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August 02, 2005
Traffic cameras in Miami on I-95

I had no idea there were so many traffic cameras along I-95. Below is a list of highway webcams in Miami, FL. The Hearld web cam pictures will automatically update every three minutes:

I-95 & NW 213th St.
I-95 & Ives Dairy Rd.
I-95 & NW 196th St.
I-95 & NW 176th St.
I-95 & NW 151 St.
I-95 & NW 135th St.
I-95 & NW 124th St.
I-95 & NW 119th St.
I-95 & NW 103 St.
I-95 & NW 93rd St.
I-95 & NW 79th St.
I-95 & NW 75th St.
I-95 & NW 62nd St.
I-95 & NW 52nd St.
I-95 & NW SR112
I-95 & NW 35th St.
I-95 & NW 29th St.
I-95 & NW 20th St.
I-95 & NW 17th St.
I-95 & NW 13th St.
I-95 & NW 4th St.
I-95 & NW 3rd St.
I-95 & SW 8th St.
I-95 & SW 18th Rd.
I-95 & SW 28th Rd.
US-1 & SW 17th Ave.

The highway and city traffic in Miami, Florida isn't the worst I've experienced, but it's getting more congested evryday. I'd definitly be checking these cameras out beofre I skipped out of the office and jumped on the freeway.

My favorite freeway web cam shot is I-95 & SW 8th St. What's your favorite traffic camera in Miami? Post a comment.

Update: I just noticed the webcam pictures are color during the day and turn black and white at night. Cool

Posted by Gus on August 2, 2005 07:51 PM


"Are there any cameras that show the the McArthur Causeway (836) or the 195 so that you can pick the best way on or off of the Beach?"

Yes, th Miami Hearld has a nice webcam that points east. On weekends, or during Season, you'd be able to see if the traffic is backed up going to South Beach.

Here is a link to most every webcam in Miami -

If you know of any others, drop a comment.

Posted by: Gus at August 3, 2005 07:15 PM

Are there any cameras that show the the McArthur Causeway (836) or the 195 so that you can pick the best way on or off of the Beach?

Posted by: pete at August 3, 2005 06:05 PM
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