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Miami Beach 411
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Miami Moving and Relocation Guide

Prepare yourself for a culture shock. Moving to Miami is not like moving to any other place in the U.S.

To get started, you may want to join some discussions in our Moving Forum, or read the articles below.

Moving Tips

Budget-Minded Tips from A New Resident

by Doug Eames

I was drawn here by the car-free lifestyle and cheap Cuban food.

How I moved to Miami

How I Moved to Miami From England

by Jessica Slater

Where do you begin? For me, it was by following an article on Miami Beach 411. Also see my 5 helpful things to know.

Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables; The City Beautiful Still Lives Up to its Name

by Carlos Miller

Coral Gables is home the Biltmore Hotel, Venetian Pool and University of Miami.

Coral Way, FL

Coral Way Corridor Offers Central Location, Authenticity

by Carlos Miller

The Coral Way Corridor is smack in between the Gables, the Grove, Little Havana, and Brickell.

Downtown Miami skyline

Miami, FL: Where to Move and How to Find a Place

by Matt Meltzer

I am not saying this is an awful place to live, but you have to need a thick skin and the right mindset in order to survive. Also see 25 things I wish I new before moving here.

Where to Live For the Young and Single (Video)

Where to Live For the Young and Single (Video)

by Matt Meltzer

Miami is the Best Place to Live When Life is All About You

Where To Live for Families (Video)

Where To Live for Families (Video)

by Matt Meltzer

You may notice I did not once mention South Beach, and there's a reason for this

Miami's best realtor

Finding the Best Miami Realtor for You

by Matt Meltzer

Fun as it is cruising the streets looking for “For Rent” signs, there are easier ways to obtain a place to live in Miami.

miami job interview

Searching For Jobs in Miami-Dade FL

by Matt Meltzer

When you first move here to South Florida you should find some sort of employment as soon as possible.

spanish speaking workplace

How to Survive in the Spanish Workplace

by Matt Meltzer

It's crucial that you are aware of your surroundings. And your surroundings, for the most part, will be Spanish.

Miami driving rules

Driving in Miami: The Rules Are Different Down Here

by Matt Meltzer

While every city brags about their insane traffic and bad drivers, no city has quite the unique combo that we do

Traffic jams

Avoiding Miami Traffic (Maps)

by Matt Meltzer

There are distinct routes and traffic patterns to avoid at certain times, and if you can do that you should be okay.

Friends in Miami

Making Friends in Miami

by Matt Meltzer

Miami presents its own special set of social challenges, there's also some unique opportunities.

Miami city skyline view

The City of Miami, FL Compared to Other Cities in the U.S.

by Matt Meltzer

Yeah, we have heat, humidity, bugs, traffic, a population with a strange aversion to the English language...

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