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Miami Beach 411
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Passport Info, Green Cards, Customs and Visas

Miami Consulates
Here are links to over 50 consulate general offices in Miami, Florida.

Vida, Trabajo y Legalidad en Miami
Desde que hemos empezado este foro en MiamiBeach411.

Getting Married for a Green Card
While it is legal to marry for money, sex, or any other non-romantic reason, one reason is still illegal: Getting married for a Green Card.

U.S. Department of State Passports State.gov
The Passport Services Office provides information for United States citizens on how to obtain, replace or change a passport.

United States Customs USTres.gov
Learn what to expect when traveling to and from the United States.

U.S. Department of State Visas State.gov
Information about United States visa policy and procedures.

Working Regulations in the USA Google Answers
Here is an excellent Google Answer that offers advice and links on how to obtain legal work in the United States.

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Free English Classes
The Biscayne Adult Education Center offers free adult ESOL (English as a Second Language) classes for those who want to learn English.

Florida Immigration Policy
Info about the Florida immigration policy, and the United States handling of Cuban and Haitian refugees.

Immigration in USA
Immigration requires proof of legitimacy in a marriage to grant residence to a foreign spouse.

Passport Update: Mo Money Mo Problems
If you're an American thinking of heading to the Caribbean next winter, keep in mind that under the new Homeland Security regulations you'll need a passport to re-enter the US on your return.

Learn to Speak Spanish at University of Miami
If you live in Miami, it helps to speak Spanish. You don’t have to speak perfectly, but if you know some choice phrases, it can make life easier.

Spanish Classes in South Beach
My wife and I want to take an intensive spanish course. Are there any classes available in or near South Beach?

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how we can help your vacation
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