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August 22, 2005
Miami singles scene

Each year, Forbes Magazine ranks the best cities for singles. Miami ranks 23rd out of 40 cities.

Here are the guidlines that the editors used to rate the cities and how Miami fared on each count:

Number of Singles - Each city is evaluated based upon the percentage of its adult population that has never been married. Miami ranks 23 on this attribute.

Nightlife - Forbes editors count the number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in a city and use this strictly numerical rating to assess the city's nightlife. Miami came in a surprising number 15 on this attribute.

Culture - The cultural index is calculated in a similar manner. In this case, Forbes editors track the number of museums, sports teams and entertainment venues. Miami scored 24th out of 40.

Coolness - Several University professors used data on the number of creative jobs and amount of diversity in each city to come up with a coolness ranking. I'm not sure how they did their math, but Miami only came out number 15 on this ranking.

Job Growth - Projected job growth is important to young singles looking to advance their careers. Economic data placed Miami as number 19 on this attribute.

Cost of Living - Miami's cost of living was the third worst in the study. The only cities studied that were more expensive than Miami were Austin and San Antonio.

Miami is a great town to be single in. Obviously, the Forbes list was put together by someone who has never partied here.

Last night, my friend George gave me a tip on where to meet girls. He says go to SoFi Lounge on Friday or Saturday night at around 1am. His words were:

"... the place is overflowing with hos beautiful women"

What is the Miami singles scene like for you? Where is your favorite place to meet girls/guys? Drop us a comment.

Posted by Gus on August 22, 2005 12:58 PM


I reside in Miami and let me be the first to say that Miami should be the first city to come to if your single. Just walking the streets of South Beach alone you are bound to meet I nice chick

Posted by: Joey Joe Johnson at August 22, 2005 01:53 PM
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