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Royal Palm: Awful service, bad installations   5-Star rating

I hated this hotel since zero minute. First the check-in lines were huge. Four attendants but only one was working, while the other 3 chatted. Asked for a non-smoking room, but got a smelly smoking one. Furniture was cheap and old. Toilet was broken. Air conditioning was stuck. Alarm-Radio didn’t work. Our company held had a conference here this week and it was awfully noisy during the meetings, with workers hammering something outside. Asked for lunch and they said it’d take 30 minutes; asked for urgent service, as I had to leave in 45. 50 minutes passed and no news from them…

Calls to front desk are not answered on first/second try. You need to try calling several times until someone picks up the phone. Last but not least, after staying a whole week I asked for a late checkout at 4pm, but they didn’t accept and asked me to leave by 1pm.

Strongly suggest you consider TEN TIMES before deciding to stay in this hotel. Awful awful service, installation, experience. The only good thing is the location, but you have several other good options in the same area.

Royal Palm is located at 1545 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

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gancho recommends this business.

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