April 01, 2005

Business Travelers Prefer Booking Online

According to emarketer, Business travelers are keeping online travels sites busy and booking online.

"In 2003, 57% said they preferred to book online. Two years later, the figure has risen to 71%. Meanwhile, those who prefer using a travel agent, either on the phone or in person, has fallen from 39% to 24%."

Hey, all you Business travelers out there, you can book hotels in Miami Beach at Miami Beach 411, or call us at 1-800-573-6351.

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March 28, 2005

The Captain backlash

Captain Morgan and his new blog are taking a beating from some of the brightest minds in the blogosphere.

Robert Scoble says...

"No comments? Lame. That tells us you don't think we're important enough to listen to. No RSS? Lame. That tells us you don't want connectors/sneezers/influentials to talk about you and you don't want anyone to have a relationship with you on THEIR TERMS. No real human author? That tells us that you aren't passionate or authoritative about your product and you aren't willing to get over your fear of talking with real customers."

The Head Lemur joins in...

"The captain will perform a community service as some kid will get on the site, join the club, get the rum and get his silly ass killed. The parents will sue for millions and despite all the disclaimers, privacy statements, and lawyerly, they will win and make the captain do a 9000 city tour for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

gapingvoid's "The "Beyond Lame" Award of The Week goes to..."

Now, I'm not hating on Captain's blog. I just started blogging myself, but I did notice the hundreds of comments on the website. It seems strange that a such a new blog would have so many comments. You don't think the marketing department at Captain Morgan’s Rum would stoop so low as to stuffing comments, do you?

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Podcasting in South Beach

Have you heard of "podcasting"? It's best described as blogging meets radio meets ipod.

Podcasting is a web-based broadcast medium. A podcast is like an audio magazine article: a listner receives audio programs delivered via the internet, and can listen to them at their leisure.

The medium started gaining exposure after former MTV VJ, Adam Curry, did a live podcast as he walked around South Beach. Adam calls it a "soundseeing tour." It's like a sightseeing tour, except that you experience the tour through sound instead of sight.

urlgreyhot sums it up nicely...

"What I really loved about this podcast is that it really creates what he refers to as the "theater of the mind". On his walk, you hear: street construction sounds; a chat he has with a crazy misanthropic passerby who seems to care a lot about getting a swimming pool and a Walmart in South Beach; lots of Spanish as he passes sidewalk cafes; and a chat with DuoLive, some Brooklyn kids selling their CDs."

If you have 30 minutes, Adam's South Beach podcast is definitely worth a listen.

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