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April 04, 2005
Miami airport adds explosives detector

Security is getting more sophisticated at Miami International Airport. A phone-booth-size machine that blows air at passengers to check for explosives will start operating on Wednesday at Concourse E, one of MIA's busiest checkpoints.

Called an explosives detection trace portal, the contraption releases two quick puffs through 32 jets, aimed from ankles to neck -- enough of a breeze to tousle clothing and loosen particles of any explosives that might be present.

Aimee Ahiers, spokeswoman for General Electric, which manufactures the $135,000 EntryScan3 detection machine, says...

“the process takes about 12 seconds. When a passenger is instructed to stand in the machine, it will instruct in a computer voice, ‘please enter,’ which is followed by ‘air puffers on’ and ‘please exit’.”

In the next year, the TSA plans to install 150 machines at busy commercial airports across the nation.

Posted by Gus on April 4, 2005 12:19 PM


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