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Bel Aire Hotel: A Good Place To Stay!   2-Star rating

I was somewhat worried when I found out that the Best Western South Beach had changed ownership and become the Bel Aire. However, once I got there, I was very relieved to see nothing had really changed. The lobby was still very nice and so was the pool outside. I wanted a room in the main building because I had read some bad reviews about the other 3 buildings. Again though, I was surprised to find that the room with an outside facing door in the third building was more than ok. Everything was clean and orderly. The price is very affordable (I think for New Year’s it was $129/night). It is the perfect hotel from someone coming to South Beach to see the sights or party it up. We really only used the room to sleep, change, and take breaks from all of our walking. I’ve stayed at this hotel twice and have had no problems. And this hotel is in the middle of all the action being within a couple blocks of everything (clubs, Lincoln Rd, and the beach). My only disappoin!
tment is that The Bel Aire no longer has the free continental breakfast every morning like the BWSB. Otherwise, I can’t wait to book my next trip.

Bel Aire Hotel is located at 1020 Washington Ave., Miami Beach.

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coolcal16 recommends this business.

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