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2 Hot Clubs Set to Open in Miami This Winter

ADORE and E11even Bring Some Promising Concepts for Winter 2013

“There’s a new club in South Beach” is about as novel a statement to hear as “there’s a new chain restaurant in Orlando.” It seems that everyone who’s ever run a late-night liquor-serving establishment has decided his concept is gonna go gangbusters in Miami. And roughly one percent of those people are ever right. But this winter, some major-league nightlife heavyweights are opening spots in Miami that have some serious promise. So iron your Gucci jeans and dust off your Amex, because these are two new nightclubs that might actually be here by baseball season.


2000 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

Imagine, if you will, that there was one person responsible for the creation of LIV, Mansion and Space. Now imagine he teamed up with the person who was responsible for the Nikki Beach Sunday party.  If those two people existed, they’d probably share a 4/4 with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. But they’d probably also create the greatest club in the history of velvet ropes and V-necks.


Which brings us to Adore, the brainchild of the very-not imaginary Cy Waits (who created Vegas’ holy trinity of longstanding superclubs XS, Tryst and Drai’s), and Cory McCormack, who brought us the Rehab Pool Party at Vegas’ Hard Rock. Their Miami venture in the Boulan Hotel is aiming to be the newest big player in the South Beach, and after poaching the general managers and marketing directors from every top spot in the Beach, there’s a good chance your new favorite place to wait in line and drop names will be on the corner of 20th and Collins.

Let’s start with the a 21st century Disco Ball they’re calling the LE3D Globe that hovers over the dance floor. Take the Death Star, now imagine instead of blowing up innocent little planets it has a perpetually changing LED display, and you’ve got a pretty good description of Adore’s signature feature. Under it will 12,000 square feet and 40 tables of cathedral-y opulence, highlighted by bright lights, plush tables, and a fairly sizable dance floor for bottle-service crazed Miami plus 2 levels from which to watch the excitement.

The Funktion One Sound system is the same one used in half of the top ten-ranked clubs for sound by Beatport.  And in addition to the LED Death Star on the ceiling, there’ll be wall-sized screens throughout to make sure you’re thoroughly entertained when that girl you invited to share your bottle inevitably runs out of things to say. 

Adore’s slated to open Basel weekend, but given the speed at which things move in South Beach it might be more likely you end up going to a club with Santa Claus.

29 NE 11 St., Miami

Whatever you do, don’t call E11even a strip club. Ok, sure, the guys who’ve put $40 million into it (on the site of the old Gold Rush, that most definitely WAS a strip club) are the same guys who rehabbed Spearmint Rhino in Vegas and opened Solid Gold in North Miami, but what they’re doing here is something completely different.


To understand E11even you must first understand its two main players: Dayclub and Nightclub. Dayclub – while not the enemy of Nightclub and completely unknowledgeable about karate – will never close. The only-in-Miami 24-hour liquor license will allow them to have “entertainers” as well as cold beers and delicious bar food available at whatever hour the urge for a Bud Light and a lap dance strikes you. It’ll still have the same Funktion One resolution 6 sound system and high-tech LED awesomeness as its upscale brother Nightclub, but during daytime hours will be more of a laid-back venue.

Then when the sun goes down the curtain at the end of Dayclub lifts, opening into the 25,000 square foot Nightclub. Only open at….you guessed it, NIGHT….Nightclub has 6 winches for body-painted performers to swoop around the room in a visual overload of cabaret. It’s all centered around a hydraulic stage that’ll feature everything from singers to topless dancers to circus performers to, well anything you can imagine. That stage will be surrounded by VIP tables and backed by a bar and DJ booth, that will be bringing in guys you’ve actually heard of, making us all a little excited to see how exactly David Guetta will call Destinee to the mainstage.


In addition to the main areas they’ll have no shortage of private VIP rooms (32 of ‘em), where you can order everything via iPad, including your favorite dancer. So if the aforementioned Destinee checks in for her Saturday shift, you’ll know on your iPad and can summon her to your VIP room with the swipe of a screen. Same goes for drinks and food, and the best part is the iPad will never awkwardly linger around looking for a tip.

E11even’s also going to have a completely-separate rooftop restaurant helmed by chef Top Chef’s Carla Pellegrino (pictured to your left). And no, she won’t be performing outside of the kitchen. The rooftop spot is inspired by Juvia’s panoramic lounge design, but unlike Juvia vows to actually have good food and friendly service. Similarly, it is accessible via elevator without ever having to go inside the cabaret, and has a retractable roof that cost Dade County taxpayers exactly nothing.

E11even is slated to open in January, and then hopefully never close.



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About the Author: Matt Meltzer is a featured columnist at Miami Beach 411.

See more articles by Matt Meltzer.

See more articles by Matt Meltzer

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