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Miami Beach 411
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Class, may I have your attention, please. This 6 Lesson Guide is required reading if you wish to enjoy a successful Spring Break:

Eat on South Beach Lesson 1
How to Eat on South Beach For $10 a Day
Having lived as a collesge student in South Beach, I am well versed in finding meals that cost roughly 25% of your average drink.

Miami Girls Gone Wild Lesson 2
Girls Gone Wild in Miami? Not Exactly What You Might Think
So you think the spring breakers in Miami wil ltake their tops off for just anyone? Think again. In SoBe, girls come so see and be seen. With their clothes on.

Tips to avoid Travel Scams Lesson 3
7 Travel Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed in Miami

Here are some ways locals will try and dupe you out of your parents' hard earned cash, and some tips on trying to avoid it.

Frat Boy Spring Break Lesson 4
Spring Break Sex 101 - An Introduction to Getting Laid in Miami

We can all talk about “getting away” and “getting some sun” or even “getting hammered,” but there is only one thing we all go on Spring Break to get, and that is “laid.”

Frat Boy Spring Break Lesson 5
Advice for Underage Students on Spring Break (Under 21)

My advice is come back when you are over 21. But if I know one thing about 19 & 20 year olds, it’s that they never listen…

Miami Hotel Strip Lesson 6
Miami Spring Break: Hotels, Hostels, and Apartments

What’s a poor, broke college student to do? Rooms at decent places in South Beach are upwards of $300 a night. But fear not Spring Breakers...

With real-life experience on the party scene both as an “active participant” and a bartender, Matt Meltzer knows the do’s and don’ts of Spring Break in South Beach. Learn more

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Spring Break Cruise Day 1
Cruise lines forbid bringing alcohol on board. But anyone who likes to drink knows the best way around this. Day 2 | Day 3

A Girl's Guide to Sex on Spring Break 
As simple as it is for a girl to find sex on Spring Break, there are many issues to consider.

A Guy's Guide to Sex on Spring Break 
But while meeting chicks on Spring Break is exponentially easier than it is, say, on a 10-month tour of Iraq, it is by no means a sure thing.

MiamiBeach411 offer Spring Break Visitors discount vacations and packaged trips to Miami, FL including South Beach and Miami Beach. Some of the other cities we service include Key West and Orlando.

Spring Break Visitors Guide in Miami Beach 411
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Like what you see? Let's talk about
how we can help your vacation
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