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Miami Beach 411
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Miami Velvet Swing Club

This page allows you to find club details, reviews, and directions to Miami Velvet Swing Club. Have fun and play safe!

Club Details:
Club name: Miami Velvet
3901 NW 77th Ave., Miami, FL 33166 - USA
(305) 406-1604
Category: On-Premise Swing Club

Miami Velvet an on premise swing club in Miami, Florida. The people who go to the Club come from all walks of life, with the highest influx being 30-40 something, married, middle to upper class, professionals.

An introduction to swinging from Miami Velvet...

"In a society that promotes sexuality, swinging at Miami Velvet allows secure couples to develop a sexual maturity in their relationship. Good communication and honesty about “what turns you on” has led us to a time where sexual exploration with your partner is consider common and healthy for your relationship.

Most people have the wrong idea of what a swing club is. Many think that it’s just one big orgy and you check your clothes at the door and dive right in. At Miami Velvet this is not the case. More than anything else, Miami Velvet is a social club where you’ll meet and form friendships with some very nice people. In some cases, creating bonds that will last a lifetime.

Here’s how it works...when you walk into a swing club for the very first time, you and your partner are probably nervous. You don’t know anyone there and you might feel like people are watching you. That means you’re normal. That’s exactly how everyone feels their first time.

You might expect a lot when you first come to a club and that’s probably the biggest cause of anxiety. I realize that for many men it’s hard to not think about fulfilling all your fantasies, but that could be a huge mistake. As a first time visitor, women are usually more nervous about the evening, and one sure way to add fuel to that nervous fire is for her to see her mate bouncing off the walls.

The best way to approach the evening is with only one single expectation, and that is to have a fun time together.

Then one (or a few) of the following things will happen...
  1. After a night of dinner and dancing, you'll both go home, and after having just experienced the sexually charged atmosphere of the club, have the most passionate love-making you’ve had in years.
  2. You and your mate are dancing and an attractive couple is dancing beside you. You find her body is caressing yours. You both respond by caressing her back. Then after the song, you disappear into the crowd enjoying the excitement of of this slight sexy anonymous encounter.
  3. You're both so turned on by the evening that you go into one of our cozy, private rooms, lock the door behind you, dim the chandelier, and seeing each other in the mirrors that surround you, enjoy great sex knowing that right on the other side of the wall, other people are doing the same.
  4. You both decide to be a little adventurous. You secure your clothes in a locker and wrap up in a large beach towel, which is provided by our playroom attendant. You go to the giant Jacuzzi for a bit where you can enjoy being naked but feel more comfortable being in the water where your hands can roam, playing with each other (and maybe others, too).
  5. You both know that you want to see more, but you’re not sure how much you want to participate. You wrap up in a beach towel and venture upstairs into the "Luvnasium" party complex. You don’t get on the mattress, instead you climb into one of the observation cubby-holes, close enough to view the action, yet far enough away to accommodate your comfort zone. Just imagine that your sitting in an adult theater watching the most erotic orgy you’ve ever seen, except it isn’t a movie.. the action is real!
  6. You see the attractive couple you were dancing with earlier. There is room next to them so, you spread your towels on the mattress and lay down beside them. You begin playing with your mate, when after a while the pretty girl beside you touches your arm to extend an invitation to touch them back. You respond not really knowing how much will take place, but knowing full well that either couple can say no at any time. Maybe the ladies touch each other while the men pleasure their own wives. Maybe the men massage both ladies or maybe the ladies stroke the men while only having sex with their own husband. Who knows what might happen. Miami Velvet is a magical place, it’s all up to you.
Over 400 couples come to Miami Velvet every week. 25% of which are first time visitors so why not be one of them?

A note to single gentleman:

Miami Velvet appreciates single gentlemen and realizes that you play an important role in the lifestyle. The Players Club happens every other Wednesday and caters to couples that enjoy single males, so select single males are permitted. "Select" means that you must be clean, well dressed and well mannered. If you're not all of these things then Miami Velvet is not for you. Single males are NOT permitted on Saturdays and selected events." s

Driving directions

From I-95 to Miami Velvet:
  • Go toward Downtown Miami/Miami Int'l Airport
  • Merge onto Airport Expy/FL-112 W via Exit 4 toward Airport.
  • Take the NW 36th Street Exit toward Miami Springs.
  • Merge onto NW 36th Sreet.
  • Miami Velvet is located at NW 77th Avenue.
Miami Velvet is located at 901 NW 77th Ave. in Miami, FL 33166. The phone number is: (305) 406-1604.

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User reviews

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Contact information:
Miami Velvet
901 NW 77th Ave., Miami, FL 33166
(305) 406-1604
Web: www.miamivelvet.com

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