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Catalina Hotel: Disgusting with NO customer service   3-Star rating

My stay at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Resort was the worst hotel experience ever!!! The website is completely misleading. The nice pictures that you see are pictures of the main lobby in which you check in and check out. The rooms in that building are about the size of a walk in closet. What they fail to mention is that they have purchased two older buildings, and they are currently renovating them, but not finished with them….and they are renting them out as they are. IT WAS AWFUL!!!!!!! The carpet was filthy!!! My friends and I were there for Memorial Day weekend. We made reservations for 2 standard beds at the rate of $200 a night…when we got there to stay…they had increased the rate by $30 each night, and told us that we had to pay $35 a day for valet parking, which was not mentioned on the website, and it took anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes to get the car. On top of that, myself and my 3 other friends were placed in one room that had ONE king sized bed! They promised us a roller bed, but we never got it. So 4 grown women had to work out sleeping in one bed….The staff was not friendly AT ALL!!!! Everyone seemed to have an attitude, there was no good customer service. There was only one set of towels in the room, and when we asked for more, the maid yelled at me and told me to contact the front desk. What did she think 4 people could do with one set of towels? It was an awful experience and totally misleading. I will NEVER, EVER, for as long as I live, stay at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Resort ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I do not recommend that anyone stay here if it can be helped.

Catalina Hotel is located at 1732 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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miyanl22 does not recommend this business.

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