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March 28, 2005
Podcasting in South Beach

Have you heard of "podcasting"? It's best described as blogging meets radio meets ipod.

Podcasting is a web-based broadcast medium. A podcast is like an audio magazine article: a listner receives audio programs delivered via the internet, and can listen to them at their leisure.

The medium started gaining exposure after former MTV VJ, Adam Curry, did a live podcast as he walked around South Beach. Adam calls it a "soundseeing tour." It's like a sightseeing tour, except that you experience the tour through sound instead of sight.

urlgreyhot sums it up nicely...

"What I really loved about this podcast is that it really creates what he refers to as the "theater of the mind". On his walk, you hear: street construction sounds; a chat he has with a crazy misanthropic passerby who seems to care a lot about getting a swimming pool and a Walmart in South Beach; lots of Spanish as he passes sidewalk cafes; and a chat with DuoLive, some Brooklyn kids selling their CDs."

If you have 30 minutes, Adam's South Beach podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Posted by Gus on March 28, 2005 05:30 AM


First Podcast from Chile is in San Fernando – VI Region.

Dear friends,
I will in Miami next July. I am one of 23 teachers from Chile who won a grant to study at NOVA.

As and old time dxer or short wave listener, that I have changed the SWL hobby Of International Radios on Short wave, (Dxing) by the Internet, I have the pleasure to let you know that as May 17, 2005, International Day of Communication, you can download and listen the First Podcasting Produced and poscasted from San Fernando Chile, to all Internet surfers of the world.

If you have time and are interested in listening this first program/file from San Fernando, you can visit my website, where you can download the MP3 files for a later listening on your PC or MP3 player.

This is my site:

I remain for your questions, comments and suggestions about these programs/files.

At the same time, I’ll be very thankful if you could send this mail to your Contacts, and distribute this news on your web site, in order to promote this new technology of communication among teacher and educators.

Also I would like to receive some mp3 files with your greetings so that I could publish it on my podcasts.

1.- If you want to know more about me, search on for:

Carlos Toledo Verdugo, chilepodcast
and/or visit ...

2.- http://cana13

Programme contents:

Both my wife and I are Christian Teachers and we would like to podcast poetry, Chilean music, the history of Dxing in Chile, Bible reading and greetings from listener.

My podcast are in Special Spanish because I want reach all the people on the internet that are interested in learning my mother tongue Spanish.

Also we would like to be in touch through this technology with fellow Spanish Teachers as a Second Language and their students of Spanish language.

Finaly, I want to tell you that I am planning to “podcast” my experiences from Miami on my website.

Sincerely, and God Bless you all.

Carlos Toledo Verdugo
Primary School Teacher
Profesor de Educación General Básica
San Fernando - Sexta Región - Chile

Posted by: Carlos Toledo Verdugo at June 29, 2005 07:55 PM
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