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Miami Beach 411
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Miami True Crime Stories and Shocking Events

Learn about Miami's most infamous true crimes.

Edna Buchanan headshot

Edna Buchanan Understands Why Some of Us Can Never Leave

As someone who has seen Miami at its absolute worst, one might think Edna Buchanan would have left.

Corrupt Public Servants

Top 20 Most Corrupt Public Servants

While every city has had its instances of corruption, nowhere else can you compile such an honor roll that has graced the corridors of City Hall.

Versace Murder

Murder at the Versace House

The shooting of Gianni Versace is perhaps the most visible and memorable homicide in Miami Beach history.

German Tourist Shootings

German Tourist Shootings

No look back at the 90's would be complete without a recap of tourist shootings.

Miami River Cops

The Miami River Cops Case

The Miami River Cops case sent 20 cops to prison, marking it as the most corrupt case in the history of the Miami Police Department.

Ana Maria Angel

Ana Maria Angel: The Murder of a Miami Local

In the spring of 2002, two South Miami high school seniors went out for a date, and one of them never came back.
Death sentance may be reversed

Arthur McDuffie Riots

The Arthur McDuffie Riots of 1980

Miami’s Black residents had long complained about police brutality, but as it does in most places their voice fell on deaf ears.

The End for Jim Morrison

The End for Jim Morrison and The Doors

The Doors concert at Dinner Key in Coconut Grove is considered the beginning of the end of the life and career of Jim Morrison.

Fleeing Cuba for USA

Fleeing Cuba For A Better Life In USA

For many Americans, the Mariel boatlift will be associated with the movie Scarface; the 1983 classic about a Cuban refugee.

The Elian Gonzalez Story

The Elian Gonzalez Story: 10 Years Later

In a town used to tales of miraculous escapes from Castro’s Cuba; the Elian Gonzalez story was over the top.

The 1972 Democratic and Republican Conventions

The 1972 Democratic and Republican Conventions

During the summer of '72, Miami Beach hosted both the Democratic and Republican National conventions in the same year.

Mayoral Mess of 1997

The Mayoral Mess of 1997

No matter how much we try to convince you otherwise, Miami is incapable of doing anything the way the rest of you does.

Mayor Alex Daoud

Alex Daoud: From Disgraced Mayor to Accomplished Author

Alex Daoud is a self-promoter. And no one should hold that against him; how else do you get elected mayor three times?

Hitory of Miami Drug Trade

The History of Miami's Drug Trade

"Cocaine Cowboys" shows how Miami went from a Leisure Village to a Global Village and the growth of the cocaine trade.

FBI Miami Shootout

The FBI Miami Shootout

Michael Platt and William Matix met while stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky in the early 70’s. Both were exemplary soldiers.

Although true crime often centers on sensational, or shocking, stories, another part of their appeal is social realism that describes events too mundane, risqué or deviant for other non-fiction media.
Miami True Crime Stories and Shocking Events
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