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Casa Tua: Absolutely horrific   1-Star rating

I have been eating at Casa Tua for years and always thoroughly enjoyed my visits, however, this new management has driven this landmark into the ground. People come to visit Casa Tua for the experience, as the food has always been mediocre, but this last experience was one I would like to forget. The service was awful, with almost 45 minutes between visits from waiters, the wine list was incomplete and the sommelier was blatantly disregarding our inquiries, visiting the table once to up sell us on bottles and then to just disappear for the evening. Rain, which happens often in Miami, became an issue with the umbrella leaking, leaving most of the diners to soak. When we asked for some assistance, we were told that there were other people to attend to first and that we’d have to wait. Again, no one ever came back to check in or even offer an apology and upon completion of the soaking wet, lackluster, wine-less meal, management simply disregarded our complaints and left us in the lobby, soaking wet, half hungry, and completely disgusted by the treatment and experience overall. Very disappointing and the end of a legacy.

Casa Tua is located at 1700 James Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 - USA.

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Matthew M. does not recommend this business.

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