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Strand Hotel: AVOID AT ALL COST   1-Star rating

Avoid this area at all cost.  Purchase or staying for vacation the restaurants down below, in particular Atlantic blares their music late in the morning hours.  During my stay music blared until 4am.  Numerous guest had complained about the situation but the restaurant manage chose not to do anything about it.  The cops were called in but nothing had been done.  The music would be turned down for 5 minutes and than turned back up after.  This occurred for the duration of my stay.  I had to take ambien each night and use noise cancellation headphones to try to sleep, but to no avail. I would recommend to avoid all properties around here, until noise issues are addressed.  Make sure you stay overnight a few nights to make sure you can handle the noise before purchasing.

Also, check with the manager of the hotel. Noise is an important quality of life factor and is not regarded by the restaurants below the Strand, in particular Atlantic.

Strand Hotel is located at 1052 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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archny21 does not recommend this business.

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