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Edda's Cake Designs: Avoid at all costs   1-Star rating

This was a horrible experience and I will NEVER use this place again. Edda’s Cake Designs was highly recommended for a specialized cake. I ordered the cake and provided specific details with a picture. I even wrote out the spelling of names and how I wanted the cake arranged. I asked the assistant taking the order if she understood and she said yes. The design had part of a football field on the bottom and I asked if she understood that i wanted the yard lines starting at 10 and going to the other 10. She said yes she understood and not to worry. I paid half up front and half at the time of pickup. If I hadn’t paid that money I would have walked out when the cake came out COMPLETELY WRONG. It looked nothing like the picture. The spelling was wrong and they had the wrong message on the side. They didn’t even have the person’s NAME for the birthday cake! The ribbons seperating the two tiers were missing and the yardage said 40. . .50. . .40 . . .50 all around! Mind you they told me they were running 20 minutes late. So then they had to fix everything which took another 20 minutes. Even then it looked “passable” and the party was in less than an hour. If I wasn’t in a time crunch I would have protested even more. They offered me . . . wait for it. . . . . .a 10% discount off of more than $200 dollars! Are you kidding me??? This place is a rip off! Completely unprofessional and not worth the amount of money for a cake that was WRONG! Please do yourself a favor and DON’T GO HERE! No matter how they try to spin this. . .they are not good.

Edda's Cake Designs is located at 4315 Southwest 72nd Avenue .

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Unhappy does not recommend this business.

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