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5 Things That Make a Miami Cruise Fun

(Plus the Terrifying Thing They Don't Tell You)
April 17, 2014 By Jess in

Are you considering a cruise from Miami, but was not sure if you’ll enjoy it? Last month, my boyfriend and I took a 4 night cruise from the Port of Miami, just so we could come back and tell you all about it. Here are 5 reasons why Miami cruises are totally fun:

1. From the ship, the view of Miami may be the best you’ll ever see

We know Miami is beautiful. That’s why we live here. Our skyline over the water is stunning, the beaches go on forever, and the weather is usually sunny. Put all the great views of Miami into one, and that’s what you’ll see as you start your cruise. From the pool deck, we enjoyed the skyline, the bridges, the beaches and the sunshine, as we waved goodbye to the motorists stuck in traffic on the MacArthur Causeway. Add in dolphins jumping alongside the ship, and the beautiful view of South Beach as we headed out to sea, and the cruise was off to a perfect start.

Did I forget to mention the sail away party music, free cocktails and food? Yes, sailing out of Miami is definitely an amazing way to begin a vacation.


2. Free food, any time you want

In case you don’t know, your meals and snacks on a cruise are free. Yep, you heard right, completely free. Starting as soon as you board the ship until the last moment before you get off, you can - and will - eat as much as you like. There is an endless buffet going nearly all hours of the day with every dish you can think of, along with ice cream machines and unlimited pizza served 24/7. The restaurants serve full service dinners, where your waiter won’t bat an eye if you order as many courses as your heart desires. On our first night, we ordered 3 appetizers and 2 main courses (each)… and with no check at the end of the meal, why not?

The waiters burst into song and dance routines when you aren’t expecting it, so be sure to clap along if they jump on the tables to Lady Gaga.

And for the food allergy sufferers out there (like myself), all cruise lines are more than adept at making food according to your needs and will plan your meals with you in advance.

3. There are so many activities, you won’t know what to try first

If you want to cruise just so you can be out of range from your cell phone signal and sleep in peace all day, that can be arranged. But for the restless cruise passengers, there are so many things to try, they actually let you know the night before on a daily itinerary so you can plan your day. Every ship is different but the majority offer mini golf, spa services, poolside yoga, gym classes, pool deck parties with the DJ playing requests, Vegas and Broadway dance shows, a full casino, comedy clubs, nightclubs, water slides, rock climbing walls… some of the bigger ships even boast ice skating rinks.

Sailing at sea, with nothing to do except have fun is a great way to spend your day.


4. It’s the easiest way to travel to other places and countries

Not all Americans have passports, we get that. But what if you want to travel and see new places without the expense of buying one? Well on a cruise you can. As long as you have a valid Birth certificate, and are returning to the USA after sailing from Miami, you can visit the Caribbean, Mexico and anywhere else you choose. Plus it’s far easier to visit new places without the hassle of bringing your stuff and dealing with airports and transfers. Just think of the cruise ship as your own personal chauffeur. Key West, Bahamas, Mexico… you can visit for the day and leave your worries, luggage and belongings safely on the ship.

5. The Port of Miami is located in one of the best Cities in America!

What makes a Miami cruise fun? Sailing from and returning to Miami! The Port is a 10 minute drive from South Beach and in the middle of downtown Miami. The cruise can be the main part of your vacation, but make sure to spend time in Miami itself. Save at least a day or two to explore what our amazing city has to offer. Use the dollars you saved at dinner on the cruise for a bus tour and a drink on Ocean Drive.

The Terrifying Thing They Don’t Tell You… It’s returning to the Port of Miami

It wouldn’t be fair to tell you how awesome cruising from Miami is, without this small disclaimer. Returning to the Port of Miami sucks. Coming back from any vacation can often be a letdown, but arriving at the Port of Miami is a rude shock after being on a full service cruise ship. The rude, grumpy Port staff are in sharp contrast to the smiling cruise staff you just waved goodbye to. After being herded into a tiny cramped immigration hall, baggage takes forever to come out, passport control is chaos, and the staff think it’s acceptable to shout at you to get in line. You have been warned.

But don’t let the rude arrival back into Miami spoil your trip. Cruising in and out of our city is always a fun time. We sailed on the Carnival Victory, but there are so many ships to choose from in Miami. The Port hosts Disney, Costa, NCL, Carnival, MSC, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean. Choose your ship, check out the ports you’d like to visit, and make sure to have a fun time.

Bon Voyage!

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A SoBe resident for 5 years, Jess’s writing focuses on healthy living in South Beach with a dose of British humor and a cheerful outlook on life in Miami. She can be found moderating the forum Miami Beach 411.

See more articles by Jess.

See more articles by Jess

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