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Miami Downtown Hilton: Avoid Miami Downtown Hilton   1-Star rating

I have stayed in Hiltons all over the world, and was unbelievably disappointed in this hotel. We were at a 10-day conference, with over 5000 delegates. The contract had been signed 3 years ago, and the Hilton was told exactly what to expect. With more than 50 people in line to check in, there were only 3 people working the front desk. At least one elevator was out of commission at all times. We never did find the sauna, and the desk lines were too long to wait for help from there. One day our room never got made up at all. Dirty glasses in the bathroom were not replaced. Toilet paper was not replaced. Guest services promised to send up a sewing kit immediately, but never did. The “coffee maker” in the room made a lukewarm cup of coffee. Even though the hotel had been told repeatedly to expect a large crowd in the lounge in the evening, they did not put on extra help. The only way I got my bill 2 evenings was to go to the cashier myself and find it, then stand ri!
ght there and pay it. The hotel overbooked, even though they had been told that every delegate would show up. Specific rooms for groups we had to keep together with their chaperones were sold to other customers. Paying the hotel bill was a nightmare - even though mine was an easy bill, I had to go back 4 times (standing in line for 15 to 30 minutes each time) before they got it right. There was no helpful concierge. This absolutely was NOT the Hilton as I know it!

Miami Downtown Hilton is located at 1601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.

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