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Wish Restaurant: A Wish Come True on Valentines Day   5-Star rating

Well I was searching the internet for an outstanding romantic 5 star restaurant to go to on Valentines Day here in miami, and more than a few choices popped up. I was so happy I had selected Wish!!! I had read the reviews about it and they were all marvelous. It seems this place is usually a great place to dine, but on Valentines Day, it was the romantic place to be! They had the regular menu which ranges in price from $20-$50 but they also had a special V-day menu called the Prix-Fix. The prix-fix is basically a 7 course meal! Dont worry about not being able to eat it all because my girlfriend usally leaves most of her food but that night she ate it all!! Each course they bring you is meant to be shared with your special someone, which adds to the romance! The main course was a 16 oz filet mignon surrounded by a 2lb. lobster split in 2 and covered with melted butter! The desert was absolutely delicious as well, consisting of a frozen champagne scoop and a chocolate cake with strawberry filling at the center!!! The whole experience was worth the price tag that came with this meal!!! Be prepared to spend the big bucks as this prix-fix came out to about $300 with tip already included! If you plan to drink champagne add another $50. But believe you me Wish is an experience all it’s own and it will be well worth the while! It made our Valentines Day simply unforgettable and I am sure it can do the same for you! I just cant wait to return and try some of their other dishes!

Wish Restaurant is located at 801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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