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Sterling Casino: Amazing Times at Sterling Casino!   5-Star rating

I have now been on the Casino Cruise twice - and will be going again in two weeks!  My first visit I went with two friends and their parents, and had an absolutely amazing time.  Most of our time was spent on the dance floor and at the bar-which was time well spent as our bartender was amazing, and, the music was lively and talented. 

Our favorite was the big guy who sang (I’m sorry I can’t remember his name, I want to say John or Jack but I’m not totally positive).  He was funny, talented, and sat down with us afterward just to hang out and talk, he definitely made our evening!

A month later, I took my best friend who was in town visiting from DC-again, great bartender, and, the singer remembered me and played some great tunes.  This time my friend and I tried our hand at the slots and on the first try, I made $40 off of $.50!  It was a ton of fun, even though we ended up getting rained on, and as always, the food was just what we needed ( your beef and nachos are my favorite but you always end up running out!) 

Thanks so much for providing such an awesome atmosphere, these kind of things are what make Florida so great, and why everyone wants to be here!  When I come again in two weeks I’ll be bringing my Dad and his best friend, and you’d better believe I’ll be back on that dance floor!  smile smile smile

Sterling Casino is located at Cape Canaveral.

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