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The Forge: A true work of art   5-Star rating

I went on Sunday night, I thought the food, exclusive entrence, custom service (fit for royalty) and exquisite decor was absolutely amazing, this SOBE hot spot is a true work of art, there is has been nothing like this since the 80’s…However, I thought the whole Hip-Hop music OVER-blasting and local Celeb Rappers/Entertainers, Ball players and obvious lightly clothed, money hungry female club goers congregating around the restaurant and bar area was a bit tacky and took away the true class of this establishment. As I’m dining with my wife I felt less out to dinner and more like we were in a “Biggie Smalls” video. We (personally) enjoyed it bc we are trendy and familiar with the “scene” but by the time our meal was up I was ready to leave….but VERY pleased. Im not sure if that is only the Sunday night theme but if so I beleive they are limiting themselves.

The Forge is located at 432 41st St., Miami Beach.

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fmg recommends this business.

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"A true work of art"

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Posted on 08/28/2008 at 8:03 PM

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