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Miami Marlins Logo Is Hideous

We're Asking You To Come Up With Something Better
September 22, 2011 By Carlos Miller in Miami: Local NewsMiami: Sports News  | 10 Comments


You would think multimillionaire art collector Jeffrey Loria would be able to come up with a decent logo for his soon-to-be-named Miami Marlins baseball team.

Something that represents Miami considering they’re going to be playing in their own stadium in the heart of the city for the first time in nearly two decades of existence as the Florida Marlins.

Something sleek and stylish with a hint of swagger. A logo that says South Beach as much as it says Little Havana.

A logo that looks toward the future of this city instead of pre-Miami Vice.

Instead, we’re getting an outdated logo looks like a cross between the Whataburger and McDonald’s logos.


Clearly this must be some kind of joke. A way to stir controversy before they officially announce the new logo on November 11 (read comments from my Facebook page below). Another attempt at screwing the fan base as they’ve been doing for years.

Adding to the mystery is that the Marlins have neither confirmed or denied that this logo is for real.

Perhaps the real logo will be done by Romero Britto (Don’t even think about it, Loria).

Miami Beach 411 is not happy

A few months ago, Miami Beach 411 bought a pair of season tickets in the new stadium behind home plate.

We spent $7,500 for the pair of seats because they forced us to buy a seating package for this year at the current stadium.

We plan to take our friends, clients and sources to enjoy the games with us where we will proudly show them the nice view of the downtown skyline directly behind the outfield wall.

Despite how much we loved the Orange Bowl, we are prepared to hop on the bandwagon of the new team and stadium.

We love the fact that they will now be the Miami Marlins instead of the Florida Marlins.

We can even look past the fact that our politicians bamboozled the stadium construction without voter input, sticking it to the taxpayer for the umpteenth time.

You see, we’re used to corruption. But we’re also used to aesthetics.

Our city may be rotten to the core, but at least it looks good on the surface. A quick drive across the MacArthur Causeway can confirm that (just don’t mind the homeless people beneath it).

That is why we’re going to do all we can to prevent this logo from being implemented.

Logo contest

We are inviting all our readers to submit their version of the Miami Marlins logo, which we will include in this story as we get them.

We will include your name and website, if you wish, or you can remain anonymous but that would defeat the purpose.

A designer at CBS Miami took 30 minutes to come up with the logo on the left, which blows away the leaked logo on the right.


We know there are a lot of talented graphic designers in South Florida, so we’re hoping we can come up with a nice collection of logos, which we will present to the Marlins on November 1 (or maybe even earlier depending on how this goes).

That will give them at least 10 days to look the logos over and maybe change their mind about what they had planned to release.

It’s a far-fetched idea because the Marlins have never listened to their fans, but you just never know.

And yes, we know the right people to submit the logos to at the Marlins front office. We paid good money for that access.

But we didn’t pay that money to wear ugly paraphernalia.

Email your logos to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and check out what my Facebook friends had to say.


Our first and only entry comes from Jesus Deus.




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Carlos Miller is a featured writer at Miami Beach 411. He also operates Photography is Not a Crime, a blog about photographer rights, New Media and First Amendment issues.

See more articles by Carlos Miller.

See more articles by Carlos Miller

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10 Comments on

"Miami Marlins Logo Is Hideous"

Blackford Oakes says:

As I commented before, I don’t have a gripe with the design. Sure ! We should entertain other possibilities.

Why not just utilize the letter ” M’ in it’s traditional font and leave it at that.
If I was a die hard fan, I’d be more concerned how ” Miami ” would be emblazoned on away uniforms.

The organization, at the least owes that to the tax payers.

Posted on 09/23/2011 at 8:03 AM

rk says:

I agree with the above comment. Sure you can always come up with a better logo, but the one shown above is not terrible by any means. I like it better than the pale blue one with a fish shown next to it. A logo must be simple and distinctive, and be legible at many sizes. In the end, the logo will look good if the team plays well, not the other way around.

Posted on 09/23/2011 at 9:46 PM

Blackford Oakes says:

You got it RK. The tradition is to keep it simple: At least with the caps.
With the exception of the Indians, Blue Jays, Orioles and Astros, all teams just utilize one or two letters on their cap.

Posted on 09/24/2011 at 3:36 AM

Gus says:

RK and Mr. Oakes,

Thank you for speaking up. I am also in the opposite dugout, from Mr. Miller on this subject.

Personally, I think it’s an excellent logo design. The “M” font is unique and is distinguishable, from a distance, and the colors look classy and modern, capturing the feel of the new ballpark.

I would proudly wear a cap with the new logo.

Kudos to the marketing an design team.

Posted on 09/24/2011 at 7:41 AM

Blackford Oakes says:

Gus: I want 1st dibs on the Dodger Series ( just one game).  I’ll even wear a Marlin cap whatever the logo is.

Posted on 09/24/2011 at 1:06 PM

Carlos Miller says:

If the tradition was to keep it simple, then all they had to do was change the F in the current logo to an M.

Instead, they introduced some new whacky colors, which is what makes this logo so ugly.

Posted on 09/24/2011 at 4:17 PM

Blackford Oakes says:

Carlos: I think the organization is bent on a new look because of the stadium.

Whatever the new logo, it might just take Pitbull sporting the new cap in a video, to make someone in Poughkeepsie buy one.

Posted on 09/25/2011 at 9:33 AM

Carlos Miller says:

I understand wanting a new look with a new stadium. But considering the stadium is going to be very modern, shouldn’t the logo be equally as modern?

Posted on 09/25/2011 at 9:36 AM

Ginger says:

I like the use of the blue, orange and yellow in the for the water, orange for citrus, and yellow for the sun..very Miami. But having it on black for T shirts wouldn’t be very smart.

Posted on 09/25/2011 at 3:15 PM

Gus says:

Looks like the Marlins are playing the Dodgers in Miami on August 10 & 11. Just pick a day and the tickets are yours!

Posted on 09/27/2011 at 11:22 AM

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