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Sterling Casino Cruise: A Fun Day   4-Star rating

For a free trip, this was a hoot.  Free transportation, food and non-alcoholic drinks. As it was the day cruise, I drank coffee, ice tea, and soda all day; no limits.  Free lounge entertainment that I went to twice. The Elvis impersonator was excellent. No pressure to gamble so something for everyone.  Can even get a chair massage while cruising.

Some drawbacks:  not enough black jack tables.  My cruise wasn’t even full and I never got on a table. Their loss as I saved my money and played the nickel slots.  Meanwhile some of the other tables sat empty as no one wanted to play that game. 

Food is adequate; not delicious.  Ham and/or turkey on a small bun but you can eat all day.  Pasta salad, carrot/raisin salad, fruit salad (fresh), and fresh veggies and dip, so something for everyone.  They rotate food all day so check back.  I discovered dessert pies were served at 2 PM.

The entertainment lounge is a great diversion.  We had Elvis in the house and he was an excellent entertainer with a great personality.  Played with the crowd and made them laugh lots.

Dress is very casual.  Bring a wrap as the air cond. can be quite cool in spots.  Utilize “hands free” purses (ladies) as dragging around a bag all day is a pain.

Buy any souvenirs 1st as the shop on the boat closes early and the terminal is a zoo (if you are trying to catch a bus, you could miss it).

Also use the bathrooms on the boat before exiting as the terminal has very small facilities. Another big hold up.

If you are allergic to smoke, stay away as they can light up inside once they are 3 miles out.  I didn’t like that but was able to find less smokey areas to sit in.

I would like to do the night cruise to see if there is a “younger” crowd.  My ship was mostly older folks etc. many of which just like the free food and entertainment.  A day out, etc.

Sterling Casino Cruise is located at 180 Jetty Drive - Terminal 2, Port Canaveral, FL 32920.

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Lorraine McLaughlin recommends this business.

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