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Your Guide To South Beach’s 5 Biggest Specialty Burger Joints

Burgers in South Beach are Everywhere: Here's How to Figure out Which Place to Go
August 05, 2013 By Matt Meltzer in Miami: Food & Restaurant News  | 1 Comment

They’ve been popping up more frequently in South Beach lately than rented Ferrarri’s and South Americans with too much hair product: Burger Joints. More specifically, specialty burger joints. And with the arrival of LA’s Umami Burger in May, Miami has now become the favored second location for top regional burger stores nationwide, so much it prompted and April Fools’ joke saying we were getting our own In n’ Out. We’re not.

But which are the best? And which are trying just a little too hard to make basic food fancy? We take a look at the 5 best-known specialty burger joints in the Beach and give you the lowdown.

Burger and Beer Joint 1766 Bay Rd. (305) 672-3287

B&B was the first to bring South Beach a burger that had more on it than veggies and mayo, and it also boasts 69 bottled beers, 15 drafts, and a collection of “Adult Shakes” than combine ice cream and liquor. Oh, and the burgers? You can try one of a dozen specialties or build your own with over 45 different toppings. So you want wagyu beef patty walnut pesto, pork belly bacon, fried egg, smoked gouda and a garlic bud? Go for it. And the duck fat fries are not to be missed

What you should order:  The Sympathy for the Devil - 8 oz. Certified Angus Beef ® brand Prime , buffalo chili, sharp cheddar, pickled jalapeno, sour cream and habanero sauce,  on a sesame bun.

Burger King Whopper Bar 1101 Washington Ave. (305) 673-4560

Now you might be saying “Hey, what in the name of Dave Thomas is a fast food burger doing in an article about specialty burger joints??” Well, A) We know that not everybody can afford $16.95 for a giant ball of meat and B) Miami is the birthplace of The Whopper, so you bet your culito we’re gonna include it. Plus, the Whopper Bar boasts loads of outdoor seating, 20 specialty toppings like guacamole, jalapenos, pepper bacon and A1 sauce and ICE COLD BEER. All for about a third of what you’ll pay elsewhere.

What you should order: Whatever you feel like. It’s BK. Have it your way.

Five Napkin Grill 455 Lincoln Rd (305) 538-2277

It’s known in the rest of the country as “Five Napkin Burger,” and was here too until they added that Latin grill section to their menu. But ordering Latin food at a burger joint is about as good an idea as ordering a burger at a Cuban Cafeteria (it’s not), so stick with one of their 8 or 10 oz. burgers.

What you should order: The Original 5 Napkin Burger - 10 oz. fresh ground beef, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, rosemary aioli.

Shake Shack  1111 Lincoln Road (305) 434-7787

New Yorkers were known to wait in line for hours to get a famous Shake Shack Burger. Of course, New Yorkers have also been known to wait in line for a doughnut made out of croissants, so we can’t really go by their endorsement. Shake Shack uses high-quality beef to make super-greasy burgers that are favorites among those looking to soak up alcohol and/or give themselves atherosclerosis. And while the product is quality, we don’t recommend having one if you want to feel anywhere in the neighborhood of “healthy” for the rest of the day. There’s less grease in the hair of those South Americans.

What you should order: The Double Smoke Shack – Cheeseburger topped with Neiman Ranch applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and Shack sauce.
Umami Burger 1080 Alton Rd (305) 672-4334

LA burger kings Umami have come into the birthplace of “Have it Your Way,” and told us “Have it the way we tell you.” Umami doesn’t allow any substitutions, self-creations, or alterations to their burgers, instead telling Miamians “Just trust us.” Hey Umami, this is Miami. We don’t trust anybody. So take your extra-fatty, savory creations, bursting with seared burger juice creations and give them to a city less cynical.

What you should order:  The Cubano Burger: braised pork belly, a ground pork patty, smoked ham, and shaved prosciutto with American cheese, butter pickles, and pineapple mojo mustard.

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About the Author: Matt Meltzer is a featured columnist at Miami Beach 411.

See more articles by Matt Meltzer.

See more articles by Matt Meltzer

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1 Comments on

"Your Guide To South Beach’s 5 Biggest Specialty Burger Joints"

Marc says:

Great article matt..good to see you copy & paste my burger article so we can give props when due for B&B and Shake Shack…Guess I need to update my article now that Umami opened grin

Posted on 08/09/2013 at 10:10 PM

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