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June 14, 2005
Boy dies after riding Epcot's 'Mission: Space'

Sadly, a 4-year-old boy died after passing out while aboard Walt Disney World's "Mission: Space" attraction -- an Epcot ride that has caused previous hospitalizations because of its intensity.

During an eight-month period that ended last year, six people over age 55 were taken to the hospital for chest pain and nausea after riding Mission: Space.

Last month, I visited Epcot and rode Mission: Space. I was surprised to see barf bags placed infront of my seat. After the ride, I understood why; it was the most nasuating ride I've ever experienced.

My heart goes out to the family that lost their son. No one expects a death to occur while on vacation.

Source: BoingBoing

Update: Reuters has some additional details. The family claims there was no history of ill health prior to the ride. There is also more detail on the post-death inspection of the attraction.

Disney officials have released a statement. The ride is open today after passing engineering and ride system inspections.

Posted by Gus on June 14, 2005 11:38 AM


I recentely visted Epcot and also had a similiar experience on mission space. I got on the ride with my family. My 8yr old didn't want to get on but we went on anyway. I had forgotten that this was the ride that cause the death of the 4 yr old. When we got out of the ride we were taken to the infirmary at Epcot. My 8yr old was white as a ghost and said that she felt as if someone was pressing on her throat and chest while on the ride. We were in the infirmary for about 45min-1hr. I do not recommend this ride at all. While on the ride as you are going through G-Force your face actually flaps, pressure on the chest and you suddendly begin to sweat.
After learning of the death of the 4yr old I felt terrible and thought of what my daughter was feeling. There should be an emergency button which allows that space ship to stop immediately.
My prayers to the family who lost their son.

Posted by: leticia at August 21, 2005 01:49 PM
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