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Alta Mar: Absolutely Amazing   4-Star rating

This small, unassuming cafe-style eatery looks quaint and charming.  As the entire staff communicates with each other exclusively in Italian, it came as little surprise that this place, billed as a seafood restaurant, has an extremely Roman flare.

The scent of garlic in wine wafting from the kitchen did little help with the decision-making, as each dish mirrored the Italian flare of the last.
Finally, a grouper dish leaped off the menu—grilled gulf grouper with garlic, white wine, mascarpone cheese, and black truffle.  It came with something else, but it didn’t matter.  The sauce was the perfect pairing for the fish, neither overwhelmed by the other, and both standing out.  As I lifelong seafood fanatic it is with complete reverence and sincerity that I confess that this was the best seafood dish I have eater had.

The atmosphere, despite some unique decor, was pretty flat, perhaps because we were the only ones inside, and it was late.  The service was good, but nothing memorable.  If the food was being judged in a vacuum, this would be a five star review, without hesitation. I plan to being my attempt at replicating the sauce immediately.

Alta Mar is located at 1223 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

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darinfl recommends this business.

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