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The Loft: Bed Bugs?!?   1-Star rating

We stayed at The Loft before we took a cruise out of Miami.  The room wasn’t the best, but being in South Beach we roughed it out. I woke up in the morning with several bites on my right fore arm. I sleep with that one under the pillow.  When I noticed the bites my girlfriend had me uncover the mattress and look for bugs. When I turned the mattress around there were little blood stains on the seams similar to the ones I saw on a TV news program about bed bugs. We went to the office and complained.  hey sent two people up to the room and I showed them the stains.They confirmed that it looked like blood and one of them said something about having bed bugs before but not now. We were assured that it would be looked into and we would be contacted. We continued on to our cruise. After our cruise we had not heard anything and were concerned that we didnt want to bring bed bugs home with us. So we called the Loft assured that they had a pest company called Truley Nolan come out and inspect. We wanted to get confirmation from the pest company to be assured. So far it seems that we were lied to about they checking out the room and they told us that we were scammers. We DID NOT ask for a refund or anything more than being assured that there were no bed bugs. We were also told there were no stains on the bed. I saw the stains with my own eyes and two of their employees saw them too. So far its cost us in excess of $500 to have our luggage and clothes checked. What a horrible experience we had at The Loft.

The Loft is located at 952 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

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lnwwd does not recommend this business.

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