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Aqua Hotel: Another Case of Bed Bugs   1-Star rating

I made rerservations with The Greenview at 1671 Washington Avenue, but when I arrived I was told that they had neither a reservation for me nor a room.  The girl at the front desk called the Aqua Hotel & Lounge and I was told to head there, which was three blocks away.  I believe they are both under the same owners.  I had to walk at 10:30 at night, a solo young woman, with all of my luggage because they would not call me a cab and I couldn’t catch one outside.

Apparently I got the last room they had, because people coming in after me were turned away.  I was given room #205 which had two double beds in what looked like a dorm room.  Both sets of mattresses and boxsprings were wrapped in hard plastic.  The next day I thought I saw some bites on my left arm, but did not think too much of it.  That second night, as I lay in bed, I started to notice more welts on my arm.  At 1:30am, I got up, turned the lights on, and started looking at the sheets.  I found bedbugs in the sheets and crawling on a pillow.  I noticed even more welts, now on both arms.  I took a plastic cup from the bathroom, got a bedbug in it, and then stacked another cup inside of it to trap but not crush it.

I went to the front desk and showed the young man down there my arms and the bedbug.  I told him that I was going upstairs to pack all of my things and that when I came down, he was moving me to another location.  I went upstairs and took my clothes off of the second bed which I had to lay there because the “closet” only had two shelves with blankets tied up in a garbage bag.  I eventually found that this bed also had bedbugs crawling on it, so I would not be able to wear any of the clothes I had brought with me.  Thankfully I had made a few clothing purchases earlier in the evening.  I collected more bedbugs, including one engorged with blood, and went back downstairs to the front desk.

The desk clerk told me that he would only move me to The Greenview, and not to another business.  I told him that they had told me the previous night that they had no more rooms for the entire weekend, and that if the same people clean both places, I was not about to go there if they had had a room available.  Then he told me that I had to wait until morning, which meant that I would have to go back upstairs and sleep on one of the two bedbug-infested beds.

I called the third party that thankfully I had booked my original hotel through, and they moved me to another hotel.

After I left, more welts began showing up on my body.  I have welts on my torso, chest, and I look as if I have sleeves of welts on both of my arms.  All in all, I have approximately 50 bites from bedbugs from this establishment on me.  I have no idea what diseases these insects may have been carrying or may have transmitted to me, and I have no medical insurance.

Aqua Hotel is located at 1530 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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