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Miami Beach 411
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Renting an apartment can be a daunting task. Below is a list of apartment renting tips to make the process a little easier:

8 apartment renting tips
  1. The best way to begin your apartment search is to call the local property management companies about 45 days before you want to move, and ask what they have available. Be prepared to provide them with your desired price range and move-in date. Take note of their level of customer service.
  2. Search the MLS. Here's how to find rentals in Miami Beach, Click this link and select "Rental" from the "Property Search". Then, insert "33139" in the "Zip Code" field.
  3. After you have called the management companies and weeded out the MLS listings, search Craigslist. Note: the website is heavily spammed so you will need to track the classifieds multiple times daily. If RSS is your thing, Craigslist has an RSS feed exclusively for Miami apartments and houses for rent. Miami Beach 411 also has an RSS feed from our "Relocating" forum.
  4. Know the rental market you are moving to. As of April, 2007 the average price of a studio apartment in South Beach is $750. The average price of a 1-bedroom is $950. The average price of a 2-bedroom is $1,400.
  5. Make a list of requirements. Do you need a quiet building, parking, a dishwasher, or a building that accepts pets?
  6. Drive or walk around the neighborhood and look for hand written “For Rent” signs. This is often the best way to find cheap "For Rent By Owner" deals.
  7. Be prepared to sign a one-year lease and be asked to pay the first and last months rent plus a security deposit in advance.
  8. Don't be afraid to negotiate. Landlords and property management companies in Miami will often negotiate the rental price and/or security deposit.
Good luck! If you give yourself enough time before you have to move, you should be able to find a nice place for a decent price.

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