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South Beach’s Best Food Delivery

The Best in Miami Beach Food Delivery, From Burgers to Pizza to Sushi

After a long day in the sun, and an even longer nap, sometimes you just don’t feel like walking around South Beach figuring out where to eat. Sometimes you just want to sit in the air-condiitoned paradise that is your hotel room and put something in your stomach to soak up the inevitable alcohol you’re going to consume for the rest of the night.

And South Beach restaurants know this. And most of them deliver. But they’re not all good.

So as a service to you, the South Beach visitor – or perhaps just lazy resident – here’s our locals’ picks for the best delivery you can get in eight different categories.


Big Pink
157 Collins Ave
(305) 532-4700


If you’re hungry for a hamburger, but your friend is hungry for a southern fried chicken salad and yet another friend wants steak and eggs for dinner, but none of you have the energy to actually go out and GET any of that stuff, there’s no better choice than Big Pink. The diner on 2nd and Collins has been a South Beach institution with a menu that reads only slightly shorter than the entire” 50 Shades” trilogy and features equally-immense portions everything motioned above plus pizzas, over 20 sandwiches, and the biggest most delicious chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever have. If you’ve got a few hours to kill, here’s the full menu.


T-Mex Cantina
235 14th St
(305) 538-3009


For years the San Loco Taco shop was an after-work favorite for South Beach service industry types, and a soak-up-the-liquor favorite for Macs Club Deuce-types across the street. And even though the name has changed to Tyrannosaurus Mex, the food is still authentically delicious. Choose from the standard selection of Mexican goodies, or opt for a crispy taco wrapped in a soft shell and refried beans, one of their T-Rex-sized burritos, or a Taco burger made of taco meat and topped with lettuce, tomato and cheese. Prepare your stomach by reading the full menu.

Sum Yum Gai
1443 Alton Rd
(305) 672-1558


Once you’ve stopped giggling about the name (yeah, we saw Wayne’s World too, get over it) you’ll actually find Sum Yum Gai to be surprisingly delicious and affordable Chinese delivery. Check out the General Chong’s (who apparently beat Tso in the Battle of Chicken Sauce) Chicken, fried crispy in a green and red pepper sauce, the Curry Beef, stir fried with broccoli in a Thai curry sauce, or any other classic Chinese staple you’re hungry for. They even have online ordering, so if your phone is still messed up from when you took it in the ocean, you can eat.


Giotto Maestro della Pizza
959 West Ave #2
(305) 532-1138


The name, in case your Italian is rusty, means master of pizza. And while we’ve got plenty of pizza joints that serve everything from New York slices to mega-chain delicousness, the maestro’s hand-tossed, Neapolitan style pies are the closest thing you’ll get to the real Italy delivered to your hotel room. They have a mega-list of 13 and 8-inch specialty pizzas like the Crossfit Alton Road with mozzarella, arugula, cherry tomatoes and 5oz of Bresaola beef,  and the Truffle Marbella with Mozzarella, porcini mushroom, parmesan and truffle, plus the Montocarlo Star Pizza, a star shaped pizza, filled with ricotta cheese, pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato sauce. Don’t like those? Trust me, there’s something here you will.

Middle Eastern .

Pita Loca
601 Collins Ave  
(305) 673-3388


I’m not sure if it’s because it’s certified Glatt Kosher, but this tiny pita shop tucked away on 6th street between Collins and Washington Aves. is the lightest, freshest and tastiest middle eastern food that you can have delivered. The options are your standard sandy faves like falafel, shawarma, and kebabs of lamb, steak and chicken. But if what you’re hankering for is a good, authentic pita sandwich and want somewhere that’s still not gouging tourists with its prices, read this here menu and give Pita Loca a call.


Bella Napoli Pizzeria and Restaurant
1443 Alton Rd  
(305) 672-1558


South Beach is full of overpriced Italian restaurants where you walk out thinking to yourself “I just paid $22 for a plate of noodles and tomato sauce I coulda made that at home for $2!” Bella Napoli might be the only Italian restaurant on the Beach where you spend LESS than you would making it at home. With Spaghetti and Meat Sauce for $8.50, Chicken Parm for $9.99 and homemade pizzas for $8.95, Bella Napoli is quite possibly the best value on the Beach. And you can order online, so you save precious cell phone minutes too!


Bernie’s L.A. Café
1570 Alton Rd
(305) 535-8003


Bernie’s is that South Beach rarity – a restaurant that can get locals from mainland Miami to actually cross the bay. This may because of its convenient location on Alton Road,  but may be more because of its creative twists on traditional Latin food. Try the braised short rib tacos with guacamole and chipotle yogurt, served in double tortillas, or the Latin Burger: 8 oz. of certified Angus beef topped with chorizo grilled onion, and crispy string fries. If you’re not familiar with Latin American food past the Mexican place you go for happy hour, see what else it entails on Bernie’s extensive menu.


Toni’s Sushi Bar
1208 Washington Ave.
(305) 673-9368

When you ask locals who has the BEST sushi in town, many names are dropped. But usually followed by “But you know what? Toni’s is just as good.” The more-affordable and accessible spot was also Miami Beach’s first Japanese restaurant, and doesn’t think its too good to deliver. Look here for food just as good as Zuma without any of the nonsense.

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About the Author: Matt Meltzer is a featured columnist at Miami Beach 411.

See more articles by Matt Meltzer.

See more articles by Matt Meltzer

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