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Miami Beach 411 is a community website that provides advice, support, and the latest news about Miami, Florida and nearby cities For current headlines and events see the featured articles.

Recommended sites

Below are some sites we like, we think you'll like them too:

305: Misadventures in the MIA - This local blog is described as "lanky and swanky and superawesome..... like with a cape."

All Purpose Dark - Sara's incredibly organized musings out for public consumption.

A Mom, a Blog and the Life In-Between - Tere is a local writer from Coral Gables, FL.

Carlos Miller - Photography is Not a Crime. It’s a First Amendment Right

Eye on Miami - Revealing analysis of national trends and local news.

Gadling - a traveler's weblog.

Gridskipper - scouring the world for discount flights, chic hotels, and pretty people.

Hidden City - perhaps the oldest blog on the web, written by a man that has lived in Miami for most of his life

Ipanemic - Sexy models, street photography and witty commentary best describes this blog.

HotelChatter - uncensored hotel reviews from all over the world.

Jonathan's Photoblog - Jonathan is a photographer living in Miami.

Miami Fever's Photos - a photographer from Santo Domingo.

Miami Nights - a nightlife focused blog documenting the trends of South Beach and Downtown Miami.

Riptide 2.0 - a group blog from Miami New Times.

Random Pixels - Miami Beach based professional photographer. Life-long Miami resident.

Sex and the Beach - not for the prude or those under 18.

SmarterTravel - a consumer site dedicated to helping people save time and money.

South Florida Daily Blog - SFDB sifts through blogs based in South Florida and highlights those posts that stand out.

Transit Miami - dedicated to the Transit and Urban Planning issues which plague the Greater Miami Region.

Tripso - the oldest travel news site on the Web.

White Dade - speaking about life as an American living abroad. And by Abroad, he means Miami.

Recommended sites in Miami Beach 411.
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