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Miami Beach 411
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A Wholesale Guide To Florida Mortgage. If you are looking for a wholesale mortgage program, you have come to the right place. Miami Beach 411 will expedite a 24hr Mortgage Approval to you; this makes shopping for real estate fun and easy.
Jim Moore

Jim Moore

Wholesale prices combined with exceptional personal serviceis what our clients expect.

We are committed to undercutting the market
and delivering 5-star service. For the time being, let's assume you will receive the 5-star service. Let me share with you how we undercut the market:

I was recruited to join Wells Fargo Bank in January 2004. What I discovered working at Wells Fargo was astonishing; I learned that Big Banks do not offer wholsale mortgage rates to clients. I had a great name to sell but the programs were not competitive as far as interest rates and overall costs to clients.

Working for a big business enterprise helped me make a clear distinction between retail programs banks offer and the wholesale programs which brokerages companies like Miami Beach 411 provide. (Believe me...best value in my opinion is found at brokerages).

In the fall of 2004, my son (Gus) asked me to begin to write some financial pages for Miami Beach 411. He had been developing a community website which would help persons access the best of Miami and save dollars while doing that. What developed after time was our commitment to deliver wholesale priced mortgage products to you.

Most people have a keen understanding surrounding the value of a dollar. My personal opinion is that our clients expect an excellent product for a below market price; and, that's what we're poised to deliver to you!!

Please take time to contact us. You can submit an application, or speak with us now: 1-(305) 756-9995.

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