cheap looking business parks. The version of Miami you don’t see on the TV is version 2 (an urban wasteland), where poverty, crime and inequality are rife and where the streets are literally choked with traffic. If you’re poor, you’ll live in a shack or an efficiency, or if you’re lucky, you’ll live in one of those apartment buildings that look like cheap motels with tiny windows and no view. If you’re middle class, you’ll probably find yourself living in the suburban hell depths of Kendall on SW 1,536,474 Street and 3,346,134 Ave, where you’ll pay $500k for your box-like house, which looks just like the million other box-like houses in your neighborhood and you’ll spend 4 hours a day commuting to work. Actually, if you have any sense, you’ll live in Broward, even if it means suffering the daily commute on the I-95 parking lot.

Miami is a city with some of the worst traffic in North America. The roads here are inadequate, sub standard and generally f**ked up.  Drivers here are amongst the rudest in the country. Drivers here are reckless, inconsiderate and downright rude.  There have been a number of hit and runs here too lately, which is disturbing.  Oh and public transportation is a joke for a metro of over 5 million people.

People here are downright rude, especially if you don’t speak Spanish. Customer service in general here is far worse than ANYWHERE in the United States and there’s a general lack of quality and efficiency here that is so common in the rest of this great country. Many people in this city are simply out to rip you off, whether it’s mechanics, doctors, vets or dentists. In Miami, you could be dying in the street and no one will stop to help you out.

The poor here are forced to live in slums, or even shanty towns because housing here is so insanely expensive. It’s very easy to end up in a bad neighborhood too, hence the fact that many tourists and visitors get killed/robbed. Miami is a city where the words “affordable” and “housing” simply do not see eye to eye.

Unless you’re into clubbing, reggaeton and drinking yourself into an oblivion, there’s really nothing much to do here. There is no “culture” here at all. This city is bland, boring, flat and uninteresting. There is little in the way of history here. Miami claims to be a great center of Latin culture, yet it doesn’t even come close to cities like Mexico City or Buenos Aires..  Many of the Cubans here are degenerate thugs who will discriminate against anyone who isn’t Cuban.

The new condo buildings here are nothing short of a disgrace. They are poorly designed, bland and they all look the same as the next condo. It’s sad that this city’s skyline will be shaped by bland condo buildings for decades to come – condo buildings that may not even sell as the condo boom will surely go bust at some point. It seems that this city builds and builds and builds without giving thought to investing in transport infrastructure or helping its real citizens that are the bread and butter of its economy.

Homeless people are everywhere here and it’s sad. You have such a huge gap between rich and poor because this is a city that is all about “me, me, me” and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the poor.

There is no scenery around here either. You have to drive all the way up to Georgia or South Carolina to find scenery, because there’s f**k all in Florida. There’s the Everglades, but humans have done such a great job of ruining that. The terrain here is flat, boring and it’s all the same even if you drive way past Orlando.

The climate is what brings a lot of people here, but the climate sucks. For 6 months of the year, it rains more than it rains in Seattle. You have the risk of being hit by a hurricane too and this place has flooded more times than I care to remember. If so much as a tropical storm hits, it renders thousands of people without power for sometimes as long as 5 weeks. If a hurricane hits, forget it – the weak-ass power grid just crumbles.

Most people in Miami are a carbon copy of the next person and it’s sickening.  They’re shallow, rude, superficial and obnoxious. 

Miami isn’t like anywhere else in the United States – it is a country of its own, in many respects. You can’t live the “American Dream” here because this simply isn’t America - it’s become “La Republica Miami-Dade con reggaeton”.

In summary, palm trees don’t make a paradise.  Do not con yourself into thinking otherwise, like I did.

Posted on 03/18/2007 at 8:40 AM

Oedipus X says:

The weather here is awesome—8 months of 70-85 degree sunshine, the other 4 months are 89 and VERY humid, but where isn’t hot in the summer?. The scenery is second to none. The water is Caribbean blue, palms everywhere, much prettier than Southern California’s brown hills, brown skies, dark waters. The people and jobs in Miami, that’s a whole ‘nuther story. Miami has Caribbean beauty and climate, but also has Caribbean jobs and wages.

Posted on 03/23/2007 at 9:59 AM

freddie kwok says:

If you don’t know Casino rueda, you don’t know Miami. I just moved from Miami to Alpharetta, GA, and you know what, I miss Miami. The Travel in Miami isn’t that bad, trust me. And drivers in New Jersey and Georgia may be crazier than your typical Spanish speaking Miami driver.

Posted on 03/25/2007 at 6:09 PM

Miamistinks! says:

I agree with almost everyone on here. I was born and raised here (and am getting out of here soon, thank God)and I think that socially one of the worst problems here is the hostility towards others based on race/national origin/ ethnicity.  White Americans stick together but show anxiety about the growing hispanic population; Cubans brought with them their own racial prejudices as white Cubans who came here in the 50s for political reasons are antagonistic towards darker Cubans who came later for economic reasons.  Then there are the prejudices that surface against black Americans, central Americans, and South Ameircans, especially the Argentinians who all other hispanics percieve as being too “hoity toity”.  Then there is the general anxiety about Haitian immigrants.  All this antagonism is too much. 
What makes it all the more ridiculous is that there is no program to introduce new immigrants to American culture.  Case in point is the number of public elementary schools that attempt to teach students in both Spanish and English.  As someone that works in higher education, these students have some of the worse language skills I have seen (and I know my skills are not perfect, but ...).  Generally, the students I have from South America who learned English there have better Spanish and English language skills.  But, the myth of a multi-cultural society says this is the way it has to be. 
Mind you, it is only hispanic culture.  In Miami there are no bi-lingual schools for Creole and English.  This points to the general hostility towards those who don’t speak Spanish.  When I worked in retail I had several friends who spoke Spanish, but only in the home.  At work they would speak only in English.  On one occasion as a friend of mine was ringing two women up, the one turned to the other and called my friend a “stupid American” because she thought the girl didn’t understand Spanish, not that she refused to speak it (my friend looks “American”, i.e. blond hair).  At the end of the transaction my friend handed the women their bags, and in Spanish told them to have a nice day.  The women were horrified!  This has happened on several occaisions.  I have been told I need to speak Spanish since I live in Miami.  When the Spanish card is pressed, I respond in French or Polish—the looks I get are priceless.  They are at once shocked that a “stupid American” speaks another language, but they are also hostile because it is not their language.  In a similar vein, I have also been told that Americans are dirtier than hispanics because we have carpet instead of tile in many of our rooms, we don’t clean the house every day, and we walk around barefoot.  My response to the person that told me this was, “Obviously, you have abuela (grandma) or mom at home with no job.” 

I guess in conclusion of this long discourse, I would just impress my belief that much of this “rudeness,” and “dirtiness” that we all complain about stems from the government’s failure to do what other countries force immigrants to do—-assimilate.  This does not mean making people denounce their culture.  As the grandson of immigrants I can attest that it is possible to assimilate to American society while maintaining cultural connections. But this means also leaving somethings behind.  Firing guns in the air in celebration has to end; having your music blaring in a community of town houses at 2 am has to stop; yelling out of the window of your house to friends in the drive way at night has to end.  We need to stress that rules apply to everyone; that the American flag should be given its proper place in regards to other flags (people here are notorious for flying only the Cuban flag, or if they have the American flag as well, it is in the wrong position).  Unfortunatly, too many people have bought their way into local government here.  Miami has become a third world city—a banana republic. 
If you have to live in Miami—and you have the means—live east of US1: Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Aventura.  These areas are more expensive but they are cleaner and there is a greater chance of dealing with people who are nice and decent.
P.S.  The police are USELESS here.

Posted on 04/01/2007 at 10:03 PM

ann smith says:

The only thing I hate about Miami are the Dirty Cubans especially Cuban men. When they speak Spanish they sound like a bunch of pigs. Cubans are so sloppy, and they are so proud of Miami but this city is nasty, of course Miami looks like Cuba. They are loud and rude.

Posted on 04/09/2007 at 6:55 PM

Talia says:

I love Miami, and although I totally agree with the comments the author originally posted, I feel that the readers leaving comments are just using stereotypes. As a Cuban woman, I am hurt that these stereotypes exist, but hey, I guess it’s good that the people who think that way want to leave, right? Yeah, drivers SUCK and so does traffic, but the people I encounter our very nice. Family from out of town always comment on how overly friendly people are because when we meet someone we always hug and kiss them. People are also very nice, and regardless of what people think, the majority of the Cuban community is very proud to be in America.

Posted on 04/10/2007 at 3:26 PM

Daylan says:

About the customer service and food prices—could not be anymore true. No matter where you go, everything is amazingly overpriced. In some places, you can pay almost $20 a person for shit food.

Posted on 04/11/2007 at 10:53 AM

Gabe says:

Never been to miami but had a friend back in the air force who said that he hated miami. He wife was from miami, she is nicaraguan. The deal is that he visited maimi a couple of times and never liked it. He said it was a shit hole, nobody spoke enlgish and he never really like the cubans either. He never told me excatly why but he expressed his disgust with the cubans and the city as a whole. Dont feel bad, he also thought New orleans was dump too.  And no is not white, he was black dude from Mississippi.

Posted on 04/17/2007 at 6:02 PM

LOS says:

I’m glad that alot of you guys have been able to vent on this website and that is what makes this country so great, the freedom of speech.  What I don’t finish understanding is that if you hate it so bad in this “third world country city”, why dont you get the hell out of here and do yourself a favor.  I agree with some comments about people been rude and I can tell you that not everyone here has time to socialize due to the lack of time we have in this huge city.  I completely understand and agree that everyone should speak english.  The two most spoken languages in the world are english and spanish(by 2048 spanish will be most spoken language in the world so deal with it) so you might as well get with program.  Every city has bad road and rude people.  I can tell you from experience because I have traveled the country and who ever denieds it is not being realistic. If you are complaining about traffic being so bad why dont try Santa Ana(Cali), San francisco(Cali),Washington DC, Atlanta and I can go on and on and on and on about traffic being bad trust so stop complaining about the traffic in Miami.  What do you expect about customer service when you have city with more than 350,000 people plus tourist. I think you are not considering that the people who are giving the “worst customer service” are tired by the middle of the day? Someone said something about Miami being the worst city in the country when it comes to crimes?  Why dont you move to baltimore, detroit, st. louis, washington, newark, kansas city, philadelphia, cincinnati, cleveland, oakland, atlanta and I can go on and on and on and on and on so stop bitching about this city or get the hell out of here.  You are right that there is no culture here because you have so many of them and dont take the time to get to know anyone because you close mind doesn’t let you get pass the fact the everyone is so bad in this city. You have so much culture here starting with Cubans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Brasilian, Venezuelans, Colombians, Argentines, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Whites, Blacks, and on and on and you get point.  I dont know why people speak from frustration and dont think before they comment.  I’m sorry that some of you can’t deal with poor people living where they can due to the fact that it is a real expensive city to live in but you don’t see this people complaining on how they live so why should you judge where they live. I also wanted to mention to the dumbo who says that it rains 6 month out of the year here in florida and that it rains more here than seattle, I dont know which miami he is talking about, it must be miami,ohio. I also wanted to mention how some of you are complaining about the streets of miami being dirty.  Have you been to New York, New Orleans, L.A, and I can go on.  There was girl here that mention that would never never never never ever live in Miami again, we don’t need babies like you complaining about living in Miami.  You can move to Boston where you were freezing your a** off like you mention and where he crime rate is number 26 in the country(go ahead).  There was also another person here mentioning that their isn’t enough supermarkets.  You should mention to your family to get you a GPS for christmas because you forgot WinDixie, Wild Oats, Costco, Sam’s club, Wall Mart, Targets and on and on.  So like I mention people dont think before they comment. Perrey, I don’t know where you are from but for sure your descendants were wetback too because if you are not a Native America they came from another country.  So Perrey, think before you speak you “uneducated animal”.  There are so many things I would like to say but I am not going to keep explaining anything about Miami.  The bottom line is that if you dont like Miami, you should move away to a place where you are much happier because its a shame that you are not happy where you live.  That is the great thing about this country that everyone has the right to its opinion and that there is lots of opportunity else where for people like you who don’t like Miami.  Some of you are right to say that Miami is not for everyone.  The diversity is huge but when we all need each other during hard times like Hurricanes or 911, we all become one.

Posted on 05/04/2007 at 10:25 PM

wowie says:

This last comment bothers me.  The commenator says that Spanish will be the number one spoken language in the world soon.  I thought mandarin was the most spoken and will be for some time.  If we are req’d according to this man’s moral compass to learn the most spoken language in the world, he better ditch the spanish and enroll in all those chinese cultural/language courses one finds in miami NOT…what a moron.  Because there are no such courses here.  There’s just clubs and drugs and lame designer brands. 
He badmouths many other cities, which frankly, doesn’t seem to leave too many options in the good’ol US of A for people who are just realizing that they are over this whole place.  Maybe he is saying we should all just leave.  With that, I may agree with him because besides the traffic and crime that is omnipresent in Miami and the US, we have a sucky president that is terrorizing the world in our names.  Maybe life would be better or at least cheaper somewhere like ecuador on a giant tract of land.
As for grocery stores, he mentions target, walmart… why not move to texarcana if those are the only fancy grocery stores big city folks have the option of shopping at?  These large sovietesque distribution centers satisfy the masses in the heartland/god’s country, so people in miami should just suck it up and be happy to fill their bodies up w/ preservatives, melamine, and high fructose corn syrup.  Just pray to jesus if you got a weight problem.
As for the Native americans, didn’t they come over here on a land bridge?  He seems to imply that they have always been here.  Didn’t we all come from somewhere over near tanzania?  These kinds of statements just drive these false ethno-superiority assertions people believe.  Who cares who was here first?  Do we want to just live in a world of I was here first, the property is mine?  Seems selfish, narrowminded and ethnocentric.  We should all have a right to equally enjoy where we are.  Miami has a problem w/ boxing people in and separating the rich from the poor.  All the common areas seem to revolve around commercialism.
As for telling people to leave it they don’t love it, this reminds me of a common sticker here that says america: love it or leave it - implying that if you don’t support the war, you can get the hell out.  Well maybe it’s time to not just get the hell out of miami, but to leave the usa completely.

Posted on 05/05/2007 at 7:09 AM

Carmen says:

The only reason why Talia seems to be hurt by the negative stereotypes is because she knows some of them are true; so stop being in denial.  America was and is making progress on the racism issues until people like the Cubans brought their own racist and colorism issues here.  In fact Cubans of fair skin (white) are against darker hued Cubans and have brought that shit here just when black and white Americans were getting along just fine for the most part and making progress.
I don’t think Cubans are proud to be in America but have contributed to and re-ignited to the problems like causing DIVISION by speaking SPANISH when people at work are trying to meet one common goal.  In fact there are Hispanic cops doing what white American cops do to black people with racial profiling, arresting for the fun of it, and falsifying records, etc. If lynching was legal I believe Cubans would be the first in line to lynch White Americans, Black Americans, Hatians, Asians, and other non-cubans, to tell you the truth, but it will never work.
I found out how racist Cubans were when a CHINESE AMERICAN told me she was treated unfairly by Cuban Americans.
I found out how racist Cubans are when a Nicaraguan friend of mine told me they called her “Nica-Negro.” I see the racism and it not from White Americans like back in the day, Cubans and Cuban Americans are the new age KKK-point blank. A politician called a MDPS superintendent a “nigger-or negro.”
I went to MDC and I attended a diverse populations class, and 90% of the class was Cuban. Cubans said things from “we left the Nicaraguans in the slums, Blacks are dumb…” They were so surprised when an African American female who had a 4.9 GPA, who was the Valedictorian of her highschool came to speak our classroom. Where I currently work, Cubans call the White Americans gringos and other Hispanics who have the respect and consideration to speak English around the American peers Gringos too.  So stop being in denial, Talia. You get hugs and kisses because you start off a converstaiton in Spanish.

And I dont understand with all the bad roads and the influx of immigrants why these roads are so bad, I mean American applicants are usually turned away from these jobs.

But I do understand now, that the poor customer service, poor quality, poor sanitation, corruption, & racism STEMS from immigrants bringing poor customer service, poor quality, poor sanitation
corruption & racism from their land to the USA. Sometimes even when you leave the ghetto is finds itself in you-even if you come to another country.

Posted on 05/09/2007 at 6:21 PM

Anonymous Florida Resident says:

I’m Mad i ran into this article, Im glad this person doesn’t live in Florida, can’t take the heat then get out!

Posted on 05/10/2007 at 4:13 PM

Florida is DAMN AWESOME! says:

You guys must he ignorant so move out for the new generation please! Move north and keep your snow and sticky hotness! I’m in Connecticut( for school) and there’s no culture or diversity its wack, so it looks like you guys can’t handle that get out already, if Miami was that bad people like you wouldn’t be flocking there when its winter time, or your kids for spring break! And WHO GOES TO Florida for Mexican Food!!!! Idiot, go to California, and I’m sure there’s homeless people like ares in every state, and crap service in your state too, or maybe you couldn’t afford high class food which means low class service, too bad for you. You guys are terribly ignorant that’s sad :-(

Posted on 05/10/2007 at 4:25 PM

C.J. says:

I couldn’t have said it better: South Florida is a pit. I’m from a small city in upstate New York. Four years ago, I thought it would be fun to give Florida a try.

But some background would be fair. Record-setting blizzards literally shut my hometown down a few years back. The streets were littered with cars abandoned in snow piles, and many people were stranded miles from their neighborhoods.

What happened? Hotels downtown let guests stay for free. I was stuck on a main city thoroughfare for several hours waiting for the snow to let up and for traffic to move; people who lived on that street came to the windows of our cars and passed out leftover Halloween candy to us stranded motorists. A school bus came by and started to spin it’s wheels in a snowbank; we jumped out of our cars and trucks and pushed the bus out and back on its way to getting the kids home. Everyone cheered. We laughed. We lived. We did it together.

After Hurricane Wilma, I never felt so alone in my life. I had the overwhelming feeling that I was very much on my own here. That whatever I had, I should hold on to it, and not let anyone else know about it. I had some gas stockpiled in my garage, and I offered some to a few people I met at a post-hurricane get-together at a friends’ house. Not only were they surprised that I’d offer them the gas (why wouldn’t I?), they ended up trying to use all of it up (“uh, we don’t know the next time we’ll get to a gas station”—as if any of us knew).

I’ve never been more disappointed in humanity; I’ve never cried so much at the downright hostility that many people here carry as if it were a badge of honor. These proclamations that one needs to ‘toughen up!’ to live here are absolutely correct. I’m afraid that if I stay here one more minute I may become one of them—rude, inconsiderate, self-serving.

Sadly, I’m stuck here for a while as the condo I bought two years ago (and even got a halfway decent deal on) isn’t even worth what I paid for it. Prices have plummeted in the aftermath of the whammy hurricane seasons we have had. And to the folks that say “if you hate it, leave,” I promise you that the truly good people will not stick around to watch this place truly go to hell. All the finely-sculpted lawns, tits, and asses aren’t fooling anyone: South Florida has all the substance of cotton candy, with the same sickly feeling in your stomach when you know you’ve had too much.

Posted on 05/11/2007 at 7:48 PM

Manny says:

m Cuban. I came 10 years ago. I learned English. Im not a racist.  I hold two Harvard Degrees.  Im proud to live in America.
Like me, most my friends that came in the 90s are not racists, hold professional degrees,  learned English, respect their fellow citizens and make over 100k a year.

I love how people complain about everything. Cubans this, Cubans that, Cubans are racist. Cubans dont like other Latins.

Truth of the matter is.  Is true some people are rude (there are bad apples everywhere, Paris Hilton for example), for some it will take a while to get the American way, studies have shown that it takes three generations to completely assimilate into the American culture. Thats not a Cuban problem.

When the Italians first came, everyone would hate them. Italians this, Italians are mafiosi, Italians favor Italians.  Italians are racist. Did NYC and NJ sank into the ocean.  I dont think so. And guess what Giuliani may be the next president.

The issue with Miami is that the influx of immigrants (not only Cubans) is high in a short period of time, so it takes time for them, like it took for me, to assimilate into the culture.  By the way, Since the late 90s Cubans are minority in Miami-Dade when compared to other Hispanic groups. So this is not a Cuban problem.

Hate against other groups is part of human nature, particularly to the majority groups.  If you go to Wisconsin Polish-Americans hate German-Americans, if you go to Louisiana blacks hate whites, if you go to Cali, Korean and Chinese hate Japanese.  Chileans hate Argentinians. Argentineans hate Uruguayans. Uruguayans hate Paraguayans. French hate Americans.  So it is just human nature.

About the cities…for those wanting to go to Philly I invite you to go to the area around Temple University it looks like Baghdad. In Boston swing around Roxbury. In NYC go to Harlem, the Bronx and some areas of Queens.  In Jersey go to Newark, this place stinks.

My advice is: Stop hating other people and concentrate on working hard and living a decent and prosperous livey.  Dont take things personal. I dont take personal what some said here about Cubans, I go on with my life. You guys should do the same.  If you cant communicate in Spanish, then dont talk to Spanish speaking people, they’re just trying to assimilate and have a decent living in this wonderful country. If you cant tolerate Miami, then move there is plenty of land in this country.

I hate to make this reference, but I must in lieu of all the misrepresented facts about Cubans.  Last census data and facts in general shows that Cubans are very successful.

1) 4 Cubans in the House of   Representatives.

2) 2 Cubans in the Senate.

3) US Secretary of Commerce is Cuban.

4) Numerous faculty appointments and
  chairs at high ranking universities.

5) Cuban born immigrants have the highest home ownership than any other Hispanic group in the country.

6) Cubans born in Cuba, have the highest educational attainment compared to other Hispanics and only fall short of White-Americans

7) 39% of native-born Cuban Americans have a college degree or higher education, as compared to only 30% of non-Hispanic whites, and 12% for all other Hispanic groups

8) Cubans born in Cuba only slightly fall short in income compared to White-Americans. Cuban-Americans, on the other hand, have higher incomes than White-Americans.

9) Cubans have the lowest natality rate
compared to any other Hispanic group.

10) Former CEO of Coca Cola. Cuban.

11) Former CEO of Kellog. Cuban.

12) First US Hispanic owned business to reach 1 billion in sales. MASTEC. Cuban founded and owned.

13) Cuban in the Forbes richest people in America.

14) Asset Management Advisors CEO Cuban (Hispanic Women CEO of the year)

I could go on and on. Not to bad for a group that has been in this country in significant numbers for 48 years.

My 2 cents

Posted on 05/15/2007 at 11:53 PM

Missing CA says:

Some people are not saying racist things about Cubans or other groups but rather observations.  Manny needs to realize that simply not speaking to Spanish speaking people is not what we’re discussing.  We’re talking about going to the store, gas station, department store, etc. and not being able to get help or service because people can’t speak the English language.  And then being treated rude on top of that.  It’s frustrating when you can’t get basic services.

Some of my best friends are Cuban and I truly admire what the people as a whole has become in the US.  Manny is correct in saying that so many Cubans have become important members of American Society.  However he’s incorrect with his “If you don’t like it then leave” attitude. 

There’s many issues that have been stated here which are entirely correct.  If everyone that hated those issues left then you would never get them solved would you?

Miami just came out as the nations #1 place for road rage and rude drivers.  Does that not say something about the city?  Does it not say something when you can lose your wallet in a store and 20 minutes later there’s already $500+ worth of merchandise illegally charged against it?  Does it say something when you’ve lost your wallet twice in California and both times it was returned to you?

I think officials elected in Miami really need to start paying attention to what’s going on.  They need to make light of cultures and celebrate and integrate them.  Not keep them apart.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all spoke a common language?  Isn’t lack of communication and fear the number one reason people don’t get a long?  How can we integrate as a society if you can’t even understand each other when we speak?  Signs now are written in three languages!  That’s not integration, that’s keeping everyone in their own little boxed up world.

When you go to place like San Francisco you visit places like China Town and Little Italy.  They are ready for tourists and love your business and welcome you.  How about going to little Havana or Haiti as a tourist?  GOOD LUCK.

So open your eyes and ears even if you think what people are saying is racist.  They are upset for a reason.  Don’t just shut them down and ignore the problem.  It will only get worse.

Posted on 05/16/2007 at 12:54 PM

Manny says:

hanks for the post.

I agree with you in most things.  True, recently arrived immigrants do need to learn the language, incorporate the American culture, and be more polite.  A strong educational system would guarantee that the newly born immigrants fulfill that requirement.  I would be for declaring English the national language.  I would be for strict requirements of learning about American culture before granting residency or citizenship.  I have nothing against that.

I put myself in your position and do see that non Spanish speaking Americans must feel horrible about the subdivided micro-culture that Cubans and other groups have in Miami.  Trust me the system works and the newer generations are not like foreign born immigrants.  The former gradually incorporate the American culture and by two or three generations are fully Americans, the latter bring their customs (good or bad) and some accustom, and others unfortunately don’t. I also feel horrible when they act this way, it gives the wrong impression. Sometimes they don’t get it. Sometimes yes they are STUPID. But most times this is not the case.

Let me give you an example.  Both my parents were professionals in Cuba, they came to this country at age 49 (in 1997).  Both sort of handle the language to a certain extent but by no means are comfortable establishing a conversation in English.  My father does better than my mother.  Don’t you think age limits your ability to learn another language? Now, they are not impolite, or rude or uneducated. They do not live on welfare, in fact their combined income is about 160k after only 10 years in this country.  But they were raised in a different country and sometimes don’t realize that things here are different.  They don’t do it because they’re stupid.  Sometimes just don’t realize it.  Then I come in and have to explain how things run here and correct them over and over again. Is a never ending battle.

I came at age 19, if I show you a picture of how I looked when I came ( I looked like one of those that you talk about), if I show you a picture now is different.  Like an old friend that I have that refers to Kafka’s metamorphosis about Cubans when they come. First looking like rafters, then better and more American.  Some go further than others. Some get stuck with their impolite manners. Some of my old friends from Cuba also came even younger than me and to this they still do not speak English.  Why?  They don’t need it. They stayed in Miami, opened their own business and their customers are bilingual.  They still make good money and do not depend on the government for help.  Here is when the government should intervene and force at least the younger folks to learn the language and the American way.  Maybe if more Americans would stay in Miami, more could teach them about America.

In my post, I never mentioned that comments about Cubans were racist. For me, racism is a relative term.  I don’t believe it exists. Some people may like you some others may not. So what?    I’m exactly the same way.  I like some people and others I don’t.  I was in fact responding to a complaints in a previous post that Cubans do not accept other groups.  To find an explanation to this point, you also have to go the the foreign born immigrant culture.  In other countries, people are nationalists. Older uneducated Cubans have a hard time accepting others but guess what.  Other groups also hate Cubans, I hear it over and over again, other groups feel that Cubans control everything in Miami and constantly batch at us.  What they don’t realize, is that it is a matter of the time living in America.  Cubans that have been successful in this country have lived here for forty some years, you can not expect to have a Venezuelan Senator when they have been here for the last 5 years or so.  True the elite came first, but the (DARKER ONES) like some people call us, recently arrived Cubans, are also successful.  Right from the top of my head I could name you about 30 that came in the 90s and have gone to college, hold professional degrees (medicine, orthodontists, dentists, pharmacists, business people, PhDs), so it is a matter of HARD WORK and time before others can do it too. (Cont)

Posted on 05/16/2007 at 5:10 PM

Manny says:


People talk about California and other states where the Hispanic population is different and more polite. Not true, the ones that stay in Miami are basically the elite. Most that live in California and here in Boston (where I am now) are the poorest of the poorest and the most uneducated. They land the low paying jobs and pass unnoticed in society. They are not majority in these other cities, they are minorities.  They basically don’t count. In Miami is different, you have the elite and the no so elite but because of the number, they are not minority, they are majority.

With regards to the survey….it has a 10% margin of error. NYC and Boston (supposedly the Mecca of Education in this country) fairs an embarrassing third.  If we take into account the 10% error we are all in the same boat.  This is then, not a Cuban problem it is an American problem.  Lets face it America is an individualist society.  Nothing wrong with that!

When I mentioned that those that complain about the city they could go somewhere else, is true.  I was particularly referring about the intolerant ones, the ones that are only willing to complain instead of leading by proposing solutions, and the author in particular who complained about the heat, the flat terrain, no waves to surf (Never seen big ones in the Western Caribbean, you have to go to the Pacific Ocean for that), lack of Mexican food, the homeless (like if there weren’t any in NYC, or in Sacramento) or the lack of customer service (guess what Dell was indicted today for poor customer service practices) and on and on.

So…..good discussion…..lets happily live together and propose solutions. Crying and complaining solves nothing.

Posted on 05/16/2007 at 5:10 PM

Steve says:

I am truly sick of this city and its so-called “culture”.  To “LOS” who said “The diversity is huge but when we all need each other during hard times like Hurricanes or 911, we all become one.” – I say that you’re wrong.  Please, tell me HOW people “become one” after a hurricane in Miami?  I will correct you – after a hurricane, it’s dog eat dog 1,000,000 times more than usual.  You see people f**king each other over for gas, fighting in lines, driving recklessly even though there are no traffic signals because they don’t have electricity, or fighting for food.  People in Miami are assholes, just admit it.  Road rage is worse here than ANYWHERE in the US and god knows how many statistics prove it.  People aren’t just bad drivers or rude drivers here – they’re DANGEROUS.  Look at how many hit and runs there are in this city and tell me I’m wrong.  Miami IS third world and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.  I am not racist and I have nothing against Cubans, nor do I blame them for the selfish, money grabbing city that Miami has become.  However, as far as I am aware, English is the main language of the United States and hell, we shouldn’t be treated like crap just because we don’t know Spanish.

Posted on 05/16/2007 at 6:39 PM

Steve says:

p.s. most of the drivers here belong behind bars for their recklessness and disregard for human life.  Yeah, it’s funny to say that Miami has the rudest drivers, but if you lost a friend of relative because one of these pickup truck driving reggaetons ran them over and drove off, I doubt that you’d see the funny side.

Posted on 05/16/2007 at 6:41 PM

Eating Disorders says:

I agree with you, i thought that people would be a little bit friendlier but i guess they are sick and tired with tourists.

Posted on 05/20/2007 at 5:25 AM

Missing CA says:

Interesting thing happened to me while in line at Publix yesterday. I thought it would be appropriate to share it here. While waiting in line an older man, probably in his eighties approached me and begin speaking in Spanish. Now since my father was Latin this happens all the time. I kindly told him I didn’t speak Spanish and he responded in Spanish saying something like “Oh good, no Spanish.” Well after I had turned around he continued speaking to other people in line and I soon realized an argument was going on between him and the lady in back of him and then the lady in front of me. All in Spanish. I could understand portions of the argument in which both ladies were defending me telling him that this was the United States and I didn’t have to speak Spanish unless I wanted to. He then started to say he had been here for 40 years from Cuba and the lady in front of me scolded him and said loudly “I’ve been here since 1959!”  She told him if he went to France he’d have to speak French.  This all happened in Spanish and like I said I don’t speak enough to carry on a conversation but I understood the basics of what was going on. The people at the service counter were listening to conversation and looked embarrassed. I pretended that I didn’t even know they were talking about me. The whole point of me posting this was that I felt really good that I was being defended by persons that weren’t even born in the US but understood my issue.

So it’s become evident to me that many of us think alike but for some reason people don’t communicate it. Or maybe we have the wrong group of people representing their ethnicity. It seems like a major part of the problem again points to politicians with their own agenda in mind.

Anyhow, a special thanks to the two ladies at Publix who defended my lack of skills in the Spanish language… in Spanish. smile

Posted on 05/20/2007 at 9:41 AM

Not missing Miami says:

I think Miami needs another hurricane Andrew to level it to the ground. That way real estate prices will fall and people will realize what a shithole they live in and move north. I heard a dump in little havana now costs like $350K WTF?? I lived there for about 5 years and I don’t miss it one bit.

Posted on 05/28/2007 at 7:10 PM

Anne says:

Omigod, yes! I can’t stand Florida anymore. I am Cuban, born here in Miami, and I have never left this stinkin’ place, save going to Disney. I went to Winter Park during high school once and I never wanted to leave!!! They were great!!! I can’t wait to leave Miami…but I can’t ‘cause pay is so low and car insurance is so expensive that I’m still living with mommy ‘cause every place here is expensive! And I can’t just stop paying!! So frustrating!!

Posted on 06/01/2007 at 2:24 PM

Peg says:

Wow, its such a relief to know that I’m not the only person to feel the same way. I totally agree with all 10 things. Its funny you mentioned you’re from California I’ve lived in Miami all my life, but my husband and I are moving to California (San Diego to be exact)by the end of this year for all the reasons you mentioned. California is wonderful and the people are sooooo much more nicer.

Posted on 06/07/2007 at 9:54 AM

Alex says:

All of you are full of shit, I’m Cuban american and studing Politics and Jazz at F.I.U and Miami Dade.Out of all the Latin Races in the world the Cubans have acomplish more than anyone.Last time I checked the Cubans created their own flag during war during the war againt the spanish, created their own religions (Palo monte and santeria), music (salsa which is actually called Musica Cubana).Score the highest on the MCAT examine.The reason why theirs hospitals and stores is because of the Cubans because Florida wasn’t nothing until the Cubans came over here and just for the record their have always been Cubans over here ever since the 1800’s.Cubans gave Puerto Ricans their flag and our music and they practice Cuban religions like every other latin race.If it wasn’t for a famous Cuban Politician Lincoln Diaz South and Central americans wouldn’t be here.And last time I checked When Cubans come over here they work two jobs and gthey either go to school or open up a business.More than 50% of the Doctors, Politicians, Business Own, and Teachers are Cuban, Cuban American or Cuban Decendant threw out Florida.Cubans cigar are the most best selling and rated cigars threw out the entire world!Out of all the latin races in the world, when it comes to Education, Buiness, Cigars, Entertainment and History the Cubans are number one, a proven fact.Cuba has one of the greatest Medical school threw out the world. Why is it that people are always bashing the Cubans, ill tell you why because their envious,jealous and their race will never acomplish what the Cubans have acomplished over the years nor have their history.Cuban people are known to be intelligent, hardworking, Courages and Kind.Cubans are not bad people because if you read threw out hstory they have helped many people including Haitians, Mexcians and sout americans.The only thing is that Cuban people are very racist when it comes to people entering in their family, you have to understand that White Cubans which is the majority of the cuban population race, decends from the Spanards.I don’t care what anyone saids, Spanards are racist.Thats besides the point, you people cant just attack the little things, thats the way Cubans are.Anglo-Saxons are ignorant and the majority of american woman are whores because they have no respect and Blacks have complexs bout their skin color and all they do is throw away opportunities down the drain and go to prison and live in ghettos.Little Havana, Kendal, Sweet Water, Brickle, Pinecrest and Hialeah are CUBAN area’s and their clean and good to live in.Its pretty funny because blacks get everything first but they throw away opportunities in their own country but then again when Cubans come here they have to bust their ass and do they a pretty dam good job at it.Everything that Cubans have they have worked hard for it.So what if thier, Italians, Jews and Anglo Saxons are racist, especially the Chinese.Everyone in this world is a racist and a Bigot, so stop attacking my race and start paying attention to the real problems in this world.Black people arent the only ones who suffer.I’m proud to be Cuban American, no other latin race wil ever acomplish and have the history that the Cubans have, never in their life! Cubans are number one!!

Posted on 06/12/2007 at 12:46 AM

SpeakEnglish says:

No one speaks English
I am rudely treated like an outsider in my own freaking country!
Drivers are rude
People at stores are rude
Neighbors are rude
The police are rude…to put mildly
One good thing though I want to do my best to make sure Montana does not become like Miami.

Posted on 06/18/2007 at 12:20 AM

contrache says:

all of you are full of shit - except the cubans… cuz cubans are the bomb… anyone else cam just get the fuck out of miami cuz this is the new cuba… only we belong here… we are good republican jesus fearing bush supporters… we assist the cia government with dirty tactics in countries nearby to stamp out the communism so we deserve mroe than others.  when my cuban people come to miami, they excpect free public assistance and publix groceries because we are much more patriotic than those lamo liberal washedp up wasps who care about things and vote democrat… as long as you vote republican and keep the money for your people… thats what matters… everything is corrupt… we are just the best at it… we are the good guys who rule miami and you just have to suck it up or get the hell out… we will have another republican prez after bush because we are the ones who fix the elections and preach freedom…  so just stop ur bitching, miami is the capitalist cuba and if you don’t like it, we’ll set you up to be investigated for ur lack of patriotism and screw your reputation.  so don’t mess w/ the cubans… we are above the law.  antiwar americans are pussys.  we are tough people who are taking america in a new direction where it won’t be seen as week.  we are proud that we are setting an example in miami of how things in this country will operate in the future… so get into the know… know the right people,the cubans, or you will be screwed.

Posted on 06/19/2007 at 9:28 PM

Ruth Valencia says:

Negative people always find something bad to say about the places they dont like. Some talk about NY some others about Miami, what can I say?  I move to Miami Beach in 1978, loved it then, love it now. I guess because I am friendly and kind, others are the same way with me. Good luck to al the haters that moved to Miami because no one like them where the lived and no one likes them here either. Do not blame the city.

Posted on 06/23/2007 at 8:52 PM

Sounding Off says:

Alex and “contrache”...the only reason you’re so defensive about Miami is because you’re both Cuban and you people overrun this city.  I don’t have a problem with ALL Cubans and I will not stereotype them.  I won’t lump the good in with the trash.  However, most of the ones I’ve encountered here do fit the stereotypes, which is unfortunate and it reflects badly on the decent Cubans who earn an honest living and treat others with respect.

Alex…you pretty much stereotyped all black Americans and all white Americans in your post, but you’re offended because most people here complain about Cubans.  Boo-hoo…if you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read what we have to say because you won’t like it.  Is it pure coincidence that almost everyone here has observed the same things?  The rudeness, the attitudes, the refusal to speak English in customer service?  Nope. 

I know you’re proud to be Cuban and you’re entitled to that.  You’re entitled to your opinions too, and so are we.  Saying that we’re “full of shit” doesn’t mean anything.  It only shows your immaturity.  Miami is in Florida in the United States of America.  It is not limited to blacks or whites or Hispanics or Asians.  We live in a diverse society.  This is not Cuba and people need to remember that, and respect it. And no, Cuba is not a white country…there is a significant black population over there. I’m not Cuban but I’ve been there and I know many Cubans who are white, black, and mixed race. American women are whores?  Don’t go there, honey. 

Decent people come to this country to escape oppression and to improve their lives…NOT to be loud and obnoxious to anyone who isn’t part of their culture.  The older generation of Cubans, for the most part, seem to be hard-working people with family values.  “Contrache”, you’re pathetic.  The new Cuba, LMAO!  And how is it that only Cubans belong here?  Newsflash…to be here is not a right, it is a privilege.  Many people have tried to escape poverty and oppression to come to America and were unable to. Your small mind sickens me.  I was born in this country and I’m proud to be an American with all the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities that accompany that. Particularly when I reflect on the people who weren’t as fortunate and would love the opportunity to be here.

Now with that said, you’re the only person here who brought up the whole political issue which is unnecessary because you didn’t need to go there.  Once more…a display of your small-mindedness.  And you don’t rule shit.  Say it with me: “Miami is not Cuba”.  I don’t hate Cubans nor do I owe them anything.  And you’re not above the law because you’re Cuban so don’t lie to yourself.  You might be able to pull certain stunts, but you’re still a person like the rest of us. We all know about the corruption here so your little comment about being the best at it is nothing to be proud of.  And if corrupt assholes are the future of this country, we’re all in trouble.  Word of advice?  Don’t forget yourself and where you’re coming from. Don’t come here with this dictatorship stuff and these cocky attitudes and believe you can push other people around.  Learn a bit of English, be more humble, treat others with respect, be honest, work hard and maybe people won’t have a problem with you.  In turn we’ll learn a bit of Spanish beyond the basics and treat you guys with respect.

Posted on 07/03/2007 at 12:33 PM

Sounding Off says:

And now the subject at hand, things I hate about Miami…

1) The heat and humidity (HORRIBLE)!  It is soooo hot here.

2) The drivers sometimes but if you’re very careful on the road it isn’t that bad. 

3) The dirt, noise, and pollution

4) The constant construction wherever you look

5) The unbearable heat (see #1), and the heavy downpours with lightning

6) The closed minds of most people here, whether they’re native Miamians or not…most of the people I’ve met down here seem very ignorant of other cultures and concepts

7) Once more, the horrible weather.  LOL!!!!

8) The fact that few people speak good or any English anymore…I’m constantly mistaken for Hispanic because of my dark hair and most people are shocked to learn that I’m not

9) The school system could do with some improvements in educational standards

10) The disturbing prevalence of sexual harrassment

Posted on 07/03/2007 at 12:53 PM

Sounding Off says:

Now onto the things I (sort of) like about Miami…

1) We have decent restaurants.  I’m not referring to the filthy unsanitary dives that need to be shut down by the health department, either. 

2) The night life can be very enjoyable if you know the right spots to hang out

3) The shopping malls (like Aventura) can be terrific if that’s what you like to do

4) If you want to escape temporarily, fill up your car and take a drive to the local bookstore

5) It has helped me become a bit more patient and tolerant…that isn’t bad, is it?  *smile*

6) There always seems to be some activity to involve yourself in, whether it’s movies or ice skating or simply having coffee with friends

I only came up with six things I like.  Whoops!  LOL!

Posted on 07/03/2007 at 1:06 PM

Miami sucks! says:

Cubans this and cubans that… sure they have accomplshed great things because they get preferetnial treatment from the U.S govt. Any cuban rafter that lands in U.S soil with dry feet gets to stay and gets a green card. From that point on is smooth sailing and since cubans prefer cubans, it is easy to find a job and a support network of other cubans.

Posted on 07/05/2007 at 1:43 PM

New to Miami says:

Hey guys! I’m new to the area and felt compelled to leave a brief statement. Prior to my relocation, I came across and read every single comment on this page and have done so each day to keep up on the latest opinions. Initially I was a bit concerned after reading each one, but still felt the need to see Miami in my own eyes. I had traveled here several times prior to my move, and had enjoyed my stay each visit. Yes, I had come across the unpleasant hospitality, the extreme heat, gridlock traffic and overwhelming population of Hispanics. Fortunately enough, it hasn’t been unbearable and unlivable as some of the comments seem to imply above. I moved from Philadelphia where I’ve lived for 24 years of my life and I’ve traveled to many states within the US and various countries worldwide. I’ve only been in the area for about two months now, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I truly believe you have to have a certain mindset and understanding to live here. It seems to me Miami is what you make of it…whether it be good or bad, try to make it work for your lifestyle. Please remember before any race, gender, religion or sexual orientation we are HUMAN first. We may not always conduct ourselves according to one’s belief but we are all still HUMAN BEINGS! The world consists of such great diversity…open your minds and explore : )

Posted on 07/09/2007 at 7:39 PM

gHOST rIDER says:

Guess what I found out, My Mother just started working threw this Catholic agencies as a social worker thats connected to the Vatican strongly, that one of the purposes in the organization is to help the “Cubans”.I found out threw my Mother that President Bush past a law last year that if someone is married to a Cuban or have Cuban family from anywhere around the world and once they come on to American Soil they atumatically become American Citizens and get their Permanent Visa’s.You know what that means right, i bet every other immigrant around the world is gona try to get with a Cuban and marry them to bring their other familes over here.Cubans are on top of the world once again smile Cubans are number 1

Posted on 07/10/2007 at 6:23 PM

W. Coastal Eddie says:

10 things I hate about Miami- that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The only good things I can think of are: 1. good Cuban food (and coffee) and 2. Nice water for boating/snorkeling.  Both are lovely reasons to visit, but nowhere near worth putting up with all of the horrible things that are so clearly set forth above in this post.  I love to visit Miami, but after a few days in the sticky heat and traffic, I thank God when I step off the plane back in sweet home San Diego.

Posted on 07/17/2007 at 2:22 PM

AS says:

Im Cuban-American. Cubans arent better or worst than anyone else.  Most are hard working people.  Others arent.  Exactly the same than any other ethnic group.

I lived in Miami for about six years, Im up north now.  I miss Miami every day.  As soon as the time comes, I will be moving back to Miami with all its virtues and defects.

This is exactly why we are in a free country.  If you hate Miami so much there are two solutions: Do something to fix it, or move out.  No one is forcing you to be there.

But please, complaining and crying is going to solve nothing.  In general thos e that complain and cry about everything tend to be the losing crowd.

My 2 cents

Posted on 07/19/2007 at 9:35 PM

Pepe Garcia says:

The hate feelings of the inferior people. It will always happens to the ones that have the power. Same feelings about United states around the world. One thing is Miami problems and another thing is letting out your anticubans feelings. If Mexicans were in power everybody will be talking about Mexicans impossing the stupid Tex Mex. Please, get over it.

Posted on 07/22/2007 at 9:26 PM

Miami says:

I agree with the list althought I have a few things that I hate more than the lack of mexican lol. What I hate most about South Beach is.. (although this doesnt come as a shock).. HOW MATERIALISTIC it is!  It truly disgusts me that people find it so necessary to show off what they have or in most cases what they DON’T have. It’s not a place where people come to be somebody, they come to be wannabes. Excessive wealth, or the act of showing it off, is everything to these people! Don’t get me wrong, I understand that you need a quarter to ride the bus(as my dad used to say) but when you have to mortgage your house to buy bottles with sparklers on it just to be accepted… something is seriously wrong. It’s like these people never realized that there is life outside their sin city fantasy world. They are so engulfed in this lifestyle that they fail to realize that the bag they are carrying can feed a starving country. I salute those who have maintained their class, morals, and decency… whether they are wealthy or not.

Posted on 08/02/2007 at 9:16 AM

Yes, I am leaving Miami!!!! says:

My 2 cents… I hate the Miami public school system.  When will they stop teaching children to write in bubble format and teach them to spell?... please!!!

Posted on 08/03/2007 at 4:27 PM

Mr. A says:

Why the hell people keep speaking spanish all the time, this is America!! I came here to learn english… jeez, I speak spanish as a native language and im starting to hate it lol.
I live in Tallahassee, I just came to Miami like 2 days ago.. It really sucks.
:( In the name of latin people… SORRY ABOUT WHAT ‘WE’ HAVE DONE with the city.. jesus…. Why nobody says hello here… arggggggg O_O

Posted on 08/04/2007 at 11:28 PM

Jimmy says:

Interesting how everyone who is defending Miami has to use foul language and can hardly spell. (except Manny)I too have been living here on and off for 7 years and can’t wait to leave. Just waiting for a certain job opportunity. I have lived in about 10 different cities across the US and ANYWHERE is better than here. I agree with what everyone else posted on here about the lack of education.
I’m Dominican and speak 5 languages and am VERY white, speak perfect english and people still speak to me in spanish and when I respond in English (just to mess with them) I love hearing their comments in SPanish wondering why the hell I dont speak the language.
One positive I will say is that as INDIVIDUALS, you can find very nice people down here, but as a whole, good luck! oh and being from Latin America doesnt automatically make you uneducated. I certainly didnt take a raft to get here, my family is not rich, but I was able to study hard and learn the language.

Posted on 08/05/2007 at 1:53 PM


Fuck Miami and the people that live there.  Miami’s only problem is the PEOPLE.  It’s a city filled with the rudest, dumbest and most shallow people on the planet.  A category 5 hurricane is the only thing that’d save Miami (only if it blew the scumbags away).  Miami is a cesspool, filled with the worst people imaginable.  The drivers here are a real problem too…..throw them in jail.  There are too many hit and run accidents here, caused by cowardly SCUM who run pedestrians over, then drive off.  Throw them in jail for life, better still, give them the death penalty then send their nasty bodies back to the hell-holes in which they came from.  AMERICANS need to take Miami back and kick out the SCUM.

Posted on 08/09/2007 at 9:07 PM


Learn English, MIAMI SCUM.  This is AMERICA, not some third world banana reggaeton republic.  If you don’t want to assimilate, get the fuck out and stay GONE.  Take your shitty-ass music and GHETTITUDE with you.

Posted on 08/09/2007 at 9:09 PM

Jessie says:

Funny thing, I googled “Miami Haters” & many websites are dedicated to the matter. Then I googled “New York Haters” & nothing much that is even related comes up…, I wonder why ???

Posted on 08/12/2007 at 1:54 AM

Gus says:

For all those here who say Miami is a toilet, this picture is just for you. Enjoy!

Posted on 08/20/2007 at 6:17 PM

Andrea says:

You guys really don’t know what it Miami is, do you? It’s the place you love to hate. I was born and raised here. I left for college and couldn’t wait to come home! So what if it’s 100 degrees in the summer…we can at least wear shorts and bathing suits ALL YEAR!!! Don’t get me wrong, we have idiots that live here, and 90% of the population give people like me who love it here a bad name. South Beach IS NOT MIAMI!! It’s another CITY!!! Miami Beach has it’s own government, and the only freakin’ reason they gouge prices the way they do is because the majority of the tourism industry comes from people who are in the film, music or entertainment business! As a resident, I am offended that someone would trash my home! I lived here when you couldn’t walk to your car in front of your house without a gun in your pocket or a knife to protect you!! So…for all you ignorant, uneducated people, Miami’s come a long way!!

Now, in regards to culture…go screw yourselves!! Miami is a plethera of cultures. If you had a bad experience, that’s not my fault! For goodness sake, where else in the world can you boast that you had authentic Cuban food at a NASCAR race while tailgating?? My family came here, worked hard to make ends meet, put ourselves through school, and always give back to the community. Yes, there are rude people here, but that doesn’t mean we are all rude!!

Mexican food: NEWS FLASH: WE ARE NO WHERE NEAR MEXICO!!! (Or did any of you not learn your geography!!) We have ALL KINDS of FOOD!! Thai, Cuban, Italian, French, Jamican…you name it! Besides, when you travel somewhere, you should try something new!! And if you are so picky about your mexican food, make it yourselves!!

Don’t get me wrong, people are shallow and only care about how skinny there are, what parties they can get into, and how to get to the top-FAST! But, as far as the municipality in it of itself, it’s a great place!

Posted on 08/28/2007 at 1:08 PM

Jimmy says:

In response to Andrea: I would prefer to live in Miami beach (If I could afford it) than to live anywhere in Miami Dade County. At least people are somewhat nicer in Miami Beach. (not talking ghetto locals and tourist in the South beach area) But at least it almost feels like a real COMMUNITY. Another place is Miami Shores. My sister is there right now and I love going to her house. Its quiet, the neighbors are friendly and it doesnt even look like you’re in Miami. And when most people do talk about Miami, I know they are stereotyping the area and Include both locations that I previously mentioned.
Either way, there are a few bright spots, but of course you’re going to love Miami. This is where you were RAISED!

And Culture??? just because there are people from different places from around the world living here, doesnt automatically make it cultural. Ok, and I think you may have contradicted yourself…no, we are no where near Mexico, butlast time I checked, we were no where near China, France, Thailand or Italy. I think people just expect good food from different places.
Now if you are looking for the real definition of a city with culture, go to Washington DC. Compare the Kennedy Center with the new Arts Center down here, (has anyone been to a ballet or play down here and has had to walk out because of people on cell phones or talkking over the performers or TRANSLATING the entire G-damn performance??) compare the NY Planetarium where they have over 45 different areas AND a museum all for $15. Go to the Miami Science Museum and see how much it costs to get into that piece of sh$t place. The Seaquarium?? are you serious? go to the Schedd Aquarium in Chicago and get back to me. Go to the different museums across the country and come back to me. What museums do we have down here? The Parrot Jungle?

And yeah, if you’re response is “why dont you leave?”..then guess what? I’m moving to DC in two days. I cant take living here anymore. yes, Good ridance to me. At least I can start wearing sweaters again! haha

PS CULTURE AND NASCAR? that’s a new one….

Posted on 08/28/2007 at 1:54 PM

Jaded. says:

I recently moved to Miami. I really had high hopes about this city. I was enthused to be thrust into different cultures and to experience new things.

It seems that the people who came here to start a better life are VERY unaccepting of anyone else doing the same. I have never seen a city so RAMPANT with people who will insult you right in your face because they *think* you don’t understand them. Don’t tell me the people here aren’t racist and full of hatred, I have a college degree and cannot find one person who will hire me simply because I am not “their” race.

The traffic is bad—yes. The cops do nothing, this is true. I will say however, Georgia is worse. I would rather rot than live in Georgia.

I have been ripped off more than once just because English is my main language. I am glared at when I speak English in public. The people here elbow me on purpose every time I go into a store—even when they have plenty of space to get by.

Customer service is non existant. I go into stores and they will sit there and converse nastily about me in spanish while holding my money and taking as long as they possibly can.

What I REALLY don’t understand are the immigrants who have so much pride in themselves and think they are so wonderful—the new wave of making America stronger.

If you’re so awesome—go fix your own country? If you were so great and in control you should’ve fixed it in the first place. That would’ve been a GREAT idea, then you wouldn’t have had to waste your time coming to America simply to be rude to the natives here.

Maybe SOME people just have a complex where they have to infest a place like roaches until it becomes unlivable and vile in the eyes of anyone who tries to salvage it.  No one but roaches can survive here. They protect each other by creating an environment so unfriendly and horrid that very few people in thier right mind would stick around.

Posted on 09/01/2007 at 3:39 AM

Marta Zayas says:

Customer service here is the worst in the world!  Even large corporate department stores suffer from evil customer service like BestBuy. I am surprised at the type of service that a large place like BestBuy can dish out to its customers in Miami. Usually you can get better customer service at Mom and Pop stores.

Posted on 09/02/2007 at 1:27 PM

Adrian says:

Let me see how I can put this, if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Miami doesn’t need you as you don’t need us!!

Posted on 09/10/2007 at 3:05 PM

Adrian says:

One more thing, next time one of you hypocrite SOB’S are Miami make sure you tell one of us how you really feel, and we’ll gladly give you the Miami response. Bunch of racist-schmucks , it’s no wonder you get treated the way you do!! My .2 cents
P.S. This city is for the strong and not for the weak @ heart!!

Posted on 09/10/2007 at 9:06 PM

the truth is in your post says:

Adrian,  I am Hispanic, how can I be a racist?  Have you been anywhere else in the United States?  Maybe that is the problem.  You don’t seem to understand how awful Miami really is because you have nothing else to compare it with.  By the tone of your post, Miami is not just for the strong, but for the rude and thugish as well.

Posted on 09/10/2007 at 9:59 PM

Adrian says:

My comments may not be exactly in reference to your experience, but if you take the time to read some of these ignorant and spiteful comments it’s all hate. At one point or another everyone’s ancestors were immigrants (unless you are native American) in this country, tolerance and understanding are some of the founding principles of this country. I can understand a bad experience, or poor customer service or expensive food.

Posted on 09/11/2007 at 5:25 PM

Adrian says:

continuation - but to wish death, incarceration, have you no morals, no decency. I for one will stand up for my country (Born in the U.S.)as for my city and I will guarantee if any one of you hate mongers have the audacity or courage to let me know how you really feel next time your down here like I said I’ll be glad to give you that Miami response.
As for me, yes I have been to different cities in the U.S. as well around the world but one thing I can agree with is that each city is different in its own way; unless we live in a perfect world or stop promoting hate its going to stay that way.

P.S. This city is for the strong and not for the weak @ heart!

Posted on 09/11/2007 at 5:55 PM


It doesn’t take the weak at heart not to appreciate being spat in the face in spanish.

And if by “miami response” you mean rude, racist, hateful, ghetto and full of arrogance then yeah, that sounds EXACTLY like the MIAMI response.

Posted on 09/11/2007 at 9:32 PM

chubba da love sponge says:

I don’‘t know dude California is just as bad if not worse.  Yeah CA has the mountains but it get’s up over 110 degrees in some parts of California and if you are by the water it’s freezing most of the year.  Yeah it’s hot here and people suck but it’s getting hotter everywhere and people suck everywhere so quit your crying and find something better to do with your life.  If you don’t like it so much go back to California and say hi to all the Orange County assholes for me while your at it.  Love, peace, and chicken grease…..i’m out.

Posted on 09/21/2007 at 12:34 PM

UofMJohnny says:

No offense meant, but Miami is a pit.  There are parts of the city that if you were in, you’d swear you were in a third-world crime ridden cesspool.  Nowhere in America is the difference between the rich and the poor so dramatic as in Miami.  No one with an average salary can afford to live in the city, you’d have to commute for hours to live in a decent area and work for a decent wage.  The infrastructure in Miami is a joke, if only because it all gets destroyed once every few years when the next category 5 hurricane blows through.  Culturally speaking, even the smallest cities in America have Chinese and Mexican food.  But, unfortunately, in Miami the best food exists in the touristy and pricey areas in Miami Beach or at the mall.  It sucks when the best food you find is at a chain restaurant.

But, if you’re willing to put up with all of that, the constant strife between Cubans, non-Cubans, light Cubans, dark Cubans, Castro supporters, non-Castro supporters, old Cubans and young Cubans, then Miami may be your place.  You’ll have to pay a lot to live here, you’ll put up with insects the size of your fist, horrible road conditions, crime EVERYWHERE that is as bad as it is in the worst neighborhoods in the rest of America, and constant communication issues.  If you don’t speak Spanish, it may actually be a challenge to get around parts of town.  I’m all for cultural identity (Hispanic myself and fluent in Spanish) but what’s really strange is when someone you never met asks you about your political ideology and cultural background without regard to anything else.  But only if you speak his/her language.  That idea, dear Floridians, is a foreign concept to Americans. The rest of the nation may be imperfect, but they tend to be much more welcoming to visitors than we are. 

You know you’re in a cultural void when ORLANDO is more diverse than your neighborhood.

Posted on 09/30/2007 at 1:49 PM

Lets be smart for once says:

I agree that people need to learn to spell.  People also need to learn many more things.  When I read these posts, I read so much ignorance.  Cubans did not invent Santeria!  That is an African religion brought to Cuba by slaves. OMG.  I am Cuban and I am proud of our accomplishments, but come on, lets be intelligent too.

Another person made a comment about Cubans having problems with “light cubans vs dark cubans” that is not our issue, that is an American issue.  The US is known for its racism not us.  We do have issues that separate Cubans along political and social lines depending on when they came from Cuba to the United States.  I suppose that is similar to Republican vs Democrates in the US.

Now Miami, is not all about Cubans is it?  If it is, gezz we sure are a big deal.

I think the biggest problem in Miami is the economic situation that is affecting all of us.  This is partially due to the large immigration influx.  Nationwide the average is 14%, but in Miami it is 14%.  Miami Dade County just approved a special medical insurance for the uninsured.  They decided to allow for flexible identification in order to use this insurance.  This means that our tax dollars are going to go to pay for insurance coverage of people that are either from other counties or from other countries.  That is why we have so many problems in Miami.  Very little though out plans.  There simply is not enough money to go around and service everyone in this community.

The reason we pay such high property taxes is so that we can provide services to so many people.  But many of these people are not really eligible since they are not legally in this country.

That is the problem in Miami.

Miami is a backwards community.  Yes it is.  We need to start doing things correctly and intelligently.

Posted on 09/30/2007 at 2:21 PM

AS says:

I agree with the last post and disagree with one posted long ago.  Cuba is not known for being a racist country now or before. On the contrary, in America people have been killed simply for being black.  In Cuba this is unheard of.

Light Cubans vs dark Cubans, that is the most aberrant idea I have heard in several years.  Go to Cuba, find out for yourselves if it is really like that. You will all be surprised.

I further agree with the last post with regards to immigration.  In Miami you get a constant high stream of immigrants.  A cultural shock per se: Venezuelans, Colombians, people from all regions of America.

Just take a look, indeed the Cubans culturally modified the city but most have adapted themselves to this country.  Another example are the Nicaraguans that quietly have lived here bothering no one.  I dont see any animosities between Cubans and Nicaraguans.

What happens is the following, newly arrived immigrants want to economically achieve what other immigrants that have been in this city for 50 years have.  They hate Cubans because of what they have accomplished. What they dont understand is that it takes time make it in America.

This country will give equal opportunities for everyone (at least that have been my experience), but it takes time and hard work.

Those that were born here or that have been here for a while instead of running away or complaining so much, have a simple societal duty: Teach those that just came what America is all about.

Posted on 10/04/2007 at 11:24 PM

Rose says:

What a lively debate!  So I’ll be visiting Miami and its surrounding areas in about three months.  Thanks for warning me about all the negatives… I’ll make sure to be extra careful with my purse, ID, etc. and expect bad service… then I’ll be really happy when something good happens.  grin  I say this in jest because I know there is good with the bad (and the other way around), but this is also the first time when I’m going on vacation and slightly worried about something bad happening to me (and paying an arm and a leg to play tourist for a week!).

The funny thing is that I have lived in the San Francisco area all my life and never really thought people here were all that friendly!

As an American born Chinese, I would definitely agree that those who come here need to assimilate to what is already existing here, rather than the other way around.  Our country needs to embrace those who come here, as in ensuring we don’t discriminate or purposely do things to make it difficult for them, but we also don’t need to spend the money we do so that they don’t help themselves.  My dad came to America from China via Panama.  He learned Spanish in Colon.  I’m sure it was a strange sight to see a Chinese man in America, speaking Spanish with a Chinese accent but didn’t know any English!  He went to college in Los Angeles and got his AA degree in the 40’s.  He recently passed away and in cleaning out his stuff, I saw essays he wrote with perfect grammar.  He was already in his mid-30’s by then.  He served in the Army, he eventually started his own business, bought the building, later sold it and bought his home.  He voted in almost every election, whether city or federal, up until he passed away.  Although he benefitted from the Chinese ballots, he could have read them in English as well.  When he couldn’t hear me, I would write out sentences in English for him to read.  During his last years (he died at 93), he even mentioned that he was glad he didn’t have to choose loyalty to his country between China and the US, because although he was born in China, he felt that America gave him so many opportunities.

Sorry that I got a little off topic, but thanks for letting me share.

Posted on 10/05/2007 at 2:43 AM

We need family values says:

AS you have posted a very fine observation.  I also find that only a few groups have “issues” with the Cubans and they are based on the feeling of not being able to have achieved as much as the Cubans have achieved.  I call this achievement envy.  I also find that there is a great relationship between the Nicaraguans and the Cubans.  On many occassions the Cuban community has worked together with the Nicaraguans in order to help them and this has been appreciated.  But other communities simply hold too many prejudices against the Cubans as can be seen on this board.  Also, there is the issue of the different types of Cubans depending on what time they came from Cuba.  The Cuban society has changed over time and therefore the people of Cuba have also changed over time.  I would like to see more assimilation in Miami in terms of ethics and integrity.  But I like the family values of pre-revolution Cuba and middle america.

Posted on 10/05/2007 at 12:48 PM

Louie says:

I would add to things you hate about Miami
drivers who back up without looking and ofcourse chatting on their cell phones
The most useless, corrupt politicians on the globe.
Higher supermarket prices than NY

Posted on 10/05/2007 at 3:52 PM


I am currently attending school in washington dc and i hate it so much. No city in my opinion compares to miami. I was born and raised in miami and as soon as i graduate i will be moving back down.  I caanot wait to be in a cultural city again.  A lot of people are complaining that there are too many hispanics this just shows that you people need to step out of your bubble and see the world for what it is and stop being thinking everyone needs be like you. All these negative people need to stop talking and hurry up and get the hell out of miami. For anybody reading this and considering moving to miami many of the comments made here are correct, but if you are a strong minded person and do not complain about the stupidity i have been reading on this site come on down!!!!! MIAMI!!

Posted on 10/08/2007 at 8:03 PM

Louie says:

Miami is a cultural city ?  Miami is hispanics from all over the world and run by Cubans and in last few years Rich Venezuelans who fled Chavez.
The Cubans in Miami as a whole tolerate inept,corrupt politicians as long as they are Cuban.
Granted compared to Washington where the most vile creatures in the world get reelected Miami is great.
Compare Miami to real diversity like NY where no ethnicity,party has a stronghold and Miami is a paradise for corruption.
I am Cuban American but I am not blind to criminals because they are Cuban or Hispanic.
Not to complain now thats real stupidity as I imagine you feel best to smile and put up with garabage sadly many are like you which again is why Miami is so corrupt.
I am glad that at least many younger Cubans are starting to wake up.

Posted on 10/09/2007 at 2:03 AM

DJ Kremlin - Stuck in Miami since 89 says:

Third World Cities of America - A Special Report
South Florida - A Paradise - for Transients, Homeless, Criminals, Mosquitos the size of elephants and Palmetto bugs!
In the movies and at first glance Miami and the South Florida Metropolitan area seems like paradise, miles of white sand beaches, topless girls trendy nightlife, great shopping and lovely boutique hotels.
In reality this type of “paradise” makes up about 2% of the entire South Florida Metropolitan area which includes Miami-Dade county, Broward county and Palm Beach county. About 25% are quiet sleepy western suburbs resembling Dayton Ohio sans the nice vegetation and English speakers. The other 73% is nothing but third world slums, even in areas where aggressive building has taken place, you could walk out of your 1.2 Million dollar high rise condo, turn a corner and get mugged for your sneakers that will in turn be sold for half a crack rock.
If arriving by plane you would spend the first two hours of your stay in this “paradise” trying to figure out how to get out of the airport. You see again English is considered a foreign language here and someone who speaks it is usually not readily available to assist you. Next you will have a refreshing drive in a stuffy cab or your rental car through massive traffic at any time of the day or night… and you thought rush hour in Manhattan was bad.

While stuck in what feels like complete and utter hell trying to get to your hotel that is a whole seven miles from the airport, you realize that the fore mentioned seven mile drive has so far taken just under an hour, you check your trip odometer and realize that you have moved a mere five miles. By now your bladder is starting to hurt, didn’t your mama teach you not to drink a 64Oz. Big Gulp before you get in the car or at least go to the bathroom first?

You barely make it to the gas station to relieve your self, when asked for the key to the “Restroom” the gas station attendant who is wearing a pair of prison like safety glasses taped at the nose bridge smiles his toothless smile and responds, “No Habla Englais”. You look down to see the wet spot starting to form on the front of your pants.

You curse the moment you got off that highway, get a fresh pair of pants from your luggage and proceed to drive back to the highway to continue your, what now seems like eternal seven mile trip to your hotel.

As you approach the highway you realize that there is an on ramp to go West but the one to go East is missing! Missing? Yes missing, you can see where years ago they had planned on building it but obviously took a siesta that has now lasted twelve years. Being a smart person you realize that returning to the gas station where you pissed yourself to ask for directions is futile so you drive on thinking, “hey it’s a big flat city, I should be able to figure out where I’m going”. Mistake numero dos, numero uno being coming here in the first place.

You drive though crowded city streets that resemble what Beirut would look like if Fidel Castro was the president, you realize that the addresses around just don’t make any sense, you find your self on the corner of NW 103 St AKA W42 St. and NW79Ave. AKA W2Ave. As you look around and try to understand where the hell you are, you realize that this looks like something out of a bad B rated zombie video game that your kid plays.

After hours of frustration, both from the lack of understanding and the wonderful drivers that have cut you off, cursed at you, almost changed lanes into you and of course threw a coconut at your windshield, you somehow make it to your hotel. You dream of taking a hot bath and slipping away in to dream land where you can whisk yourself to Hawaii and lay on a nice sandy beach sipping an umbrella drink.

You walk into the lobby of your hotel and are greeted with “Hola Como Estas?”. You explain that you have a reservation and would like to get to your room as soon as possible. The hostess looks at you batting her eyes, you can almost see the wheels turning as she attempts to process what was just presented to her, her mouth slowly starts to open and…. “Pardon, no comprende. Mi Englis is a berry baad”. Naively you ask her, “How long have you been in this country”? She looks at you and after a prolonged look of confusion on her face replies, “ah si si, mi born esta en shildrens Miami Hopital”!

Born in Miami….. Yep, and yet English is a foreign language for her!

Finally one way or another you get her to look up your reservation and she gives you a key. You walk to your room and swipe the key in the card reader…. Doesn’t work, “DAMN IT” you scream as you walk back to the lobby!!!!!

Finally you enter your room, and as you take that relieved deep breath, you choke on the smell of mold, mildew and stale cigarette smoke… “Didn’t I ask for non-smoking” you think to yourself.

Posted on 10/15/2007 at 6:40 PM

DJ Kremlin - Stuck in Miami since 89 says:

Later you find out that this is indeed the non-smoking room.
At this point all you want is to take a nice nap and forget about the days events, you turn down the blanket and sheet to get in bed only to discover a Palmetto bug already using that bed.

And you thought they only rented the rooms to one party at a time!


Posted on 10/15/2007 at 6:42 PM

Louie says:

Lol that was funny . I am Cuban American but I certainly see your point about no English spoken here plus I am from NY and agree with you about the 3rd world standards in Miami .
You could add that if you email/write a local assemblyperson/Senator/Congress/Mayor you get a vague responce which translates to go -F yourself if you think a Miami politician is going to do their job .
Ofcourse they like to end it with “Thanks for being a concerned citizen” (translation heehee NOTHING is going to be looked into or taken care of )
Not to be redundant but the masses here accept and seem to want the worse politicians ever in BOTH parties . Men/women who do NOTHING but give speeches.

Posted on 10/15/2007 at 7:47 PM

Lou says:

Adrian says:
Let me see how I can put this, if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Miami doesn’t need you as you don’t need us!!
Wouldnt it be smarter to say

“Instead of watching Miami go downhill lets stop accepting what we have sadly been accepting for to long.
Let us no longer stick up for the corruption and inept parasites that have run Miami into the sewer
Let us rise up criticize and REMOVE those that have failed us not those that point it out”

Posted on 10/15/2007 at 7:57 PM

DJ_Kremlin says:

Hey Lou. Thanks, for understanding what I was trying to say in my satirical rant. I of course do not generalize, there are wonderful people in Miami, just as in any city. However, to be a non-Spanish speaker in Miami, is truly challenging at times. In any case, I agree, our politicians are idiot mouth pieces, who do noting but talk. bla bla bla. We’ve heard it a million times. Nothing gets done and the city, county and the general South Florida area is going into the toilette.

Thanks for having a sense of humor and the ability to see the point in my satire!

Posted on 10/16/2007 at 6:57 AM

Lou says:

Well , what you said is true its no lie.
USA has been very kind to immigrants from Latin America . Many have “repaid” USA but refusing to learn English not assimilating and flying every flag but the American flag .
I dont disagree with what you said. How anyone can is beyond me. The ultimate kiss of death is the worthless do nothing corrupt human garbage politicians who get elected and reelected only because of ethnicity (ofcourse not all are corrupt,etc).
I never saw that in NY I see it here and its very sad.

Posted on 10/16/2007 at 7:34 AM

Tony says:

Miami is indeed a third world country full of lying and corrupted officials and politicians. The drivers are blatant, pain in the ass, ignorant underachievers. The Cubans have ruin this city by making it into a living shit hole ! They’re never friendly and neither is the rest of the Hispanics who live here. Try walking down the streets of Little Havana and you will encounter miserable hateful people that would shout insults at you for no reason. Why, because the Cubans think they own Miami just because they build this place a few decades ago, so what. The scorching heat is intolerable as well especially in the summer when you have to deal with the blood sucking parasites of mosquitoes. No to mention the hurricanes and   people being struck by lightning on a regular basis. Is funny that Miami is called ” The Magical City “. Magical ? in what sense. No is more like a trap just letting you go insane in the middle of all this chaos and disrespect. I Seriously hate Miami and very soon I’m moving to North Carolina to live a more relaxing peaceful state of mind. Since Cubans and the rest of minorities have no feelings of compassion and sensitivity, the hell with them and this pathetic city. One more thing I must say is that I hope for the next President to be a Democrat so he can deport these Cuban Bastards to their shitty damn Country once and for all !!!!!

Posted on 10/18/2007 at 2:54 PM

multi-lingual instructor says:

It is so funny when people speak ill about Cubans or Hispanics and their grammar is so awful!  How can the natives be so ignorant in more than one topic.

Posted on 10/18/2007 at 3:49 PM

DJ_Kremlin says:

I have to agree on the grammer issue. I’d like to see better grammer from our native English speakers. But let’s not digress from the point. Miami SUCKS!

Posted on 10/18/2007 at 4:12 PM

Realist! says:

If the USA was a human body, then Florida would be it’s buttplug. Miami being at the very tip, closest to the SHIT!

Posted on 10/18/2007 at 4:21 PM

Mark says:

To multi-lingual instructor, you should know this is a site for posting comments on why you hate Miami. This is not a Grammar class SMART ASS ! If you are going to be a sarcastic prick then frankly you don’t belong here.

Posted on 10/18/2007 at 4:46 PM

multi-lingual instructor says:

The way I look at things, if the natives were using better grammar, it would be because they were smart and educated.  If they were smart and educated, they would have been able to protect their borders better and not have such an immigration dissaster in their own country, primarily in the warmer states. 

These other countries are relieving themselves of their poor (with perhaps the exception of Cuba and now Venezuela being political issues) and have a constant inflow of dollars from the US due to the immigrants.  Dollars, mind you, that the USA looses abroad.

While at the same time, liberal politicians are fighting to provide even more rights such as the Dream Act, etc to illegal aliens, because it is just so politically correct for this political party to express itself this way.

In the meantime, the “natives” continue to not know grammar, their work gets outsourced to India, or Indians gets special VISAS to do their work here, because the natives just aren’t skillful enough to do it.

But the natives DO know thier rights and DO know how to insult and bash. Where is that going to get them?

Yes, I think perhaps they should work on their grammar, then on their thinking patterns, and logic.  Remember just because you say it LOUD or with descriptive cuss words doesn’t make it any better or make you any tougher.  Most of the time, you just let other’s know, you simply aren’t smart enough to know any better way or have any other choice.

Miami has issues:  look in the mirror and you will know where to begin to fix them.

Posted on 10/18/2007 at 7:28 PM

Lou says:

Tony says:
Miami is indeed a third world country full of lying and corrupted officials and politicians. The drivers are blatant, pain in the ass, ignorant underachievers. The Cubans have ruin this city by making it into a living shit hole ! They’re never friendly and neither is the rest of the Hispanics who live here.

I am Cuban American so dont agree with deporting anyone as Citizens are citizens also dont agree with under acheivers but I agree the people here are not friendly at all and it seems the more money the nastier they are. No one helps anyone nor has any desire to improve things in Miami. I have no idea why . As the Cuban Americans I know in NY are not like this bunch.  I dont feel any “brotherhood” with the people here and for the most part dislike them . I was in the army and would have never served if I had lived here in Miami as cant fathom lifting a finger for this bunch in any way and could never think of defending the “Miami citizens”.
I dont think the Cubans in Cuba are going to welcome nor want this bunch going back.
  Go North you will find friendlier people including Cubans I have no idea why Miami has become like this as it wasnt 20 yrs back however you cant blame any group for all of its problems be it heat,mosquitos,etc.
  Try Alaska

Posted on 10/19/2007 at 7:27 AM

Ruth Valencia says:

It is sad to see so many people blamming a city for their miserable lives.This is a free country IF YOU DONT LIKE MIAMI, LEAVE.(We wont miss you) IF YOU DONT WANT TO VISIT IT, DON’T. Life is so short to live it looking for negative things. I have met the nicest people in Miami. Want to talk about dirt, pleaseeee go to the USA map and just point at any place and you find worst places and people that would do anythying to trade their hell for our heaven! I LOVE YOU MIAMI!


Posted on 10/19/2007 at 8:16 AM

Guillermo Parapar says:

I still Love you Miami..

Posted on 10/21/2007 at 8:27 PM

carmen says:

multi-lingual instructor says:
It is so funny when people speak ill about Cubans or Hispanics and their grammar is so awful!  How can the natives be so ignorant in more than one topic.

Your second sentence is a rhetorical question yet it ends in a period.
DJ_Kremlin says:
I have to agree on the grammer issue. I’d like to see better grammer from our native English speakers. But let’s not digress from the point. Miami SUCKS!
Please copy and paste your comment on a word document and perform a spell check, okay. “Grammer?”  Like they say, when you point the finger, there are three pointing right back at you.

I would also like to find out why aren’t there many major corporations in Florida.

Posted on 10/22/2007 at 3:54 PM

multi-lingual instructor says:

DJ_Kremlin, you are correct about my rhetorical question and the lack of the question mark.  Wouldn’t we be lucky if all our grammar issues were so simple?

I also agree with you on your general observation with regards to Miami.  But it is a shame that Native English speakers lack basic education.

Posted on 10/22/2007 at 5:14 PM

AS says:


Cubans neither Miami nor they think they do. As far as I know, Miami is not Havana and there are people from all over the world living in this city.

Now, like the looser you are move to North Carolina with your white trash red neck friends to live in a muddy road in a trailer park, drinking moonshine and smoking meth. Screwing your tattooed wife, driving your 78 Silverado in Pender County and smiling your single tooth for the Sunday Times.

On the meantime we “Bastard Cubans” will continue succeeding and enjoying life in this Magical City. Before moving, remember to bring: mosquito repellent, stay indoors to save yourself from lightning and buy an air conditioner (didn’t realize you hadn’t discovered these basic items on the 21st century). Oh, I forget, bring your tooth brush and please, in the future, don’t complain about the North Carolinian Mexicans, Africans and uneducated Celts that will disturb your peaceful intellectual life in Charlotte.

I’m surprised; at least you know how to spell. Regardless, I figured you were a sorry ass liberal democrat, living on welfare, searching for a bohemian eternal world peace, re-inventing the calculator and the internet and riding a donkey to avoid global warming. Say hello to Hillary for me and get ready for a 50% income taxation under a democratic president. Oops, sorry my bad, I just woke up and guess what? Giuliani WON.
One more thing for all of you anticubans (trust me I hate to do this): GO TO HELL.

Posted on 10/29/2007 at 12:30 AM

margaritablue says:

I moved to Miami Beach 14 years ago, and the city has improved a lot but
90% of people are worst than ever, cell phones rule, rudeness is on top of the list, disrespect…. I lived in NJ and people there still are nice . I’m hispanic and I am very ashamed of this rudeness.

Posted on 10/31/2007 at 8:22 AM

Lou says:

People will do what they can get away with.
For 2 consecutive years Miami has “won the award” for most aggressive drivers,road rage in America.
I would imagine the Mayor is proud of this “award” or he would have done something about it.
Cell phone law and cameras placed in different places to catch reckless drivers would go a long way .
Either he doesnt care or he enjoys this “award” .
  NY drivers were just as bad years ago till cameras which are put in different places monthly began to send tickets home not to mention big fine for cell phone use while driving .
The police cant be everywhere.
I imagine Miami will hold on to this “award” for years
A few changes in Miami would go a looooong way in improving things for everyone but dont expect anything to get done with the current do nothing incumbents in BOTH parties.
Come election time remember EVERY problem Miami has is because of the incumbents in BOTH parties .
I cant fathom a more useless bunch .

Posted on 10/31/2007 at 1:51 PM

claudio says:

i hope that it’s wrong. i’m landing on miami in 11/11/2007

Posted on 11/02/2007 at 4:26 PM

The greatest discovery of our generation is that says:

“Fear is not the natural state of civilized people.”
Aung San Suu Kyi

“The most destructive element in the human mind is fear. Fear creates aggressiveness.”
Dorothy Thompson

Posted on 11/02/2007 at 11:28 PM

Solange says:

I can’t believe how ignorant I have been all this time. I really thought that this is just how all big cities are. I am realizing now that it is not true. I live in Pinecrest, with my son and my parents, and I have several other relatives that are here in miami. I do not want to raise my son in this place. If I could afford to live on my own with my son, I would move anywhere but here. I grew up here, and it didn’t used to be so bad. BTW, I am Argentinian, moved here when I was 4, and it is so true about how many Cubans look out for each other more than non-Cubans. My mom tried applying for a job when we first moved here, and she found that out that hard way.

We both speak English and Spanish, but I do not walk around speaking Spanish all the time. I do not like it, it does not feel comfortable to me. It is not what I consider my first language. But at least I can communicate with people if I need to, I can’t imagine what it feels like to Americans who dont speak Spanish. I am so tired of spending hours in traffic. Just tired of this place in general.

Posted on 11/08/2007 at 3:25 PM

DJ_Kremlin says:

So so true. This city is very unique in its uglyness. I don’t mean visualy. This city just sucks.

Posted on 11/08/2007 at 3:42 PM

Lou says:

Solange says:
I can’t believe how ignorant I have been all this time. I really thought that this is just how all big cities are

I dont find the people in Miami worse than others (I did initially) I have come to realize that its the politicians in Miami who are the problem. They and head of “public tranportation” and other city agencies.
Either they simply do not care or they are inept . Either reason is enough to get rid of them.
I have never seen as many people park in handicapped parking spots in 20 years in NY as I have in a year in Miami ofcourse I mean people who are not handicapped (no sticker-handicapped plates) .
In the end its simply because they can. It has NOTHING to do with any ethnicity,group its because they can get away with it..
The politicians those in charge of agencies here (not all but MOST) get paid to nap.
  Miami has potential to be great it only needs the right people sadly they are not the ones in office now BOTH parties here are failures.
Its normal for any ethnicity to ‘lean” with its own as in NY in Argentinian area (Jackson heights)you have same thing to. Italians,Jewish-Irish-Greek,EVERY hispanic group does same thing in NY .
Only difference is there isnt any group in such a large number . I find that normal .

Posted on 11/08/2007 at 6:01 PM

Lou says:

claudio says:
i hope that it’s wrong. i’m landing on miami in 11/11/2007

Posted on 11/02 at 5:26 PM

Some people love Miami so you could very well love it. I have 2 cousins here who love it and they have been to other states.
It has it pros and the cons . People are “angry” because the cons are things that can be fixed with the correct people in charge and thus they are not being fixed(well, not all problems but many)

Posted on 11/09/2007 at 1:09 PM

Pltnm says:

I agree with almost everything stated on this page. I have lived in many different regions of the US and I have to say that I have never felt so unaccepted anywhere else as I do in Miami. I have lived in the suburbs in the north as well as SoBe.

When I first moved here a few years ago I was very eager to “connect” with the Latin-American culture since I am of Hispanic decent but was not raised in a Hispanic society. Even though I have always felt pretty well accepted in other places I never really felt like I belonged. Over many years I had convinced myself it was because I needed to experience what I did not have a chance to experience as a result of being raised as a small city American “white” girl. All of you can deny that racism and stereotyping does not exist but I’m sure there is hardly anyone in the world that has not dealt with this on a daily basis (unless you are a hermit that never leaves the confines of your own home).

I was in a state of cultural shock when I found myself a minority even among other people of Hispanic decent. I don’t know what made me believe that the Latin-American community would somehow be substantially more more accepting of me. Living in an affluent gated subdivision in Pembroke Pines, which is almost an hour north of Miami, I found myself a prisoner in my own community. Not knowing what a Sedano’s was, I went there to shop for groceries and was unable to communicate with the cashier because she did not speak a word of English. The next trip was to the local Publix where the experience was somewhat better but the communication barrier was still a major concern. It seemed everywhere I went it was necessary to know the Spanish language to get anything accomplished. I began to ask myself, “How is it that in America a person can hold a position of employment that deals directly with the public and not understand or speak proper English?”. Coming to the realization that my surrounding were not going to change I decided to seek Spanish lessons. It is then that I realized that if you do not speak English you can find loads of free educational classes but if you need to learn Spanish you have to pay an arm and a leg for classes or private tutors. Something has to give here.

Many people assumed I spoke Spanish and would get obviously offended or frustrated when I informed them that I did not. Many times I have been in a situation where I have been ridiculed for being Hispanic and not speaking fluent Spanish, in some cases by people who spoke no English. I am able to understand enough Spanish to know when someone is belittling me in front of my face when they think I do not. I have been ridiculed for not knowing how to dance Salsa naturally as if all Hispanic people pop out of the womb dancing.

So all of you people that retaliate these comments by calling people racists, perhaps you need to take a better look. Perhaps a lot of these people have been stereotyped as well and not given an honest shot at acclimating to the society to begin with. Anytime we make an assumption about a person or a prejudgement we are bound to present those thoughts in our actions and therefore getting the results in which we assumed.

Now as far as SoBe.. that’s a whole other posting!!

Posted on 11/11/2007 at 3:12 PM

Alex Hawke says:

“People aren’t so friendly” deserves the Understatement of All Time award.  Miami people are so maliciously hostile, it’s heartbreaking.  I’ve lived here all my life, and I’m desperate to get out of this miserable excuse for a city!

Why isn’t “people aren’t so friendly” higher up on the list?

Posted on 11/15/2007 at 11:28 PM

Look in the Mirror and Change the World says:

Many people are saying that people in Miami are rude and not friendly.  I would bet that these same people pass others on the street and are as just as rude.  Perhaps just because they have decided to be as miserable as they express themselves here and therefore they express themselves in gestures just as they do in words.

I propose that everyone that says people are rude and not friendly simply try to smile and say hello to the next person that passes you by.  When was the last time you tried that?  When was the last time you opened the door for someone?  When was the last time YOU weren’t rude?

If you want to change Miami, start with yourself.  It really is hard to ignore someone that smiles at you and greets you nicely. 

Start the change by YOUR actions, don’t join in the misery!

Posted on 11/16/2007 at 12:01 AM

Lou says:

I agree if you want to change Miami start with yourself however the folks here are unfriendly. About a week ago I was visiting my grandma who lives about 2 hours from me by the beach. Her neighbors car wouldn’t start . I tried to jump his car but his battery was leaking so took him to buy another battery than I installed it for him. The guy was beside himself he said people as a whole in Miami just don’t help like that or at all.He is elderly and has lived here his whole life thus he would know . He acted like I was some type hero just because I took a few minutes to help him. That is a real sad reflection on Miami real sad. The gym I go to has few military guys stationed in Miami . I was in the army so we chit chat military stuff.

They have all told me same thing the most superficial , materialistic,unfriendly folks out of all the places they have ever been stationed other than some areas in CA is Miami.

Though I am from up North I am Cuban American however the Cubans and Venezuelans here as a whole have the most selfish, narcissistic kids I have ever seen . I lived in a nice area in NY and live in a nice area here . The difference is the people and their kids there wouldn’t sell their soul to Satan for a new Lexus here I certainly cant say the same.

The people here as a whole are shells with nothing inside. Never mind what I think simply ask anyone from a different state . Again your 100% correct start with yourself but it still doesn’t change the fact that there is something wrong here in Miami .
Ask any Cuban or Venezuelan from up North what they think about the “Miami bunch” so its not an ethnicity bias .

Posted on 11/16/2007 at 11:44 AM

antonio says:

Want to know what I hate about miami. Damn cuban exiles. Don’t get me wrong I’m not racist. It’s just I’m tired of hearing them complain about what is going on in their homeland. They are just upset because they lost all their land and the right to have slaves after the revolution and now they are hitting the streets of america to preach their fashist ideology. They hate communists and they hate the idea of equality so they want to kill everyone that is not a capitalist democrat. Where’s the tolerance. Most of the Cuban exile community is crap, but at least some of them are smart enough to learn the real history and have respect for others.

Posted on 11/17/2007 at 5:37 PM

Lou says:

Actually its you who needs to learn history Cubans did not own slaves . Cuba was a slave colony not same as owning slaves.
Slaves were owned in N.America ,Arab Middle East and still to this day in some parts of Africa. If you dont like Cubans thats fine many here rub me the wrong way also but atleast learn history.

Posted on 11/17/2007 at 6:21 PM

Go back to school says:

I think the worst thing in Miami is when some people can be not only racist but ignorant as well, such as Antonio.  He needs to learn his history.  While the USA had slaves and to date continues to have awful racisism within its society specifically aimed against Blacks, Cuba’s Spanish government has abolished slavery and Cuban society has long since demonstrated a well integrated multi-racial society.  Slavery was abolished in Cuba through Spain in 1886.  Cuba was still a colony. 

Mississippi just ratified the 13th ammendment in 1995 even though it was originally ratified by other states in 1865.  I suppose this is simply a demonstration of the racism against Blacks that still exists in the USA.

  I am very glad that I am Cuban and I have no issues like this.  But most of all I am glad that my fellow Cuban Black brothers and sisters also live without this type of issue.  We consider ourselves “Cubans” not Black or White.  We have a much simpler way of living than people in the US when it comes to race.  In the US, Americans are always categorizing themselves as to the color of their skin.

That is racism regardless of who does it.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 12:21 AM

Miami Dade Swat says:

Streets, roads, traffic & parking- Is there any difference in Los Angeles or New York? These are over populated cities get use to it.

A lack of reasonably priced restaurants - Hey there are over 500 hundred restaurants in Miami if u don’t like the 14 dollar martini at Joes then go across to the street and get it half off at Bobby’s

Poor customer service- Like in every other city in the world! There is the good and ugly everywhere welcome to reality.

It’s so darn flat- Good I can see all the beautiful women that roam the streets of Miami with out the inconvenience of a big ass hill blocking my view.

People aren’t so friendly- That’s the Latin community for you! Its not that we are rude its just that we are not friendly. We’ll leave that job to the Canadians.

All the world’s a stage, except here in Miami - Sorry buddy I guess you will have to catch the next flight to New York.

The heat - It can get annoying at times but every city has it weather flaws. Such as New York = cold, Miami = heat, Chicago = Wind and Every city in California = Mexican

Dude, where are the waves? Get a job you bum.

There’s no good Mexican food- Yeah because there are no Mexicans to make it. So you probably have Juan the Puerto Rican making your burrito.

The Homeless - The only reason their homeless is because they spent all their youth surfing and rolling down hills instead of studying.

My point is Miami is a city full of Flavor, Style and heart, not to mention the most beautiful women in the world. This a rich mans city, so for all you poor racist white folks please catch the I95 up to Alabama somewhere. Stop being so up tight and be glad you live with Cubans and not Mexicans I mean come on they always smell like tortillas

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 12:07 PM

Go Back to School says:

As I said before, Cuba’s Spanish Government (since it was a colony of Spain) abolished slaves.  And the geographical location of Cuba had slaves.  Lou, if you were referring to me as having to learn history I think you may have misread my post.

Either way,  the important thing to recognize is that Cuba, be it the location of the government after it gained independance from Spain was not a racist society such as the United STates is.

For example only now do does the United STates have a “mulato” contender to the presidency such as Obama, while Cuba actually had an elected mulato president way back in 1954.  While in the US we were still dealing with linchings and hate crimes.

What I find very unfortionate is that in the United States many Blacks have a profound prejudice against Cubans.  I also find it disturbing that the Haitian Blacks have also not been able to build a brotherly relationship with our American Blacks.

It would have been such a beneficial relationship, more so to the Blacks in the US if they would have built a positve relationship with Cubans rather than rejected them.

But it is my opinion that this negative attitude is very advantageous to some politicians who are only active to make money rather than change and to some members of other communities that wish to continue to suppress the Black community in the US and they will continue foster this negative attitude.

In the meantime, the Cuban community has been very succesful in the US, as has been cited in this forum. And it has reached out to other communities such as the Nicaragians who have embrassed this relationship and realized that there is not only power in unity but also blissful harmony.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 2:38 PM

Go back to School says:

Carmen in post #35 blames the immigrants for having brought the ghetto with them and that is why Customer Service is so bad.  Carmen must be young and needs a history lesson.

I was born in Miami.  Way back, surely before your time,  Companies like Sears would not put you on the floor to work until you were trained on Custormer Service.  You would receive about one week of training that would focus on exactly how to TREAT customers.  All department stores would do that.

Now although I agree that immigrants have different backgrounds and therefore different knowledge banks as to how to treat customers, it is the employers responsibility to make sure that thier employee is treating/working the customer right.

There is no more customer service emphasis now.  Every training is focused on SALES.

Best Buy has awful customer service; Tiger Direct has awful customer service, etc.  But they have training.  It just isn’t focused on how YOU will be treated.  These companies only care about how much they will sell.

So the real Ghetto is the almighty $$ that these companies are worried about.  Last I heard the CEOS were not Pepe Perez or Maria Rodriguez.

If you have issues with customer service, tell the blond haired blue eyed big shots at these corporations that you deserve to be treated like a person and not their wallets.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 2:49 PM

unbelievable says:

Miami Dade Swat, I have to tell you,  I hate Mexican food. lol,  and I lived in Mexico.

I can’t believe someone actually used that as a excuse to “hate” Miami!


Property taxes to high, that is much better.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 2:54 PM

MD, PhD says:

I’d rather be a “poor white folk” with an education and a sense of what it’s like to live in America (and the rest of the world for that matter) than an ignorant, racist Cuban who’s too stupid to understand that.  And as soon as my job ends in this foul, fetid city that I did not choose to live in, I AM hitting the highway!  There are plenty of people with less money and better attitudes I’d rather spend my time with.

As to the comment of Miami having “flavor, style and heart,” it just goes to show money really doesn’t buy everything.  Maybe YOU need to hop a flight to NYC, San Fran, or Toronto with all your cash.  Then you’ll see what a real city, real style and flavor, and not to mention what a “multi-cultural place” is really like!

It’s just too bad that really ignorant people like this, even when given the opportunity, refuse to be educated!  Your nasty attitude may be learned from your culture, but you should be glad that another culture took you in and gave you the opportunity to say it.  That means you also have to suck it up and listen when other people have an opposing viewpoint.  Welcome to America, asshole.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 3:06 PM

Lou says:

unbelievable says:
Property taxes to high, that is much better

The real estate tax here is the most “unique” in America as its geared for the rich and the only city that I know of that its based on how much you paid for your house. Its beyond corrupt. A rich person can buy a 2 million dollar house for $100,000 on paper . Give the seller the rest in cash and they pay less in real estate tax than a middle class person who doesnt have the cash to give ‘under the table” and paid $150,000 for their house with a mortgage.
In other states the property ,real estate tex is based on actual land worth not what you paid for the house. Ofcourse with the current incumbents NOTHING will change nice speeches and each blaming the other but the biggest real estate tax in America will continue.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 5:51 PM

Miami Dade SWAT says:

Hey MD, Is that how you talk to your patient’s u Jewish “MD” Fuck. No Cubans are not racist nor ignorant we are actually one of the nicest and up most respectful culture around. If you took the time to understand are way of living you would no that by now. sure their may be a bad bunch like every other race but no one should label all Cubans as ignorant, racist, rude people because of them. I mean should I call every white man a black hating racist skin head. Is every Jew a snobby uptight cheapskate or is every black man an ignorant weed smoking thug with gold teeth. I think not my so called doctor friend. So loosen up your butt cheeks and stop being a prick. That goes for all you other Miami/Cuban hating folks out there. Stop talking and get on out. I’m pretty sure you will find something wrong with the next city as well because that’s what you white people do complain about everything! If it’s not the blacks it’s the Cubans, if it’s not the Cubans it’s the Mexicans, if it’s not the Mexicans it’s the fact that your wife is fucking the black, Cuban, and Mexican guy across the street.  So have a nice day and ill be sure to tell my buddy’s downtown to give all you nice white folk’s three extra tickets next time they stop you. Just for our appreciation for your love towards Miami.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 6:06 PM

Lou says:

Jessie says:
Funny thing, I googled “Miami Haters” & many websites are dedicated to the matter. Then I googled “New York Haters” & nothing much that is even related comes up…, I wonder why ???

Lol you didnt look hard enough than as I came from there and there are “I hate NY “sites. I came from NY I prefer NY but came here due to work (job transfer)Well , I love the weather here hate the cold . The only difference between NY and Miami is the politicians in Miami are HORRIBLE truly a group of do nothing people who only give speeches. I find Miami more expensive than NY (not city but rest of NY). There are Arab import companies in Miami with big warehouses who pay in real estate tax less than a small house . There is something real wrong with Miami . I call it INCUMBENTS in BOTH parties.
The people here are blindly loyal to parties/politicians while in NY any party can be voted out in a second and no one has a safe job. Sadly here its not the case.
I had a recycle question for few months after 4 emails and 2 phone calls over few months time(left messages)still no reply. In NY Someone would lose their job however it would never come to that as within 2/3 days tops you get a reply. In Miami its “user unfriendly” those in charge simply dont care .

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 6:15 PM

MD, PhD. says:

Thanks Miami Dade Swat!  You’re proved the point beautifully, just how racist and ignorant some of you are!  I’m not Jewish or male!  But it shouldn’t matter even if I was, right?  And trust me, I’d never call someone so foul as you my friend.  I just don’t like being surrounded by people with your negative attitude.  Your lack of respect towards ALL the people you supposedly “serve and protect” is despicable.  Be ashamed of yourself!  And tell your “buds” downtown I’ll be seeing them about your racial profiling! 

What I hate most about Miami:  THIS attitude!

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 6:37 PM

Go back to school says:

Lou, actually property taxes are not based on the price for which you purchased your home.  Once a year a public assessor assesses the properties and then asserts the value of the properties.  It does not matter if you bought your house for a dollar or a million.  What affects the final decision of the assessor is the market value.

I wish it was like you said because I bought my house from a friend for a very cheap price.  But that doesn’t mean a thing whent he assessor comes around.

What we need to do is remember to vote for property tax reform in January.

They will scare us by saying that the schools will suffer with the price cut, but when they are paying Dr. Crew half a million dollars, I doubt that is true.  Let them cut those outrages administrative salaries.  They might even find money to actually pay teachers what they deserve.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 7:01 PM

Lou says:

I said that because I know someone who has one monster house with lots property not far from the beach truly a nice house with a ‘private” bay and thats what they told me but as Lou Dobbs would say “I stand corrected” lol.
Granted there is no state tax in Florida but man its expensive, I just changed my NY plates/tags to Florida/Miami and it cost me 3 times what it would in NY.
I prefer to pay state tax and have NY prices lol it would be cheaper. I agree with with you say about they will try to scare us . The problem as you know besides the big salaries for the head honchos and hanchas in Miami is the grotesque waste and truly not caring about the citizens money here in Miami.
From what I understand the masses did want property tax reform however as usual those in charge did not deliver? Which is why I subscribe to ‘firing’ every single one of them

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 7:54 PM

Lou says:

Go back to School says: Carmen in post #35 blames the immigrants for having brought the ghetto with them and that is why Customer Service is so bad.  Carmen must be young and needs a history lesson.

Well to say the head of the co is blond with blue eyes isnt the case everytime but to say bad customer service is the fault of the company ,the boss which is what you meant is 100% correct.
Customer service here isnt bad at all but the cities ‘custumer service” is deplorable and the bosses are NOT blond hair blue eyes.

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 8:05 PM

Travis A. says:

Hold on a minute. Somebody needs to give you a good beating, Miami Dade Swat Man. You just don’t go around here spilling out the fu#k word every sentence. And that remark you said about sending all the poor white people back to Alabama, I’m from Alabama, and I can tell you one thing, People have respect for one another here. My uncle lived in Homestead for over 53 years, and due to all the violence, and crime from white, black, and cuban thugs, he had to leave. I am sick and tired of all this BS, and I love Miami Dade County, but at the same time it has begun to turn into a hell hole for everyone because of ingorant people like you, Miami Swat Man. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

Posted on 11/18/2007 at 11:28 PM

Ruthy says:

If the United States is so big, and Miami is so bad, WHY ARENT YOU ALL HATERS LEAVING US THE HAPPY MIAMIANS ALONE? lol What a bunch of loosers. Your never happy no matter where you are because you are negative people. It is not the city WAKE UP, IT IS YOU!!!

Posted on 11/19/2007 at 10:51 AM

Alex says:

I was reading and was completely in shock to read specfically about the “Cubans”.Out of all the minorities in U.S.A no other has acomplish what the Cubans have acomplish and I am proud to say tha I am Cuban.

1)85% of the hispanic population in America is Mexican and only 7% is Cuban and between that 7%, Cubans have the most college degress within the United States of America.That saids alot about Cubans
2)First hipsanic buiness to reach a billion dollars MasTech, Cuban founded and Cuban owned ps:they just bought out fpl so a Cuban owns fpl now smile
3)Senator of Comerce in the white house, A Cuban
4)Cubans score the higest on the MCAT Mediacal exam
5)more than 60% of all doctors, buiness own,lawyer, and realitor threw out Florida are Cuban or Cuban American
6)Hispanic woman of the year, A Cuban
7)First HISPANIC editor and cheif in Marvel Comics, a Cuban
8)Cubans from Cuba have a higher degree in education versus than white americans
9)Ricky Ricardo from I love Lucy Desi Arnaz was the first hispanic to bring latin music and give latins a chance to express themselves with there culture in America.A Cuban!
10)If it wasnt for Lincoln Diaz, a famous Cuban Politican, South Americans and Central Americans wouldnt be here today because he fought for there rights so they can be here

Puerto Rican and Dominican culture is base on and influence by Cuban Culture because they practice Cuban religions Palo Monte y Santeria and practice Cuban Music which is Salsa, in actuality its called Musica Cubana, the Puerto Ricans took it and reclaimed it there owned and renamed it Salsa.

Cubans have done great in History and in America, nobody has no right to dog anyones race.No race is perfect.I can give flaws about the Jews,blacks,Whites,Mexicans,Italians, and so fourth.

Cubans are more American than any other catagory of nationailty, there hardworking, and extremely intelligent.I am proud to say that I am Cuban and American.

Good day.

Posted on 11/27/2007 at 10:53 AM

Miami-Cuban says:

DUDE WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? MasTec did not buy out FPL… Are you crazy? MasTec and FPL do have a relationship, but it’s not owned by MasTec. Do some research before you talk this trash. Also, where are you getting your statistics? Your numbers are all wrong. The Cubans in America have NOT done nearly as much as you say. Get your facts right, then talk!

Posted on 11/27/2007 at 11:27 AM

Alex says:

Actually my facts are correct, I go to F.I.U. and these facts where from 2006-07 and theres over 40 more but I just dont feel like typing and kiss my a s s you prick

Posted on 11/27/2007 at 8:03 PM

Miami-Cuban says:

oooo FIU what couldn’t get to a real school. Fuck off dip shit.


Posted on 11/27/2007 at 8:10 PM

Balancing Truth says:

I will say one thing about Cubans, they are very very “American” when it comes to being patriotic about the USA, more than some Americans.  You would NEVER see Cubans burn an American flag for example.

You can say everything you want, but out of all the immigrants to the USA, the Cubans have managed to do the one thing that all the other immigrants have not;  they have managed to be extremely patriotic about the USA AND their homeland.  You have to give them credit for that.

Posted on 11/27/2007 at 8:34 PM

Sergio says:

I love this whole article. I used to post on other forums but all the Miami defenders would attack me and others who blasted Miami. So I quit. Since I moved away from Miami 19 months ago I have bought a new car, have a great job and am planning on buying a new home. Why? Because I have disposible income and the houses here dont cost $400k. Two things you cant find in Miami. My $200 FPL bill didnt allow extra money and my $800 rent didnt allow me to save. I pay $695 for a 3/2 and $50 for electricity now and I love it. People are nice, no traffic, plenty of good restaurants, plenty of shopping and I see the seasons change. Even get a little snow in the winter but not enough to trap me indoors. Christmas still exist here and nobody is racist. Where do I live, I wont say cause honestly I dont want any of these pathetic Miamians to ruin a nice thing by moving up here.
But I will say this, I am Cuban born in Miami and I do think alot of the problems with that toilet are the Cubans. First generation, second, whatever. They are arrogant and refuse to assimilate. The Cubans arent the only problem but a big part of it.
To all the “haters” I say this. Some here earlier said they would leave if they could. Look, I didnt make crap when I lived down there but I busted my ass and saved enough to get out. If you want it bad enough, you can get out. So dont make excuses. I left family and a great group of friends but I dont regret it one bit.
Others say, “your just bitter, unhappy people that wont be happy wherever you go” I am here to tell you that isnt true. There is no place that is perfect and alot of other places have problems but Miami’s are more widespread and in your face every day. I was told I wouldnt be happy anywhere and guess what, I am very happy now.
Miam is a cesspool and until you get out and see how much better it can be elsewhere you will always think Miami is the norm. IT IS NOT!!
I am gald I got out when I did and I hope to all of you that want to leave, good luck.

Posted on 12/02/2007 at 6:58 AM

Anthony Melro says:

Hi, Sergio, I noticed you did the sane thing and moved out. I congratulate you and wish you, many more blessings. I am also planning to do likewise. I do wish to know, however, if your new home is still here in Florida, or, did you completely move out of the state? If possible; please, divulge only the state. I’ ve been considering; Northern Florida, North or South Carolinas and possibly, Virginia. If you do decide to share the state you relocated to; please, forward any info to the email I included with this comment. And even if you don’t, well, God bless and do continue to enjoy life as it is meant to be!

Thanks brother,


Posted on 12/02/2007 at 1:32 PM

Sergio says:

Anthony, Thank you for your kind comments. I actually did move out of the state of Florida all together. There was no place in that state I would have been happy moving too. I have traveled to all the places you mentioned and they are also very nice. I didn’t like South Carolina as much but I am sure it would be a better place for you to live in and you will be happier than you are in Miami.

When I moved I had the good fortune to have a friend that told me about a little secret. A place that doesn’t get much attention and the locals prefer it that way. Its in a state that many people consider to be too “country” but few know of the small area in the NW corner of the state that is growing and is nothing like the rest of the state. Its called NW Arkansas. Rogers, Arkansas to be exact. It has everything I mentioned in my previous post and is also home to Walmart home office so there are plenty of jobs and opportunities. Homes are much cheaper than Florida and tornadoes usually go around us due to the mountains in the area.

People told me when I was leaving that I wouldnt last here cause everyone was going to be racist but in the time I have been here I have run into very little of that except the occasional stare. Usually, its because they dont know exactly what I am and have never seen such a tall hispanic. Some of the people staring have even ended up coming up and talking to me and have been very nice.
Its all in the way you carry yourself. You act like an ass and they will treat you like an ass. And even the people here that don’t speak Spanish get on my nerves cause hey, this is America. Learn the language. I always tell them, you don’t want to learn English? Move to Miami, here you need to know it.
Well, I know I said I didn’t want to say when I came but I doubt any of the Miami losers will come up here since they will all be scared of the same B.S Stereotypes I heard before coming here. And thats the way I want to keep it, stay in your cesspool punks.

Anyways, hey man, you have any questions, always feel free to write me. And good luck getting out. Its the best thing you can do.

Posted on 12/03/2007 at 2:05 AM

Pepe Garcia says:

It is interesting to see how many people that hate something, in this case Miami, spend so much time writing about it. It’s like a woman that calls you every day and tells you that you are a jerk. Either she is interested in you or she is jelaous. She doesn’t think you are so bad when she waste her time talking about you. There is one guy here that woke up at 2:05 am thinking about the terrible Miami and wrote something about it. You guys are funny.

Posted on 12/03/2007 at 8:54 PM

Sergio says:

Pepe, your a genious. I work overnight at a hospital and go online on my breaks. But I guess that is too hard for some people to understand. If you call giving people advise about leaving that dump wasting time then why are you here reading it and wasting time writing your drivel? Have a nice day.

Posted on 12/03/2007 at 9:23 PM

Lola says:

Hello? You live in the tropics, moron. Stop complaining about the heat and the terrain. If you want cool weather & hills, you should live in California. Leave South Florida to those of us that love it. And take your car with you- more room for the rest of us.

Posted on 01/02/2008 at 3:01 PM

Rick says:

Im glad a couple of you Miami haters have moved out. No complains on my part, I truly enjoy living here.  I hate every minute that Im not in the city.

Posted on 01/06/2008 at 10:21 PM

mikey d says:

what the hell are you guys talking bout? i love empanadas

Posted on 01/07/2008 at 12:07 PM

Ruthy says:

Hey Pepe, dont you see Sergio thinks that WORKING FOR WALMART is a very good job? lol That is just 2 funny!!! I bet he had access to the computers at 2am when he was cleaning the floors! lol BY THE WAY (FOR ALL THE RACIST MORONS)we are so freaking cool that MIAMI BEACH HAS THE FIRST HISPANIC MAYOR IN HISTORY!Welcome to Miami- BIENVENIDOS A MIAMI!!!!!

Posted on 01/08/2008 at 11:47 AM

Ruthy says:


Posted on 01/08/2008 at 11:49 AM

Silvia says:

Ruthy says:
Hey Pepe, dont you see Sergio thinks that WORKING FOR WALMART is a very good job? lol That is just 2 funny!!! I bet he had access to the computers at 2am when he was cleaning the floors! lol BY THE WAY (FOR ALL THE RACIST MORONS)we are so freaking cool that MIAMI BEACH HAS THE FIRST HISPANIC MAYOR IN HISTORY!Welcome to Miami- BIENVENIDOS A MIAMI!!!!!

Yes Miami had the first Hispanic Mayor in History and he was deplorable. Thats the problem aslong as Hispanic even if he sucks you support him look at New Orleans support for an idiot same as here based ONLY on ethnicity.
Its to bad the Hispanics here belong in caves as so backwards they support morons aslong as hispanic. I am Cuban American but UNLIKE MANY here I am no fool with blind loyalty to inept crooks.
Miami is run so badly that for such a large city the Public Transportation is the worse in any city this size not to mention I have lost count of how many doctors simply dont carry insurance (I work in medical sales). This place is hurting due to zombie Hispanics like yourself who settle with substandard garbage politicians aslong as they are Hispanic.
Miamis “Cosa Nostra” bunch know political zombies like you will keep them in power because they are hispanic and MANY steal from you while you support them

Posted on 01/09/2008 at 12:14 PM

Silvia says:

Amar says:
I am reading this site at 4am in the morning, because I am searching for answers.  I think I have found them.  I am from New York, and I moved here about 3 years ago.  Last night I spoke with my partner, and finally realized how much I hate this state I live in. We bought a house which is beautiful, and is in Broward county.  North of Miami.

This might sound strange, but I miss the warmth of New Yorkers. Because in comparison to these people in South Florida, New Yorkers are wonderful, warm and sensitive people.

I am from NY also have been here few yrs. This isnt a melting pot its just Hispanics and agree NY infact most other cities people are much nicer.
Cubans are the largest group here so they get “blamed” for everything as most non Cubans cant tell us apart however you have armies of rich Venezuelans here -Argentinians ,etc.
Hispanics in Miami REGARDLESS of what group who have money as a whole have no concept nor desire to improve anything for the non rich I have found most to be completely void of any redeeming qualities its just ‘whats in it for me” thinking.
Look at S.Beach paying $15 for a drink in some places yet dont ask the same person to donate 15 CENTS to a charity.
The politicians in Miami prove my point as another bunch of narcists.
Hispanics in NY as you know are very different. Dont confuse Hispanics with money from other states with this bunch we give to charity we do volunteer work and overall help out this Miami bunch is rancid with spoiled kids who will grow up to be just as empty .

Posted on 01/09/2008 at 12:34 PM

Silvia says:

Alex says:
Cubans have done great in History and in America, nobody has no right to dog anyones race.No race is perfect.I can give flaws about the Jews,blacks,Whites,Mexicans,Italians, and so fourth.

The Cubans have become their own worse enemies because of loyalty to any politician aslong as Cuban . Look at the poverty GROWING in Miami , property tax in many cases greater than NY where you make way more money ,problems are growing in Miami.
Its sad that any crook here who speaks out against Castro (rightfully so but has no bearing on being a Mayor,etc)) can stay in power while doing NOTHING.
As a voter here I dont give a hoot about Castro the politicians here who steal from tax payers dont win me over with that but sadly it works for most Cubans here blind self defeating loyalty to the most useless politicians after New Orleans.
I agree the Cubans did ALOT but than seemed to start throwing it all away by loyalty to Miamis “Cosa Nostra” as poverty-lack public transportation-homeless,etc affects all of Miami to bad the huge wave of Venezuelans here are exactly the same.

Posted on 01/09/2008 at 12:46 PM

Ruthy says:

Silvia my dear READ BEFORE YOU SNAP! CHILL! wow someone is lacking something! SHE JUST GOT ELECTED AND HER NAME IS MATTI BOWER, READ, UNDERSTAND, THEN SNAP or got get some of what ever your lacking. YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGRY PERSON MY GOD! LOL

Posted on 01/09/2008 at 4:25 PM

Silvia says:

Ruthy says:
Silvia my dear READ BEFORE YOU SNAP! CHILL! wow someone is lacking something! SHE JUST GOT ELECTED AND HER NAME IS MATTI BOWER, READ, UNDERSTAND, THEN SNAP or got get some of what ever your lacking. YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGRY PERSON MY GOD! LOL

I am actually very easy going and happy but yes very angry at the Miami politicians and what the people here have become. I was never angry in NY sure some politicians I liked some didnt but in NY no politician has a job for aslong as they want it unlike Miami if they stink they are voted out 9except Hillary Clinton lol).
Many doctors here no longer have malpractice insurance thats VERY dangerous for the patient . Insurance rates skyrocketed in Miami.
Why you ask lol - because the USELESS politicians-Attorney General in Miami did not intervene -did not try to stop the crises did nothing as usual now Miami once again suffers with many doctors who have no malpractice God help the patients.
Yes I am angry at the apathy those here show when it comes to the single worse politicians-attorney general in the South

Posted on 01/09/2008 at 7:30 PM

Sergio says:

Ruthy, wow your the perfect example of one of the reasons I left Miami. Did you even read evertthing I said before you made your ignorant and arrogant comment? I said I was typing at that time cause I work at a HOSPITAL!! Or was I wrote to complicated for your simple mind to understand. And I said Walmart has their home office here. Do you know what that means? Obviosly not! It means they have their headquaters here dummy. It means they employ thousands of people whether it be profesionals with college educations like my fiancee or simpletons like yourself who clean the toilets. Something that Miami only wishes they had. So before you talk, get your facts straight.

Posted on 01/09/2008 at 7:59 PM

Mike Ditka says:

Fuck you haters and your prostitute mothers. I moved my ass from Shitago (aka Chicago) where I would freeze my balls off every winter. The entertainment was screwing some fat Polish or Irish babe, who had more B.O. than boiled cabbage. I like Miami, especially the good looking senoritas that often go to the beach. If you don’t like it here, take your dumb ass up North, there’s a fine house on the North Shore of Shitago waiting.

Posted on 01/10/2008 at 5:17 AM

Sammy says:

Miami’s a terrible place to live. Period.

It’s also a sad fact that Miami-Dade SWAT is pretty much what I imagine most Miami police that are supposedly there to “serve and protect” the “citizenry” are actually like.

Posted on 01/12/2008 at 1:48 PM

Cloud says:

Last I check the minorities have made this country to what it is and just for the record Florida has always been a Spanish speaking state, read if anyone does around here.Theirs all types of people, Some hispanics are racist some are not like white and black people.I know ablack guy who hates Cubans and Mexicans, big deal.Im Cuban and I dont give a dam, everyone has a right to their own opinion/life style and if anybody doesnt like it all well.Im Cuban and I don’t believe in God.Sometimes I cant stand hispanics and some times I dont, Sometimes I cant stand black people and sometimes I dont, sometimes I cant white people and sometimes I dont.If anyone can talk about Cubans then I can talk about Whites and Blacks then.Im not afraid to speak my mind.So if your white and have a problem with Cubans then “f u c k you” and if your black and dont like Cubans then heres what I have to say to you “stop collecting wellfare and stop doing drive by’s and start doing something with your lives and let go of the complex skin mind because, as of matter of fact you guys have the most rights out of everyone so you people have no right to bitch”.Everyone suffers,not just black people.Jewish people where nearly extinct by Hitler,Russians killed and imprisoned by their own people during the soviet union era, Thousands of Cubans lost their familes and houses to Fidel and Che, Kids in South America are dying of starvation and disease like the kids from Cambodia and Africa.I perfer Africans over African Americans anyday,as of matter of fact one of my best friends is African, born and raised and hes one of the most nicest guys i have ever met and just for the record the people in Africa face more racism over their from the british and they still have sort of like slavery but not as bad and their nothing like African Americans.Majority of the black people from this country are self centered and think its all about them and they have a complex about their skin color, like I said I perfer Black hispanics and Africans over African Americans anyday.So yea PS:to all gamers bUy FINAL FANTASY CRISIS CORE!!!! JAPANESE PEOPLE RULE!!!!GOTTA LOVE THEM SOY SAUCE BASTARDS!!!

Posted on 01/12/2008 at 9:17 PM

Jose says:

I pretty much agree with what he said,Im Columbian and I cant stand my own people.Im not too familiar with the whole Cuban thing but I know they’ve been here since 1959.That’s what my girl told me, shes Cuban

Posted on 01/14/2008 at 8:47 AM

South Florida Sucks. says:

I’m confused.  I thought the first hispanic mayor in South Florida was Raul Martinez.  The one convicted of racketeering in federal court(which was later overturned because of flawed juror instructions).  I believe he was mayor for over 20 years.  There have been hispanic mayors in many other states in the past decade as well.  Just thought I throw that bit of trivia since someone said that the first hispanic mayor was just elected.

Posted on 01/17/2008 at 12:53 PM

TTT says:

Jose, please learn how to spell your own nationality. Is Colombian not Columbian. Dumb fuck

Posted on 01/18/2008 at 8:49 AM

Miami Sucks says:

Miami is a third-world south-american sh*thole and the humans there should get out and let the dirty pigs roll in the mud.

Posted on 01/31/2008 at 6:21 PM

Herald says:

You know, I don’t know but I’ve always found the whole race issue funny.They say that you can live how you want in America but you really can’t in actuality.I bet if a red neck Confederate walked into Liberty City or Rainbow city he’ll get shot on the spot.You cant speak your mind in the open because people are afraid, thats why they post here ONLINE!!

As of you guys know I am a Miami Cuban, also a stand up comic.My opinion is that you can live the way you want to live your life and nobody has the right to tell you nothing.Whenever it comes to Racism in Miami the first thing people think are “Cubans”.Let me tell you something, my best friend is Chinese and his parents are racist like mine.At work they have black co workers but at home is when they speak their mind, thats the way it is everywhere to everyone including Whites, Blacks, White Hispanics, Black Hispanics, Asians, and Gay people.

The clinic down by Homestead is ran by abunch of blacks and puerto ricans and if your Cuban or White Hispanic or White American they rip your paper and said they misplaced it, they did it to my grandmother, my neighbor, and my friends mom whos White American.Black people are racist also, everyone is racist against someone in this life no matter where you go around the world.

Cubans are racist to all hispanic cultures and Blacks, Puerto Ricans are racist against Cubans, Dominicans dont like Cubans or Puerto ricans,Whites dont like blacks, blacks dont like whites, Koreans dont like chinese, Chinese just dont like no one period.Nica’s dont like mexicans, mexicans dont like coasta ricans, Peruvians dont like Argentinians

and the list goes on and on.

Posted on 02/05/2008 at 2:02 PM

Ken says:


I think this article and the responses it has received are outstanding. the first post is 1999, and i find that remarkable, the newest post date just a month ago, and its now 2007. and ive got to ask———-

How has miami changed, if at ALL, now that it is 2007?

how is california, im a new yorker (Manhattan) and seriously considering california as a future!


Posted on 02/07/2008 at 12:59 AM

Ken says:

lol im sorry i mean **now that it is 2008** wink

Posted on 02/07/2008 at 1:10 AM

Pepe Garcia says:

More than one person mentioned one of the problems in Miami are the Cubans, they are loud etc. We need to remaind them the accomplishments so they don’t get confused. Antonio said the cuban exile is crap etc. He said he is not being a racist, ja, ja. Cubans feeling discriminated because of race??. I have never heard that.

Posted on 02/08/2008 at 5:17 PM


hey MIAMI is very friendly for all the rednecks people probably dont talk to you couse hey your a redneck .On the contrary Cubanns are known for being friendly yes were loud but we made miami what it was and a melting pot iset bad as lonng as ther arent people who cant handle it(cough cough[rednecks])

Posted on 02/08/2008 at 8:41 PM

Learning Everyday says:

Before I speak, I want the world to know I am Political and educated but I am not going to say my name.

The facts of life is their are four races in the world, The White,Black,Yellow, and Red.

The White race is anyone who has white skin, the black race are African Americans or people who are black,Yellow race are the Asians, and the red race are the Native Americans.All four races are measure by skin color, different bone size, organ size, and brain size.

French,Spanish,Italian, and so fourth, those are languages not races.My professor from Cuba told me this, by the way he is a doctor.

We live in a world thats in black and white not in color which is called reality.In reality we live in a world full of selfish, arrogant, and evil people.Even if you read about history its all based on war, slavery, and so fourth.

In this world that we live in its either your White or Black.In the United States of America their will never be a Hispanic, Asian, Jew, or Black president.The “White Man” will never allow it, they give us minorities an idea but thats it, by the way im Cuban.

In actuality, even tho this country has been built on minorities from other countries but the American Government doesn’t care, regardless of how many blacks, latins and asians their are, this country will always belong to the White Americans and nobody cannot do anything about it.

Its like what that KKK member said, im not a racist but I agree with what he saids, this is a “White Mans world”.Sit back and read history, look up all the events, and take a good look at all the world powers.or example, Hitler’s white, Fidel Castro is White, The Pope is white, and the list goes on. Its sad to say but its the hard facts of life and its all true.

Posted on 02/10/2008 at 2:47 PM

Ken says:

WOW, yes you probably are right, judging from all the horrible things ive heard about Miami through this website ( THANK YOU by the way, for i was thinking of moving to Miami / South America next year)

im done with this website though, great article, but its not even about miami anymore, now its about race.

thanks for the info!

Posted on 02/11/2008 at 10:37 AM

jessica says:

wow, I stumbled upon this forum and can’t believe how racist everyone is. I know that there are still issues in this country but wow. I grew up in Connecticut and it doesn’t get any more vanilla and bland than ct.  Miami has it’s issues but it has come a long way and I think it will continue to improve. As far as it being flat, what did you think it was like. Give me a break, that’s your own fault for not doing your research before coming here. As far as the cubans, it’s no different than all the mexicans and Asians in California and puerto ricans in new York.  Instead of complaining just enjoy what it does have to offer. The beaches are nice and the Cuban food is good. If you bothered to try to understand Latin American culture maybe you would have connection with some of the people. As far as people being rude that’s in all cities that has a large population of people. No different than when I visit Georgia or the carolinas and people give you phony nice. They are real good at insulting you in a nice way. I’ll take straight up rude anyway at least I know what they are thinking. Obviously this is the extreme opposite from CT but I do enjoy it here and there is always something to do and people do say hello to me here and that rarely happened in so called very educated CT.

Posted on 02/12/2008 at 10:14 PM

Keith Hamstead says:

I am a guy that came to Florida from N.J. I am a professional entertainer and DJ and from the minute I began doing business with Floridians it has been living Hell.  No matter type of business or ethicity every business owner has done everything in their power to cheat, and bullshit me while promising me the world and I have never seen anything as severe and disheartening in my 33 years in the tristate area.  The only thing keeping me here aside from the incredibly high cost of living is the weather, beautiful women(and might I add the most money hungry women). I have paid my dues to this state and have not seen any growth in my investment and business in this state.  Moving to Florida toughened me up and in a nutshell is a fantasy vacation state for the wealthy.  If your an entrepreneur looking to start your business here I recommend you stay far away from Florida as possible, especially Miami.

Posted on 02/14/2008 at 8:14 PM

Jessica Hinestroza says:

Then leave.  Last time I checked the majority of the people here that do business and cheat are from NY.  So not sure what your talking about the tri-state area.

Posted on 02/14/2008 at 10:27 PM

Pepe Garcia says:

Keith, I hope it gets cold in your house now, and only in your house. I hope every time you decide to go out or to work in the morning the temperature reaches -2 degrees but only in your personal space. I hope you have only ugly women living in your neighborhood.  That way you dont have any reason to stay in Miami and you can go to your wonderful NJ paradise, where women are splendid(not fat) and nice, not money oriented, where the beaches are so blue and cristal that you can see the dolphins swimming. In NJ you never have to wear gloves and the feeling of touching your steering weel with bare hands at 6:00 am is almost orgasmic. In NJ the sun is out until 8:00 pm in the winter and you will never find your car covered in snow. In NJ people say hi and smile at you 3 or 4 times and they invite you for dinner the first time they see you. People in NJ never cheat. There is no crime in NJ. There is no traffic in NJ, people walk to work. There are no ugly and loud hispanics in NJ, they are well educated and have well paid jobs. They are nice hispanics who learned English, not because they had no other choice, but because it was fun.
There are so many things to hate about Miami that the city will be empty in a couple of years. We will all go to NJ.

Posted on 02/15/2008 at 2:18 PM

KKKK says:

(comment deleted)

Posted on 02/16/2008 at 4:51 PM

Jessica says:

This is a response to what “learning everyday says”.  I am sure you are an educated person but I have to say that I completed disagree with your comment.  It’s that type of thought process that keeps people down.  Notice I did not say people of certain races. Come on give me a break we are all human not, all different alien species.  I hear what you are saying but that’s history and people change it everyday as they become educated and stop fearing everyone.  This whole hate thing revolves around fear and ignorance.  People not taking the time to get to know each other, influenced by their ignorant parents or grandparents and afraid that what they think is “THEIR” perfect little world will change.  I feel sorry for those people because they will never truly understand others and different cultures and how wonderful it is to experience that.  Most of those individuals have probably never even left the country (out of fear). I don’t believe in blaming governments, no one holds us down.  Sure they don’t make it easier and sometimes make it very difficult but blaming a government entity or race is just a crutch.  You make your own destiny and decisions.  I believe if you want something bad enough you will get it.  Look at women, it’s wasn’t too long ago that I would not have been allowed to go to school and would have to follow all these ridiculous rules.  If we just sat down and blamed everyone else and said they are keeping us down then that’s the way it would be.  There is much more to achieve in women’s equality but the fact that there is a women running for president is a huge achievement.  Even if she doesn’t win that’s ok because she tried and that would not have been allowed just a few years ago. 

What I am saying is I hate it when people blame others.  I think we all just need to stop blaming and start acting. I was born in this country damn proud that I am american and proud that my parents are from Colombia, S.A. and if my goal in life was to become president I would do it.  No one would tell me different.
As far as this KKK guy he doesn’t even know what he is talking about.  This country started out as a white skin country (may I add they immigrated here) simply because they came over and stole it from the Native American Indians but times are changing and they are scared.  That’s why they say nasty things.  I think people who think that way no matter what color they are, are so insignificant in this world and will be left behind. They don’t matter.

Posted on 02/16/2008 at 5:36 PM

KKKK says:

(comment deleted)

Posted on 02/16/2008 at 7:07 PM

Jessica says:

I recruit at UM and always considered it to be a great learning institution unfortunately they screwed up with you. I don’t care if you go to UM since I did not ask but since you brought it up I went to YALE!. So UM doesn’t compare.  You are such a racist but the funny thing is that you are Cuban and the majority of people talking crap on this site are talking about YOUR RACE!!! Yet, you are just as bad!!  What makes you think that CUBA deserves better treatment than any other country.  My family is from Colombia and I was lucky and feel lucky to be born in this country yet I don’t think that my family members that are still over there deserve to be here.  They need to earn it. They need to apply and follow the rules like everyone else.  As far as Cuba is concerned they do have special rules that allow them to stay if they make it to dry land.  That is great for Cuban people who want to be here but dangerous since so many of them die trying to get here. I agree that people in Cuba suffer and I know several people from there and hear all the horrible stories.  Nevertheless, that does not make you better than anyone else.  People suffer all over the world and if you want to know about real suffering why don’t you go and visit Darfur, Somalia or Congo.  You will see what true evil and suffering is.  I feel confident enough to say that it is worse than Cuba considering the fact that they are larger countries and they are killing MILLIONS!!  I am not trying to compare because everyone has issues but you decided to bring it up.  What kills me is how ignorant you are and how racist you are.  The simple fact that you speak about others in the manner that you do and call them wetbacks.  Do you even know where the term comes from?  If so you wouldn’t use it because believe me people use towards Cubans on a daily basis.  So you are speaking about your own family. I hear people say aweful things everyday and I will always argue with anyone who speaks in that manner. 
I don’t even know why I bother responding to this because you are such an idiot you are not worth my time but I had to point out that you are speaking negatively about YOURSELF, YOU IDIOT!

Signing off this forum is obviously for a bunch of IDIOTS!

Posted on 02/16/2008 at 9:20 PM

Gus says:

And on that note, I think I’m going to close the comments on this one. If you all want to continue this discussion, you can do it in the Forum:

Posted on 02/17/2008 at 9:11 AM

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