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Puerto Sagua: Authentic as can be   5-Star rating

Does it get better when it comes to authentic Cuban fare? Not by my estimation. We would probably get better if we had gone to Little Havana or Cuba itself, but this is a great spot in South Beach. What was suprising is that so many people walk by this place every day and don’t give it a second glance. I guess the hardcore ones like me will be able to eat without dealing with too many “tourists”. The Cuban sandwich was fantastic, along with their flan. Mmmmmm….Flan. Great breakfast, great lunch, and great dinner. My fiance and I loved keeping the place in business. I hate fast food, so get off the McDiet, and eat the local fare here. Just fantastic.

Puerto Sagua is located at 700 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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mad_russian recommends this business.

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