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April 23, 2005
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises

The MSNBC Savings Sleuth points out that if you can set sail on May 20, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises is offering a 25% discount on cruises to the Bahamas.

"Spend from four to eight days on the S.V. Legacy from Miami to the Bahamas and receive a 25 percent discount off of rates that start from $450 for four days (Miami to Nassau), $600 five days (Nassau to Miami) and $900 eight days (Miami roundtrip) in a standard cabin."

Here’s a sample of the cost for one-way flights between Miami and/or Nassau and major U.S. gateways if booked through Windjammers:

• $85 (Nassau) - Miami
• $90 (Miami)/$230 (Nassau) – Atlanta
• $140 (Miami)/$260 (Nassau) – Chicago
• $155 (Miami)/$230 (Nassau) – Newark/New York
• $220 (Miami)/$299 (Nassau) – Los Angeles"

The rates are per person and include on-board meals and certain beverages. Count on paying extra for port fees, airfares and transfers.

This averages to be about $125 per day (not including your airfare).

I guess it's an ok deal if you totally pig out on the food.

Sadly, I've never taken a cruise.

Does this sound like a good deal to you? And what's a port fee?

Source: MSNBC

Posted by Gus on April 23, 2005 11:53 AM


So i figured i'd answer my own question: what are port fees? What i found on was very interesting:

"Large cruise lines have been over charging people for port fees but illegally calling them port taxes. Since there are no port taxes suits were filed against almost every major cruise line. The cruise lines offered discount coupons or voucher compensation instead of monetary compensation while renaming their illegal fees to port service fees. One cruise line, Royal Caribbean/Celebrity separates the fees as non-commissionable cruise fares on the invoice to travel agents and had sent a letter to travel agents instructing them to avoid using the term port charges if speaking with customers."

"Many people believe that the mysterious charges are simply a way for cruise lines to create a profit center. Port charges have continued to rise over the last several years, and cruise lines have countered criticism by claiming they have simply been responding to increasing rates. The truth is, when trying to receive information from cruise lines about the breakdown of the port charges and fees, the cruise lines would rather lose business than to disclose this information."

I see now that it's very important to find out as much as i can about port fees before I book a cruise.

Here is a link to the page -

Posted by: Gus at April 23, 2005 01:31 PM
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